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  1. Lurcher

    Sinus Iridium

    Ahh well done Mike! I didn't realize that. I thought it must just be a modern term given to it. Thanks. But yeah I've just done a very quick search to see if I could find out why it was called Mare Iridium and couldn't see anything. Although I suppose the next bay I believe is Mare Imbrium which means "showers" (I've just looked that up too), so maybe they thought rainbows followed showers!?? Is this getting too scientific for most people??
  2. Lurcher

    Sinus Iridium

    Brilliant sketch again Mike, and another good target to choose. (If I'm in the right area, some people refer to this area as the "bay of rainbows" don't they?. - A very grey rainbow!).
  3. Lurcher


    Good one Mike. I always think of Tycho when I think of bright ejecta rays, but Kepla is amazing too. Nice target to sketch and nicely done.
  4. Thank you Mark. I can't wait to get out again. It already feels like it's been quite a while. Thanks again for your kind and positive comment.
  5. Ha haa! Thanks Achim. Somebody on here, and I wish I could remember who, just happened to mention they preferred the image showing the whole page or something along those lines, so I always do it like that now! I suppose it shows the sketch in scale with the size of the A5 pad. Thanks. Thanks for your kind comments Mike. Yeah this is where I'm a bit naive really, as I just went out wanting to increase the magnification a little, and just ended up with over 400x magnification as it worked. But you're right I really should have made more of that at the time. It's a bit like the night a friend and I saw Clavius through the scope and we both thought it looked great, but only my friend really remembered how great it was, and now I need to go back for a second time to really appreciate it! Thanks for your comments!
  6. I couldn't resist making the most of what could be the last clear sky for a while. Also, I'd been searching on-line to see if I could find any original sketches produced by Sir Patrick Moore. Sadly I wasn't finding any of his work, but I stumbled across a drawing of "Bulliasladus" by Erika Rix, which was just fantastic. I noticed along with other things, she'd used a larger magnification than I tend to so I really wanted to get out and try something around 300x magnification. Once again I was slightly limited for space in my back garden, and it was too bright when I started to do any alignment using the stars so I set the scope onto auto tracking which seemed to help a little although I was once again forced to continually move the scope to keep the view in the eyepiece. I ended up using 440x magnification and started drawing the Gassendi Crater, which again I have already drawn, but at least this time I recognized it and remembered I had already drawn it; so I'm getting better! Anyway enough waffle. Here's the sketch done at the telescope. A bit rough and ready as always with me, but I was pleased that I did manage to capture more detail than in my first attempt again. Clear skies everyone. (And please do search for Bulliasladus - Erika Rix if you've got time. And if anyone knows where you can see details of Patrick Moor's drawings please let me know). Thanks!
  7. Brilliant sketch Mike. Is that Charcoal you've used? I keep meaning to have a go with those again. Nice crazing effect between the craters as CraigT82 has said. How do you achieve that? Looks like a special paint effect. Looks like a good area. I stupidly keep drawing the same areas! (I'll show you what I mean later). Thanks for posting. Can you remember what magnification were you using? And if you don't mind me taking this opportunity to also say . . . . Yeahhhh! Thanks for posting Steve. Nothing wrong with that at all. A nice clean and crisp sketch.
  8. Wow. Thanks very much, and well done to everybody. This was a great competition/challenge. Really pleased to have received a nomination at all.
  9. Thanks for all your comments everyone again. Go for it! So much more to enjoy and get stuck in to.
  10. I took advantage of another clear night to get out to a field which is quite good for viewing, and being slightly later than the previous evening I had the luxury of completing the sketch after doing an alignment so the telescope tracked ok and didn't require me to continually adjust the view between every line. It seems so long since I've had the luxury of doing that for one reason or another it made such a change. It wasn't until today when I was looking up the names for the craters that I realized I had already drawn the same area before. Which is a little worrying as I haven't done that many areas to start forgetting already. I've attached my earlier version which seems barely recognisable from this latest version. I thought it was interesting how I'd obviously focused on completely different elements the first time to the second time. Thanks all.
  11. Hi everyone, Not the most inspiring of images, but I was pleased to get out in the back garden to an unexpectedly clear sky. I rushed it a bit unfortunately. (I'd just bought a 2nd hand 20mm Tele Vue eyepiece on E-bay. It wasn't the ideal focal length for this last night but I wanted to check it was ok so stuck with it). I must remember to spend more time on maybe a smaller area soon. Maybe just one crater next time. Anyway, here's a quick sketch I did of a small area of the moon, near the terminator again. All the best.
  12. Beautiful. I love the pin-sharp detail and contrast of the craters nearest the terminator.
  13. Blimey you've put some work into this Gina. Well done. Sorry I'm a bit late to this thread, but some of the images you've captured looked good. You could see the milky way clearly in some. Good stuff.
  14. I'd never heard of a flap wheel so I looked one up. Yeah that would have helped! I might get one and finish it off a bit better one day. Although I was determined not to buy a new drill bit which I desperately needed so who knows!
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