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  1. Lurcher

    Lunar craters Aristoteles and Eudoxus, Feb 11th

    Yes another brilliant sketch. Well done. I'm impressed how clean you manage to keep your drawings and paper. Mine end up with smudges and smears all over the place! Great feeling of light falling across the craters.
  2. Lurcher

    Very rough lunar sketches

    That's very kind of you to say. I've just noticed the link to your own gallery and had a very quick look. - I'm going back for a better look in a moment. Absolutely amazing drawings and artwork. (If anybody else is reading this and hasn't seen Marios' drawings please click on the above link and have a look, they look amazing). I'm constantly missing so much on this site.
  3. Lurcher

    Very rough lunar sketches

    Thanks Achim. Likewise! Thank you Des. That's very kind. But I will try for something a bit better next time. Thanks!
  4. Lurcher

    Very rough lunar sketches

    Thanks for your kind comments. Honestly, just give it a try if you're tempted. It's not as difficult as I make it look! Thank you. Did you get out that night afterwards? Thank you. And I clearly don't. But thank you!
  5. Lurcher

    M31, M48 and 3C 273

    I couldn't agree more! Well done. And you've managed to indicate the compass points which I'm still not confident at doing yet myself. I was hoping SkySafari was going to be the answer for me on that one but no!
  6. Lurcher

    Very rough lunar sketches

    Hi, I couldn't resist uploading a couple of sketches from Friday night. I think the first sketch is of Mare Humorum, (although I've gotten the proportions all wrong), and thanks to acr_astro I now know the second sketch is of the Gassendi crater. I'm not getting no very well with the white on black charcoal and pastels for accuracy but It's flipping enjoyable and therapeutic. You can get totally absorbed in what you're doing, even if the end result isn't very good at all. I will give normal pencils on white paper a try next time though and see if I can can improve a little on the cartoonish nature of these. (Also had the added bonus that by messing around with the scope later that night I discovered completely by accident how to realign the scope onto an object when the alignment isn't too accurate and you have to move the scope to find the object. I've been wanting to know how to do that for ages. It's like having a new scope all over again). Cheers all. (Isn't it nice having some clear skies again at last. Even if all the faint fuzzies are now washed out??).
  7. Lurcher

    A tiny chalk-/charcoal sketch of Gassendi

    Hi Achim! Nice sketch. That's so weird too. I was just admiring your sketch after having spent ages with a moon map trying to identify where I had drawn, and I think I've done the same spot as you. Mine's through a dobsonian reflector so it's upside down. Your sketch is more accurate than mine. Mine's more rushed and sadly cartoonish. I'm not getting on with the white on black for accuracy. Thanks for posting. I like your sketch and thanks to you I now know the name of the crater. Martin.
  8. Lurcher

    14th February Moon

    Thanks LeeRich!
  9. Lurcher

    Looking and learning

    Oooh. I'm going to have to dig all my old Corgi and Dinky space toys out of the loft now! (I passed all my Lego on to my Son too. He's 21 now. Maybe I need to have a sort through and see what's left!).
  10. Thank you you're right. Sod it. It's Friday. - P.O.E.T.S. day!.
  11. Lurcher

    Looking and learning

    Hi. Sorry to be late in saying hello. (I've not been very good at doing that just lately!). But couldn't help noticing and loving the avatar! I had that exact Lego spaceship when I was a child. Anyway, welcome to the forum and have fun with the new telescope.
  12. Lurcher

    Hi from new member

    Hi Paul. Welcome to the forum. There is so much information on here and so many people glad to help and share their experience and knowledge.
  13. Lurcher

    Very excited 44 year old XT8 owner greetings

    Welcome to the forum. Those Orion scopes look really nice. Good choice. I hope you continue to enjoy it.
  14. Lurcher

    Hi from Preston, UK

    Hi. That must have been a frustrating wait since Christmas. The skies seem to have been overcast for such much of this year so far. Fingers crossed for better weather to come.
  15. Lurcher

    14th February Moon

    Hi everyone, Hahaa! Looks like quite a few of us took advantage of the clear sky on Thursday. I headed out to the countryside hoping for really dark skies but I was surprised by how bad the viewing conditions were. I suppose the moon was washing a lot of stars and objects out and I think there was mist coming in from the coast. It was also surprisingly cold. We had quite a layer of ice on the scopes after an hour or so. We stayed out for two hours and then headed back home for some warmth! I grabbed a quick shot of the moon. This was with a Canon 1300D (basic model), attached directly to the scope without the lens. ISO 100 with an exposure of 0.025 seconds (1/40). Skywatcher 300 Dobsonian flextube. Most of my time was spent messing about with different magnifications and trying to sketch a couple of craters, but I realized this was taking too long. I was also desperate to see the Whirlpool Galaxy. I was hoping as this was away from the moon it would be possible. But I could only make out the faintest of faint smudges which I assume must have been it, but I was essentially really disappointed. Is the Whiirlppol Galaxy faint and hard to see ?? I'll have to try again if we get clear skies near a new moon. Thanks all. (Sincerely hope the file size isn't too large. I didn't reduce it. I hope it's ok).

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