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  1. Hello i am slso from the North East (Redcar) the seeing has not been too good of late in my area,May give Sutton Bank a looking at when we eventually get back to some semblance of normality. Currently using Meade Lx 90 for observing.
  2. Hello folks I am very new to Astro photography, I have the Trius 814 using the the SX programme downloaded from the SX site, my question is where does this programme actually put the images? I have managed to singly drag and drop the images into the deep sky stacker app, but find it will only stack a single image.looking like I am missing a trick or two here,is there some sort of user manual for your software that will help? Getting very frustrating to take 30 /40 shots and not being able to stack them.Any help would be greatly appreciated Regards Mick
  3. Hello all fairly new to this astro photography malarkey and seem to of jumped in above my head. I have a eq/az Skywatcher mount..i have set the cords into the hand set and it was about 90 degrees away from target,looks like I somehow mixed the lat and long having rectified that the mount appeared to slew to the correct position but when I set it up on one of the very few favourable nights I find it still is not in the ball park . I have further noticed I had set the ground elevation to minus 25 metres when it should of been plus 8 metres so a good 33 metres out of wack, going to try again tonight just hoping this does the trick if it don't, will be needing help. Would this error in elevation cause this sort of error. Regards Mick
  4. Thank you chaps and chapesses think I will buy a wedge as my mount is Alt/Az l have eq mount that is motorised but have not got round to using it all's I will need is a dovetail to mount my camera on, with the static star trail stuff will I still need to take lots of say 30 second images and use star stacker to process the images. I will be limited to f5 with 440 mm of reach iso 1600 or 800 full frame. Think this should do assuming I manage to set up the mount correctly seems like a lot of messing around as far as I can see but the only way to keep things in registration. Could still use the lx90 as is for shorter exposures. Just got to learn to walk before i run.
  5. Just got my first scope had a couple of casual looks around the sky this going to be a bit of a learning curve. Would like to get into Astro photography eventually. The ccd cameras are hugely expensive so would be going DSLR route. From what I can gather I would also need a tracker other than the Audiostar system that’s currently part of my setup any suggestions as to which one would be helpful. Only ever used a DSLR on a normal tripod up to now with normal lenses. Here are few that I have taken in the past. Would like get some moon shots, galaxy shots in fact anything st all really.
  6. Well as this is my first post I would like to thank the admins for accepting me into the fold.After many many years of wanting to own my own scope I have finally taken the plunge and bought myself my first scope, Meade lx90 10 inch with a set of lenses had it out once and I was pleased with the results,the chap I bought it from gave me loads of help showing me how to operate it pack it away etc.Must say it is going to be a steep learning curve but I have managed to learn the rudiments looking forward to scouring the universe now.The real catylst for getting me going was a vist to Big Bend National park Texas where the stars at night truely shine out big and bright.I noticed on the way in a Telescope had been set up and there was to be a demo on the evening, this was free to attend so was a no brainer for me at least especially as the Milky Way filled the sky like I have never seen before you could say I was hook line and sinkered .Looking forward to many more dark sky's ahead.
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