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  1. I work as a volunteer at the Kielder observatory and there is much excitement about the new phase as it will have a kitchen LOL. At the moment we have to make about 30 cups of hot chocolate in a space about 4ft x 2ft. Seriuosly the new observatory will be brilliant. It is getting very popular and at present there is a long waiting list for bookings. Every event that I go to is full.
  2. I too bought a new scope in January and have only been out with it once since and while centering the polar scope on the mount, it fell apart so I couldn't polar align which was a shame as it is an imaging scope. I have managed one good session with the astronomy club with my 10". I have also just bought a Canon 60D and haven't had the chance to use that yet either.
  3. I power my mount and dew heaters from the cigarette lighter socket in the car. It works fine but make sure you have your booster pack with you. I went to my local astronomy club public observing session and ran everything for 6 hours with no problems, then after packing up the car wouldn't start. Luckily there was someone to give me a lift home. I had to go back for the car the next morning and it was 30 miles from home. I now have a booster pack from Halfords and never go out without it.
  4. I have just picked up a Paragon 500mm f8 M42 telephoto lens from the local secondhand shop for £4.99. It is in mint condition with perfect optics. I don't know if it will be any good for astro photography but at that price I had to have it. I have tried it on my new Canon 60D and in daytime use it seems very good. If I don't use it for AP then it should be fun for wildlife photography.
  5. Hi, I was the old bloke who had a chat with you on 25th Jan at kielder , I couldn't remember the name of the camera system that I use to get an accurate polar alignment.It is called PoleMaster.  The software has changed for the better since I bought mine and is now very easy to see,but you will have to use a laptop unless you can use a desktop from your location. There are a few videos on Youtube that are helpful. Pity I didn't have more time,but apart from me not wearing enough skins ,my family provided the transport and had work the following morning. I would go there often but I don't have a car.Anything I can help with I'm a retired bus driver of nearly 5 years so I have plenty of time.

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  6. I have got a set of guide scope rings but I am going to try it mounted with the mounting foot bolted to a dovetail. I am going to replace the tube to get rid of the baffle which narrows it to 60mm and I am looking for a second hand focuser from a decent scope to replace the one fitted. I just missed out on Ebay on a Celestron 70mm focuser with RDF attached to it. I am sure another one will come up soon.
  7. Yes I understand this. But my problem is which way to get the setting circle to the correct position. Will it matter if I am turning the camera not the RA axis?
  8. I have made a webcam adapter to fit on my polar scope and it works fine. I have been able to accurately centre the polar scope reticle. With the webcam attached to the polar scope obviously it turns with the RA axis and when viewed through the cam the reticle does not move but the image rotates. When I rotate the camera to focus the reticle rotates. My problem is how to polar align. Normally you would rotate the RA axis until the little circle for polaris is at the correct angle for the date and time then using alt. and az. get polaris in the circle. Does it matter if you rotate the RA or simply turn the camera to get the circle in the right place? Please help me get my head around this as it is not making any sense to me.
  9. I am thinking about selling my Orion UK GX250 reflector and Vixen GP mount on portable pier . The OTA is extensively modified, I replaced the original focuser with a 2" dual speed focuser which has been squared to the tube, I added 3 x 12v cooling fans, spring loaded collimation screws and the tube has been shortened by 20mm for prime focus photography. There is a Skywatcher 9x50 RACI finder and a Telrad with a 12v powered resistor for dew control. There is a spare tube ring mounted behind the tube rings to stop tube slip when rotating the tube and a spare Vixen dovetail bar. There is a 2" extension tube to use with eyepieces. There is also a Skywatcher polar illuminator and a T2 to Canon EOS adapter with a T piece to mount a DSLR. There is also a home made dew shield for the scope. The mount is an original Japanese Vixen GP, the paint is a bit faded and peeling in a couple of places but mechanically the mount is perfect. I have stripped it, cleaned and regreased it with lithium grease and then tuned it for minimum backlash. It tracks perfectly. I have added a 12v ditribution box with 4 12v outputs and there are silicone cables for the fans and telrad heater and there is a 6m silicone power cable with a cigar lighter socket on the end. All connectors are RCA. This sits on a solid pier mount with adjustable legs and a spirit level. I had a couterweight bar extension made which screws into the end of the original. Sorry for the long description but it is important to list everything. I paid £400.00 for the scope and mount before I did anything to it. Am i somewhere near asking for £600.00. Please give me your opinions The money raised is to go towards an NEQ6
  10. I finally got my new 130PDS this morning in the post. It is not new but has not been used and has been highly modified. I am so excited and cant wait to try it, but unfortunately due to the astronomers curse it will be cloudy for the next month at least. Sorry guys.
  11. Have you tried Ebay. There are lots of suppliers who stock allsorts of nuts, bolts, screws and washers. Usually free postage too. If you need them quicker try an engineering works near you. Hope this helps.
  12. I should have done this before but I googled him and he has published a lot of astronomy articles, with degrees in physics and astronomy. I am now sure that everything will be fine.
  13. It is a brand new modified Skywatcher 130PDS with coma corrector. He is going to email me some photos so I can check what I am getting. Its not the scope I have any doubts about its just that it warns you on ABS not to buy things without viewing them first. Its not particularly expensive at £165. It would be a 500 mile round trip to collect it. He bought it to modify then to write an article for Astronomy Now magazine so I think I can trust him. His name is Ade Ashford and he lives in Norfolk so some of you may know him.
  14. Not sure if this is in the correct forum so apologies if not. I am wanting to buy a scope from someone on Astro Buy and Sell but it is too far to travel to see it and collect it. I have spoken to him on the phone and email and have his full name. He has sold quite a few things in the past. I am a bit nervous about paying quite a lot of money by bank transfer without having seen the item I am buying. I do not know if there is any payment protection. It will be sent by Royal Mail tracked and insured post. Has anyone had similar experiences or has any advice. I really want this scope.
  15. Thanks Olly. I will use some tube rings and keep the guide scope ring for use as a finder scope or sell them again.