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  1. Have a look at the resources tab at the top of the main page there is a society finder there.
  2. I have just bought a 12v hairdryer from Towsure in Halesowen and will use it with a separate jump start battery 17Ah
  3. SteveWolves


    You can try the resources tab at the top of the page and use the astro society finder, I just found 26 by you!
  4. Great news, all power to your knife & fork.
  5. SteveWolves

    Seq M27.jpg

    Taken with Canon 70D & 100mm lens
  6. Lovely scope but I only have the cassegrain secondary, will dig out some pics soon.
  7. In the UK try Leicester Space Centre, The Spaceguard centre Knighton, Herstmonceux is a must for its big old scopes, Jodrell Bank is an impressive structure.
  8. Are there any thoughts about planning a starparty yet?
  9. And then there is MOND so it does not have to be particulate.
  10. Is that a coiled cable? I just use a longer flat cable
  11. I have had a new car for nearly 18 months and not put the numberplate on the caravan yet.......
  12. Try using Stellarium (free download) to find out what's visible at what time of night. Its a well capable scope once you get used to using it.
  13. I use a simple tool called Whatsup it creates a list where you can set azimuth and alt limits select object type and size
  14. They have the focal length on but the field of view is dependant on the scope dimensions as well so create a crib sheet for your eyepieces and scope combination
  15. Madley was fun in 2015 thanks. Wolverhampton A.S. are holding a members observing session this June 10th.
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