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  1. Galloway Spring Gathering 2018

    I have just booked for Tue, Wed and Thurs night. I will be living in luxury this time as I have just bought a motor home and have booked electric hookup. No tent to put up and take down. Looking forward to seeing everyone that I met last time.
  2. EQ6-R owners club

    I got my EQ6-R in December. I have not tried guiding yet but I absolutely love the mount. I moved up from a CG5 AGT and the EQ6-R just blows it out of the water. I polar align using Sharpcap with a modified finder/guider and can get 5 minutes unguided with no trailing. I have all the equipment for guiding just haven't worked out how yet. I second everything that has been said about the EQ6-R.
  3. Having been using my new EQ6-R mount and Esprit 100 APO scope for imaging since I got them in December I felt I was neglecting the manual / visual side of our fascinating hobby. I have had a Helios 8" f5 Newtonian in the cupboard since last summer, so I decided to convert it to a Dob. I bought a second dovetail bar and mounted it on the opposite side of the rings and put an M8 bolt through both dovetails. I made the base from a sheet of plywood with nylon blocks sitting on an old 12" record for the azimuth bearing with an M10 bolt through the middle. I made slots in the top of the sides so I can simply drop the tube into place and then tighten the bolts up to get the tension so the tube doesn't swing around. Then I painted it with 3 coats of white paint. It isn't the most glamorous of things but it works perfectly. I tried it out last night just outside the front door but we have a street light right outside the door. I still managed to see M42 quite clearly so was happy. Now while I am imaging I will have something to play with while waiting for the camera to do its thing.
  4. Great seeing in a lovely -34c

    I managed 6 hours in -10. Didn't even feel it as I had a down jacket, ski trousers, hat and gloves on and I find I don't feel the cold while observing.
  5. Show us your Frac

    Here's my Esprit 100 triplet APO in action on Sunday night.
  6. NEQ6 Synscan 'polar align' feature

    I have recently been polar aligning using an Altair Astro GPCAM and Sharpcap with very good results. It is very easy and quick but you need a decent astro cam, a finder/guide scope and a laptop.
  7. Looking at the image I think I may need to get the field flattener to go with the scope.
  8. Still struggling to process these files mainly because of the file size. I managed to stack them in DSS and the finished file is 250mb which is enormous. Luckily I have an 8 core i7 processor with 16gb ram and an 8gb GTX 1080 graphics card, so my computer can handle these files. DSS stacked the frames but didn't give me the colour and luminence sliders. It just saved an autosave tiff. This is the image so far which I am far from happy with. For some reason when I saved it as a jpg it is only 258kb. I have also included the unedited tiff file which to me looks to have a lot of data in it but I don't know how to get it out.Please feel free to have a go at processing it if you want. Autosave.tif
  9. I have it sorted now ( I think ) I have to open the file in Canon photo professional which supports DPR ( dual pixel raw ), then convert it to a 16bit tiff which will then open in Photoshop and DSS. Next time I go out I will use the standard CR2 image until I find out what the benefits of DPR are.
  10. I have tried using DNG converter but it is not recognising the files from the 5D. I have tried DSS 3.3.6 with no success and have checked the camera settings. It was set to dual pixel mode. This must be why they won't open. Is there any way I can stack them? Would it work stacking them in photoshop as tiff files? I spent all that time collecting the data and I don't want to waste them if I can help it.
  11. Definitely NOT. It is for my photography business. I was just trying it out. I actually prefer my 60D for astro stuff because of the flip out screen and my scope is 550mm focal length so with the 5D I get too big a field of view for most objects. Also I didn't get the field flattener with it so using a 2" t piece I get bad vignetting. On the plus side the noise is nearly non existent. I will have to check as I am not sure
  12. I used my new Canon 5D mkIV last night and got quite a lot of subs to stack but I can't stack them in DSS, as even the latest release does not support this camera. Does anyone know a stacking program which will support this camera or know a way to get around this problem.
  13. Full frame canon body worth it??

    I got the camera as a business asset as I am a photographer. If not for that I probably would have not spent as much. As for whether full frame is worth the extra is up to you. You will get a good bargain on the second hand market.
  14. Full frame canon body worth it??

    I have just bought a canon 5D mk4 but not used it for AP yet. I am aware that you get a much wider field due to the larger sensor. I was using a 60D crop sensor with 18mp and the 5D has 30mp so it should be better resolution. I am really looking forward to trying it.
  15. I managed to get one frame of M42 before my 60D died on me and I have sold the 450D (wish I had kept it). It was an unguided exposure of 3 minutes with no trailing. Waiting for the moon to go and I will try a serious imaging session.