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  1. Thanks Dave btw i do not live in himachal. I live in Delhi which is a heavily light polluted city. So I have to travel a lot to get some dark skies. I would test the limits of my lens and then choose the new one as the need comes.
  2. Can you guys suggest a cheap lens for my camera. I think it's time to retire the stock lens.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion man, I would use sequator to stack my next target.
  4. f/3.5 at with a stock 18-55 mm lens set to 18mm
  5. Second attempt at astrophotography with my canon 1300D untracked (first was orion ). Shot under dark skies of himachal pradesh (India). Stacking done in DSS and processing in Gimp. Any suggestions would be appreciated. especially regarding the trees at the bottom. Total exposure time - 20*20 seconds Shot with - Canon EOS 1300D (untracked) (unmodded) Flats and Biased frames included
  6. My first try at astrophotography, the orion. Taken with canon eos 1300D on a static tripod. Details- Lights - 9 x 7secs Iso - 6400 Lens - 18- 55mm kit Lens at 55mm Stacked em in DSS and did little tweeks in Rawtherapee, i'll try to learn photoshop to improve the results Looking forward to some suggestions
  7. Is the 100D modded, I have a EOS 1300D (unmodified) can I expect the same results with my camera with kit lens ?
  8. What do you think about it's capability to shoot bright parts of milky way and orion with kit lens.
  9. I was wondering which one of the two is better for astrophotography using a fixed tripod and 18-55mm lens. Other models of Canon cameras have been discontinued in our country so these two are the only choice i have.
  10. What is the green halo in the bottom right of second image and also heart shape below orion nebula in third image ?
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