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  1. Pleiades second attempt

    Thank you for the replies.I am going to have another go and see if I can push the exposure time up a bit maybe 120 or even 150 secs and take more subs and of course take some flats. I haven't got the hang of flats yet but will get there.
  2. Pleiades second attempt

    Having tried imaging Pleiades last year with a camera lens I thought I would give it a go with my 130PDS. My polar alignment has improved since the first try. This is 15 x 90sec unguided frames taken with a Canon 60D at ISO 1000 stacked in DSS and edited with GIMP. I am really pleased with the way it turned out. Any comments or critisism would be appreciated.
  3. Gary Fildes, inspirational book.

    I volunteer at Kielder observatory and know Garry well. He really is a top bloke. I have the utmost admiration for what he has achieved at Kielder. I must read his book sometime.
  4. Longer exposures with web cam

    Thanks for that. I used this to work out how the web cam came apart. I will save up and get a decent web cam sometime.
  5. Longer exposures with web cam

    Thanks for that. I have trawled google and not found anything so I don't think it can be done which is a shame as it is a good web cam. Never mind I will just use it for lunar and planetary.
  6. Is it possible to change the drivers or software that control the shutter speed on a web cam. I have a Microsoft Lifecam studio which has 1080p resolution and I am having very pleasing results with it. I have removed the lens and am waiting for an IR cut filter to arrive. I have noticed that the maximum shutter speed is 1 second and I would love to raise this to 10 seconds. It would be for single exposures not video. Any help would be great.
  7. Grease ?

    When I strpped my Vixen GP down I was stuck with which grease to use and not having a lot of money I looked at cheap ways of doing this. I ended up going to my local garage and getting one of the little packets of grease that come with the CV boot. It is grey but it is lithium grease and it was free. I greased the mount with it and put it back together. That was about a year ago. I have had the mount out in temperatures well below zero and have never had any problems. The mount is still as smooth as it was.
  8. Microsoft lifecam studio HD lens removal

    I have just downloaded Sharpcap so I will have to wait until tonight to have a play with it and work out how to use it.
  9. Microsoft lifecam studio HD lens removal

    Yes that is the link that Bizibilder sent me. My camera is different to that. I have actually managed to get it apart and have removed the lens. I even managed to get it back together again. It works a treat during the day. I will try it tonight hopefully on the moon and saturn. Which software do you use to control the camera? At the moment I only have the Windows camera programme built into the laptop and it has very little control.
  10. Microsoft lifecam studio HD lens removal

    Thats true but for £15 I had to have it. Did you take the lens off it? If so I would love to know how as I cannot work out how to take it apart without destroying it.
  11. Microsoft lifecam studio HD lens removal

    Thankyou for that. My webcam is slightly different from the one he uses but I think it comes apart the same way. When I am feeling brave I will give it a go.
  12. I have just got a Microsoft Lifecam Studio Webcam. It is very good and I have heard they are very good in low light. Just wondering if anyone has used one for AP? Also does anyone know how to remove the lens with the auto focus?
  13. Bargain scope

    I got the chance to try the scope last night but only briefly. I got set up and got a good view of saturn with a 20mm EP, then barlowed it with a 2.5x barlow, still a very good crisp image. Then a bank of fog rolled in , it only lasted about 15 mins but when it had cleared eveything was soaking wet, which caused problems with dew for the rest of the night. I haven't got a 6V power supply yet so couldn't use the secondary dew heater. Does anyone know if you can get 6V dew heater straps? At about 1 the clouds rolled in so I called it a night and packed up. Just as I had put all the gear away the clouds cleared. So I spent a most enjoyable 30 mins with the bins, it was the best part of the night.
  14. 6V power supply

    Thanks Alan I will try that.
  15. Bargain scope

    I know. It is one of the older black ones but still works well. with a bit of a tune up it should be better. The finder alone is worth £50.