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  1. I have for sale my Skywatcher Stargate 450P (18 inch) f3.9 truss tube Dobsonian telescope. Also comes with Telegizmo 365 all weather cover, heater on the secondary mirror, telrad finder, Baader laser collimator and 2" 28mm eyepiece. The scope is in very good condition with no marks or scratches on either mirror. The views through this scope are truly breath taking. For its size it is really quite portable as I can take it outside and assemble it on my own. It also fits in a family sized car. The scope is 2 years old. The reason for selling it is that it doesn't get the use that it should as I
  2. I have already performed a star test and using the only eyepiece that works (a 20 mm) the stars were pinpoint. I have made an adaptor so I can use my 1.25" eyepieces, just need a diagonal now. All I have done so far is strip the focuser and clean the 50 year old grease that was more like glue off and re-grease. The focuser is very good quality and is now smooth as silk.
  3. I have been given an old Ascotron refractor on a basic EQ mount with wooden tripod to restore. Has anyone ever heard of Ascotron telescopes? It takes .96" eyepieces which are all beyond repair apart from one. It is a Japanese 60mm 800mm focal length scope and from what I have seen through it the optics seem really good. It was apparently bought in Australia in the 1960's.
  4. The 450P is a fantastic scope. Huge light gathering but easy to put up and control. The week before last when there was no moon I was observing the Coma Berenices and Leo area and I have never seen so many galaxies. I can see things down to Mag 14.5. It does help that I live in a Bortle 3 area. They are very sturdy as well as I have found out. I keep it outside with a 365 cover on it and so far it has blown over 3 times. The last time it blew over onto paving and I panicked thinking it must be broken but not a scratch on it. It is now tied to a 6' fence post on a 3' fence spike so I can remove
  5. Last night the moon was too bright to do anything else so I decided to do some lunar observing as it was nice and clear. I had forgotten how much pleasure you can get from this. I was using my 18" Dob. Normally I use my Naglers with this scope but I decided to use some of my 1.25" eyepieces to get more magnification. I had my 12.5 mm BST and a 2.5 barlow in and WOW. 360 X magnification and so clear. I concentrated on the area around Copernicus and could see all the mountains of the Montes Carapatus. The area of Sinus Iridium was spectacular too. This is definitely the best I have ever seen the
  6. HI I am in Cumbria north of Brampton near Roadhead.
  7. I know. I have a 365 cover for my dob but haven't got round to one for the frac and mount. Must put it on Santa's list.
  8. I looked at the forecast for tonight and it said partly clear. At 18.00 hrs the sky was perfectly clear so I started setting up. I got set up and polar aligned by 19.15 hrs and noticed it was clouding over, 5 minutes later the heavens opened, so it was get the equipment into the house as fast as I could. Scope and mount grabbed and in first and me absolutely soaked. Mount and scope not too bad just a few drops on them. These things happen from time to time but I am now drying off in front of the fire with a gin and tonic.
  9. HI Steve. I am by no means an expert but have been dabbling a little in EAA (electronically assisted astronomy). I can recommend the Altair Astro GPCAM 2 which retails at about £150 and sharp cap which when you get the pro licence (which you get free with the GP CAM for a year) will do live stacking and you can use short exposures as it automatically aligns each frame so the AZ mount will not be a problem. I hope this helps. Dave
  10. Another +1 for Sharpcap pro. So easy to use and accurate. I have had polar alignment of 1-2 arc seconds and consequently got subs of 5 minutes unguided.
  11. Hi I am going Thursday - Sunday. I will be bringing my 18" Dob and Esprit 100 on EQ6-R. I will most likely be observing clouds!!! I look forward to meeting some new faces and catching up with ones not so new.
  12. Well that's the motor home all packed ready for tomorrow. I should be there about 2pm. Looking forward to a good catch up. I have the whisky packed but will keep it a surprise as to what it is. It's one of my personal favourites.
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