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  1. That sounds like the CPU in the lens isn't communicating with the camera properly. The trouble is you can't believe what the camera says now ! When it shows f2.8 the lens could be f1.4 in reality. All I can suggest is to try pointing the camera at a bright light coloured wall and taking two shots. One at f22 and one at f2.8 in aperture priority. They should look the same if the CPU behaves but the second shot will be way too bright if it doesn't ... Or something like that You could double check the result if you have a Nikon lens to test too as it's sure to give the correct result. Good luck either way, Dave.
  2. Unless I'm misunderstanding your post, all you do is physically set the lens to f22 and then alter the aperture in camera. Dave.
  3. I'm not known for getting excited but even I'm looking forward to it ... Pot Noodles and cider at the ready I may go wild this year and bring a star tracker with me ! I'm on 336. Dave.
  4. Wow ! That first one is wonderful. I used to think only a clear sky would do but images like yours prove me wrong again and again. I bet you slept well that night ? Dave.
  5. Ah yes, another good idea that passed me by. Yes, a bit of detail never goes amiss. I've seen some photos from a chap who got tight inline with a wall and every stone cast it's own shadow. A very nice effect but the light fall off across the wall needs watching out for. Here's to your next mill. Surrender by any chance ? I've never been but the name intrigues me. Dave.
  6. Well that's a good use of a cloudy night ! I think the overall effect is rather nice, particularly the ground spill. It also looks like you've used a different colour temp on the inside. If so then that's a good idea as it differentiates the inner wall from the outer ( I will of course have to steal the idea when I can ! ). I also like the fact you've smoothly covered the complete chimney rather than just the bottom of it. The new sky works well here. They're my thoughts but what do you think ? Dave.
  7. Hi all, Just back from Kielder star party and once again I've spent longer on the laptop processing than I did taking these images ! First up is my favourite, the packhorse bridge. It now goes from nowhere to nowhere as part of a foot path because another bridge was built over the river nearer the village. The path may not look too steep but walking back and forth over it almost wore me out Nikon Z6 20mm 12x 15seconds f1.8 ISO 1600 for the sky and a further 8x 10 seconds f2.8 for the light painting. Next up, the Viaduct pond. So called because it's a pond next to the Viaduct. Such a shame the Jupiter challenge is over as I could have been cheeky and entered it ! This was the most relaxing image to take as you could almost reach out and touch the silence. Nikon Z6 14mm 7x 20seconds ISO 1600 f1.8. Finally, a Hobbit Hutch on Kielder camp site. Luxury shed camping with underfloor heating ! Nikon Z6 20mm 11x 15seconds f1.8 ISO 1600. Just when I'd finished the shot the happy shed campers returned and put a red light on for me so I did a few more subs. As you can see, the sky was plagued by high cloud for the time I was imaging and cleared up when I wasn't ! No chocolate was consumed this time round because I filled my face with custard creams and bourbon biscuits. It's got to be done ! All processed in Lightroom and Photoshop. Dave.
  8. That is quite outstanding ! Just a few years ago such quality and detail could only be expected from many thousands of pounds worth of gear and also many hours. Even then it wasn't easy. Another image that deserves to be in the Orion challenge ! Dave.
  9. Ok, you've hooked me. I've enquired about getting a camera modded today ! Have you tried the L extreme or just the enhance ? Are you thinking of posting that in the Challenges section ? It has to be a contender, Dave
  10. Proving once again you don't need the finest gear, just a bit of skill and imagination ! It's put a smile on my face Dave.
  11. I really like the shot over the water. It looks like it's just about to get cool and misty Nice colours and focus. Dave.
  12. https://www.theimagingsource.com/support/downloads-for-windows/device-drivers/icwdmuvccamtis/ Are these them ? Dave.
  13. Hi Steve, You may not realise this but you've just caught PN G75.5+1.7 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soap_Bubble_Nebula so well done Now all you have to do is spot it ! It shows very slightly better on the Tiff. Dave
  14. This is a very timely shot for me as I was thinking about a moon shot in a city environment ( I believe I have a city close by ! ) I love the subtle earthshine but the light pollution would probably kill it round here. Did you try a longer focal length as the 300 may be a bit short for what I'm thinking ? A lovely misty shot Dave.
  15. The winterfest star party is really chilled both in temperature, so bring warm clothing, and in atmosphere. It's a small event so you'll soon get to know everyone. I hope to see you there, Dave.
  16. That first one is stunning. If you'd pasted an image of M31 on to it you couldn't have positioned it better. I think we need to see some more of Wicklow. Please. Dave.
  17. That's really nicely put together. If you hadn't explained what you did with the sky I'd never have guessed it's so smooth. Dave.
  18. I like the contrast you've retained with the mill against the sky. I think that light pollution has helped for once ! Dave.
  19. I've noticed on my own photos of reflections that the stars can show up if the water is selected and then you have two sets of stars. A suggestion of mine would be to take, say 20 subs or so as a test and restack them in Sequator and see if they begin to show. You never know ... Dave.
  20. I'm really liking your light painting Paul. I also like the effect the clouds have on the stars and sky. Dave.
  21. 98 subs ! Now that's what I call a serious effort. No wonder your Milky Way makes my attempts look insipid Just out of a matter of interest, did you select the water as well as the sky in Sequator ? Dave.
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