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  1. Excellent Mike. And another interesting area.
  2. You're too precise for that Mike. If that's how you've represented it then I'm sure that's pretty much how the shadows appeared.
  3. Excellent sketch Mike. Nice use of the black pen and I like the granular appearance of the pencil shading. I couldn't help noticing the "man in the crater"!. Could be a new obscurer effect . . . . better than the moon maiden which I can never see as a woman. Could that be Herschel himself? Nice use of tones and an interesting area Mike. I would like to have a look at that area myself sometime now having seen your sketch and description. (Is it just me or does the moon maiden look more like a man in a hat smoking a pipe??).
  4. Hi, I'm selling my 18mm 82 degree Explore Scientific lens. I bought this earlier this year but it hasn't really seen much use with my scope. So this really could be a good-as-new eyepiece for less than the retail price. Compete with the original box, packaging, lens caps and that little velvety bag they always include but nobody ever uses. Would £120.00 plus £5.00 postage within UK mainland be ok?? (£125.00 total). Thanks for looking. Any questions please ask. (Forgot to say: it's a 2" eyepiece).
  5. Hi, Sorry, no I don't know anything about it. I was purely searching for images of the crater that Mike had drawn and found that one hand-drawn image. I'll have to go back and have more of a look around the site myself. Sorry I can't be of more help. It's a shame if it is no longer being updated. Ahaa! Well done Mike. I did get out last night quickly and saw the Gassendi Crater, which always looks good, and I was pleased that I could recognize it from an earlier sketch I did of it. But I couldn't help thinking that I probably wouldn't improve on that and so decided I'd save any attempt
  6. They're good sketches again Mike. Once again I'm not familiar with that area, or those craters, so had to look them up, and came across another sketch of the same area done in pastels - hoping this link takes you to it. https://astronomysketchoftheday.wordpress.com/2014/12/31/lunar-crater-maurolycus/ It's upside down to yours but you can see all the areas you've captured. Braco is good too. Making me annoyed with myself again for not getting the scope out last night - it was cloudy early on so I didn't bother and then saw a lovely clear sky later on once I'd consigned myself to a laz
  7. KA-POW!! Thanks Mark! Good to hear form you again, and thanks for your comments.
  8. Thanks Mike. There's nothing wrong with your techniques at all. Far more refined than my scribbles. Due to the weather or one-thing-and-another, I haven't had chance to get stuck into double stars in anyway as much as I hoped, but I'm determined to rectify that soon if we can have a few more clear nights! Thanks for your comment Mike.
  9. Finally, we're getting some decent clear evenings! I got out in my back garden on Tuesday wanting to do a sketch of a crater somewhere again. I noticed Aristiteles and Eudoxus straight away. There's so much detail to see on the rims, but sadly the clouds started to build as I was just beginning to get stuck in so I need to try this again another night. The clouds did clear but by this time the moon had disappeared below the roof of a house. However that then gave me time to also check out some easy doubles. (I really liked seeing a nice double double in Taurus - SAO 75970. And after a few
  10. Well done and thanks for posting. Far better than school work!
  11. Brilliant ridges Mike. Not easy to get such thin definition. (I've not noticed volcanic domes before. Another something new for me to try and find).
  12. Lurcher

    Orion Nebula

    I must admit I do have some blending stubs, but I found I just couldn't blend it as much as I hoped. But I'll keep trying and experimenting. (You have reminded I do need to buy a small compass to draw my circles) . Thanks for your comments again.
  13. Lurcher

    Orion Nebula

    You'll love it. Look out for the Trapezium. I've only noticed four stars there, but apparently I should be able to see six, so I need to look carefully again too. Thanks for your comments. Thanks Stu. I really need to try again, I need a softer pastel or something, (it's too scratchy), but it was better than my appalling attempt at the Pleiades! lol
  14. Lurcher

    Orion Nebula

    Hi All, Sorry this is a little old now, I did it just over a week ago, and was going to post it at the time, but the sketch looked so much better in the dark than it did in the cold light of day I didn't think it worthy of posting here, so then went to write a post on the observing page, and then talked myself out of that too. So anyway, I'm in front of my computer and enjoying looking at what others have been posting so thought what the hell - maybe someone else will enjoy finding this if they're bored or trying to stay out of the way of whatever it is their other half is watching
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