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  1. Which APO refractor

    At the moment the Skywatcher Esprit 100 ED PRO is winning but I am still not sure.
  2. Which APO refractor

    Yes, I get the feeling that by the end of it I will be no further forward.
  3. Which APO refractor

    For visual I was thinking a 16" or 20" dob. As I am looking to get a house in a dark place it would be great in the garden.
  4. Which APO refractor

    Yes I have seen this. I am quite tempted except for the weight.
  5. Which APO refractor

    Yes I will be staying in this cold, cloudy, grey, miserable but stunningly beautiful country of ours
  6. Which APO refractor

    Thanks for all the replies. For now (new house and observatory next year) I need to think about portability. That why I thought EQ6-R and I think the scope would be around 100mm. I am very tempted with a Tak FSQ 106. I am not going to rush but will consider all scopes first.
  7. I find myself in an unusual position. Having just come into rather a lot of money( and I mean silly money) I am in a position to buy any equipment I want. I think I have decided the mount I would like is the new EQ6-R. As for a good APO refractor to go on it there are so many to choose from. I will be using it for visual and AP and would like 100-150mm triplet. Can anyone recomend any that are really good? Also has anyone any views on the EQ6-R?
  8. Advice on video astronomy

    The GPCAM is one of the cameras I am looking at, very versatile, sensitive but not too expensive. I am going to have a go with the life cam and see what happens. It has to be better than my eyes.
  9. Advice on video astronomy

    I already am in the market for another camera to use as a guide cam so when I get this it should be better.
  10. Advice on video astronomy

    I forgot to mention I also have Sharpcap on my laptop.
  11. Advice on video astronomy

    I am very interested in video astronomy but I dont understand it yet. I have a 200mm f5 newtonian on a CG5 AGT mount. I also have a Microsoft Lifecam Studio full hd web cam. This has a maximum exposure of 1 second. Will this combination work for video astronomy? I am particularly interested in this as my astro club have pulic viewing sessions and it would be great to show people a detailed live view on a screen. Any help on set up and settings would be great.
  12. It was very cold (-2') but I didn't notice much dew on other things.
  13. BST Starguider

    Thank you for all your replies. I will have a play around and see if I can get it better. I have a coma corrector but never had to use it with my other eyepieces, but will give it a try. The main thing I can't understand is why they view is so much better in the 20mm and 32mm Revelation eyepieces.
  14. I had a problem last night with my 130PDS that I have never had before. Both the primary and secondary mirrors dewed up. I use a foam dew shield but this didn't seem to help much. Does anyone know how to get round this problem. I know you can get secondary dew heaters but what about the primary. Is this a drawback of a short tube reflector?
  15. BST Starguider

    I have a 12mm BST Starguider and I am not very happy with it. I use it in a 130PDS and Helios 200mm which are both f5. I find that the coma it produces is very bad. Has anyone else had this problem or have I just got a bad eyepiece, or does it just not suit my scopes. I bought this because the reviews I read led me to believe these were good eyepieces.