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  1. Finally it came....thanks FLO! Looking forward to testing this out over a somewhat moonlight but clear sky this weekend...
  2. Just noticed a massive hike in the price of Takahashi refractors
  3. What do you think the imaging capacity realistically is for this mount - I know its rated for 100kg and some reviews of the Mark I have suggested 75kg for imaging. What do you think about this?
  4. This is great feedback. I signed up to the 10 Micron forum to try to understand the sorts of difficulties that are found with these mounts. Didn’t know that the 10 Micron is basically a Linux computer. Linux is the standard in my field of research, but I have to say, I find it pretty awful and quite brittle (many of my colleagues disagree); it can be very unforgiving of simple mishaps like improper shutdown. I noted on my fairly superficial perusal that some 10 Micron owners have had difficulties with the mount following power outages. I may be jumping the gun here (and happy to be told that I am wrong) but is there any truth in the idea that perhaps the sophistication of the 10 Micron software/hardware and the fact that it is baked into the mount also means that there are more things that can go wrong? As a relative novice to imaging, I would really like the mount to “disappear into the background” so that i can improve my skills. VERY happy to be told I am mistaken...
  5. If you can find the item sold at the original (or lower) price by another retailer you should be able to “appeal” for price match with the “blue button”
  6. Interesting. The Paramount mounts seem to have an almost Apple-like closed system. I’m sure you can use other software with them but I’d be interested to know if Paramount users find this restrictive?
  7. Dear Folks, I posted this question on CN and got really good feedback - but it was quite US-centric as expected; lots of AP and SB users. I am keen to have opinions from colleagues on this side of the pond (and hopefully get feedback which includes as much or more comment on 10 Micron, Mesu, ASA etc). I am looking for opinions from owners of these mounts on the following. 1. How easy was it for you to set the mount up? If you are portable, this is obviously very relevant. If you are permanent - still relevant but less so. 2. How easy do you find the software control of the mount? This may be a roll your own set of applications via ASCOM or for Paramount users for example, the SkyX package. 3. Do you use your mount remotely i.e. is it fit for purpose as a remote system? 4. If you have had technical (either mechanical or software) issues, how good has the support been? 5. How do you rate the craftsmanship in the mount? I understand this is subjective, but on a previous, similar post in CN, some users expressed preferences regarding the actual build of the mount and how it contributed to the overall enjoyment of the mount. Many thanks for reading!
  8. Any updates on this? How are you finding the mount so far?
  9. This is most helpful; I can see that the point here is that you are paying for (future proofing, I suppose) the big image circle but you don't initially need to invest in a large sensor, that can come later.
  10. Hi Folks, Thanks for reading. I would like opinions on suitable (or the best) CCD camera pairing with a Tak FSQ106. I have been using Astronomy tools to calculate the image scale and take into account the seeing, but the repeated comments about the 106’S large imaging circle have me a little confused. Is it simply that a large sensor is needed to fully take advantage of the 106? I note that on Astrobin, many different cameras are used with this scope; is the point here that from an image scale perspective many cameras would be suitable, but from an image circle perspective, a large sensor is better? One camera I have looked at is the Atik 11000 but I am keen to see what other options may be good/take full advantage. Many thanks for reading. Simon
  11. Not a silly question at all... Simply a query; research and user experience are two different things. My research tells me this mount is superb but I’d like to hear about user experience with the software
  12. Hi Folks, Thanks for reading. I am upgrading my mount for my observatory. I will be doing AP primarily but to be honest, I also enjoy some visual. I need about 30-40kg capacity. I had my heart set on the ridiculously expensive 10 Micron 2000 (coming in a about 12k when you figure all the extras needed). Something seemed wrong about that price....! I now have an opportunity to get a Mesu 200 Mark II. The mounts engineering looks unquestionable and I have yet to hear anything bad said about these mounts. The price is also very attractive compared to the 10 Micron. My issue is the control. I’m going to be honest - the controller looks rudimentary (and with no screen, controlling from the computer for visual may be annoying). I have no knowledge of Sidereal technology at all. I am very close to purchasing this mount but I would like some feedback on user experience regarding the software and control of the mount. I note the new version will have the Scitech I controller but I thought (perhaps incorrectly that the older version has the II controller). I am not sure if this is significant or not. Opinions and feedback greatly appreciated. Simon
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