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  1. Lurcher

    What to watch on TV when it's cloudy

    It's a repeat, but BBC 4 gave got a programme about the Jodrell Bank Telescope on Sunday night at 11.15pm. "Timeshift". https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b06pm5vf
  2. Lurcher

    What to watch on TV when it's cloudy

    "The Sky at Night Sunday on BBC Four at 10 in the evening This month the team travel on the largest flying observatory in the world. In a specially converted Jumbo jet, flying on of California. Hope you enjoy ☺" Courtesy of "Timebandit" Thanks!
  3. Lurcher

    Heads up " Sky at Night " Sunday

    Good one Timebandit. (If you don't mind, I'll copy and paste this into the "What to Watch When it's cloudy" bit). Thanks!
  4. Lurcher

    What to watch on TV when it's cloudy

    I got the impression as they moved it to Australia last year, and was it the year before, or the one before that it was shot on location in Australia but aired in the Uk that they were just losing interest in it. Although it did say in one report that the BBC were in discussions with the production team about future programmes, so I don't know. It seems if they can't link a vote line to it or sale the format around the world afterwards they don't really care about making the programme. I always think, if people can publish Monthly magazines on a topic, then surely someone could be making a weekly programme on the same thing. Anyway, on a happier note hopefully we'll soon be posting something on here about an up and coming programme. I suppose in the meantime there's always the Sky At Night Magazine Podcast to listen to. Well done for writing to Dara O Briain too. Sorry you didn't hear back but thanks for trying.
  5. Lurcher

    What to watch on TV when it's cloudy

    I totally agree. Plus of course his part of the show is actually about the act of getting out there with a scope and showing what's in the night sky that Month. That bit should be longer! Wow that sounds intriguing. I shall definitely be giving that one a go. Thanks for the other mentions too. I've not heard of any of them so I will check them out. Thanks. No he was certainly one of a kind wasn't he? It wasn't until I watched the older episodes on YouTube that I found out about the "Moore Winter Marathon" the "Moore Moon Marathon" and I think there's also simply a "Moore Marathon". It's something that his legacy still lives on with the Sky At Night still being on though, and all the observations he made of the moon. Do you think we could all petition the BBC to bring back "Stargazing Live"?? I used to look forward to that.
  6. Lurcher

    1.25" Focuser cap??

    Yeah no that's fine thank you. Now I know the're pretty easy and cheap to pick up it's more trouble for someone to send me one than it is for me to buy one myself! Thanks though, and I'm glad your printed versions came out ok. All the best and thanks for your replies.
  7. Hi everyone, Has everyone discovered the old episodes of Sky At Night on YouTube? There's a guy called Nikol Mizer who's uploaded quite a few, and since finally getting a decent internet connection I can now watch them on the tele at night, (once the family have gone to bed!). I love the old one's where they seemed to do more stargazing events and meetings. I know it was all very weather dependent but I think it's a shame they don't seem to do that so much now. Although on the plus side I do love Maggie Alderin-Pocock. She's so refreshing! Did anyone get to see the programme about the guy that parachuted down to Earth? That was good too. Anyway, I thought I'd just ask. (I sometimes visit a motorcycling forum that has a "what to watch on the box" section so people can post programmes which they have noticed coming up in the future and which might be good to watch). Sorry if it's also being or been done on here and I just haven't found it.
  8. Lurcher

    1.25" Focuser cap??

    I wish I did have a 3D printer! It must be brilliant to be able to print off your own parts! How did your test print go out of interest?? I was wishing the other day I had a 3D scanner too! Then I could scan and print off a replacement shoulder guard for my old Giant Robot from Dr Who. (Circa 1970's!), and make it complete again! I noticed there are companies advertising on-line that offer this service I might try one of them in the new Year.!? I'm sure they're crying out for a job like that! That is so kind of you. Thank you. But I don't want to take any advantage of anyone. I see thanks to AstroNowt I can buy one on-line for less than £2.00 so I should do that for myself or the cost of an envelope and stamp will cost you much the same. Thank you so much for the kind offer though, and going to the trouble of posting. I might even use it as an excuse to head over to F1 Telescopes which isn't too far away from me. I wasn't going to, but since posting this I've also noticed that the 2" eyepiece section on my new telescope is slightly different to my old scope, (and as my Family are going out next Saturday), I can ask about changing that maybe if it's not too expensive. Thanks so much everyone.
  9. Lurcher

    Hi all. What a great site!

    Ooh. Not tried that. Thanks Helen. I'll give that a go too. Thanks. (Oh, and since my earlier post where I was comparing my two scopes, I've now found out that the four stars I saw in the centre of the Orion nebula are called the Trapezium, and are really well known. So I probably showed up my ignorance by referring to them as "the four small stars". Still, good to have learnt another little thing!).
  10. Lurcher

    Hi all. What a great site!

    Oh. Just read I can't advertise it here until I've posted more comments so in the meantime I've listed it on Evil Bay.
  11. Lurcher

    Hi all. What a great site!

    Hi Eastman and Proto Star. Thanks for your welcomes. And!! I went out with both scopes last night and although there really wasn't much in it at all. I have at last decided I'm going to sell my 200mm scope. I'll add it onto the sale section if anyone's interested or knows of anyone. It really is a great scope. The four small stars in a group in the centre of the Orion Nebula were pin sharp last night through it. Anyway thanks all.
  12. Lurcher

    1.25" Focuser cap??

    Thanks all for your replies. They're all great ideas and suggestions thanks. Sorry it's taken me so long to reply, I hadn't ticked the "notify me of replies" box, and wasn't aware you had all replied until looking on my phone last night. Thanks again for all the great ideas and info.
  13. Lurcher

    Turning Luddite??

    Ah Haa! That's very impressive. If you don't need a GoTo then that's great. I would be useless at finding much more than a couple of objects. If you're able to find and view objects with your knowledge of the sky alone then that's very admirable. I started late and have a lot to learn. (Or perhaps more pertinently, remember!).
  14. Lurcher

    NGC 1501 - Camel's Eye

    Really subtle shading. Can I ask, did you use white pastels or pencils on black card, or normal pencils on white paper and then reverse the colours digitally? Thanks.
  15. Lurcher

    It's magic isn't it

    That's brilliant. Makes getting up and out early worthwhile. What a great start to the day!

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