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  1. Thank you chaps and chapesses think I will buy a wedge as my mount is Alt/Az l have eq mount that is motorised but have not got round to using it all's I will need is a dovetail to mount my camera on, with the static star trail stuff will I still need to take lots of say 30 second images and use star stacker to process the images. I will be limited to f5 with 440 mm of reach iso 1600 or 800 full frame. Think this should do assuming I manage to set up the mount correctly seems like a lot of messing around as far as I can see but the only way to keep things in registration. Could still use the lx90 as is for shorter exposures. Just got to learn to walk before i run.
  2. Just got my first scope had a couple of casual looks around the sky this going to be a bit of a learning curve. Would like to get into Astro photography eventually. The ccd cameras are hugely expensive so would be going DSLR route. From what I can gather I would also need a tracker other than the Audiostar system that’s currently part of my setup any suggestions as to which one would be helpful. Only ever used a DSLR on a normal tripod up to now with normal lenses. Here are few that I have taken in the past. Would like get some moon shots, galaxy shots in fact anything st all really.
  3. Well as this is my first post I would like to thank the admins for accepting me into the fold.After many many years of wanting to own my own scope I have finally taken the plunge and bought myself my first scope, Meade lx90 10 inch with a set of lenses had it out once and I was pleased with the results,the chap I bought it from gave me loads of help showing me how to operate it pack it away etc.Must say it is going to be a steep learning curve but I have managed to learn the rudiments looking forward to scouring the universe now.The real catylst for getting me going was a vist to Big Bend National park Texas where the stars at night truely shine out big and bright.I noticed on the way in a Telescope had been set up and there was to be a demo on the evening, this was free to attend so was a no brainer for me at least especially as the Milky Way filled the sky like I have never seen before you could say I was hook line and sinkered .Looking forward to many more dark sky's ahead.
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