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  1. Love the M33 image, beautiful view, I remember being there with you at Kielder as you took some of those frames. And the M42 image looks almost 3D with the highlights inside the nebula.
  2. Hi all, Just wanted to let members of the Group know that there is a thriving and very busy AS here in Kendal - the Eddington Astronomical Society. Formed in 2004 for the Venus Transit, and named in honour of Kendal-born astronomer Sir Arthur Eddington, we now have around 60 members and meet on the first Monday of every month in Kendal Museum. We have a very busy programme of events - guest speakers, society and public observing evenings (often at the popular Brewery Arts Centre in town), lectures etc, and everyone in the Group would be very welcome to join us, either as a member, if you're looking for a Society to join, or just as a visitor! We have quite a few very keen astro-imagers, but lots of absolute beginners too. Our next meeting, on Nov 2nd, will feature a very special guest speaker on a very welcome return visit. Nick Howes will be talking to us about comets (I think, we haven't finalised the topic yet) and wll also be bringing along some meteorites for sale. He will also be bringing some very special memorabilia - flown pieces of Apollo hardware. As I said, everyone in the Group is very welcome to come along. Our website, with more details about us: http://eas-online.org.uk/ As for myself, glad I've FINALLY got around to joining SGL, having meant to for ages. Looking forward to being a part of the Group.
  3. This year's Kielder Autumn Starcamp was blessed with starry skies every night, and although many people suffered from equipment failures and gremlins I tink it's fair to say that it was still a huge success. I've written up the weekend on my blog, if anyone would like to take a look. And if you were there, maybe post your thoughts about the weekend here..? https://cumbriansky.wordpress.com/2015/10/24/kielder-2015-autumn-starcamp/
  4. Managed to get some nice pics the other night, which are in a post on my blog: Conjunction at the Castle… Cumbrian Sky
  5. Wow... gorgeous pic! I've been using a borrowed PST for a couple of weeks now, and am seriously hooked. I can see why people get so addicted to solar observing. I've got to get one for myself, but at £450 a time I'll either have to do work 24hrs a day for a month or sell a kidney or something... ;-)
  6. KStu

    Hello from Cumbria :)

    Hi everyone, Thought it was time I joined in the fun :-) Frustrated martian amateur astronomer "astro-poet" and Whovian Stu here, Secretary of Kendal's Eddington AS. Looking forward to joining in the chat with all of you and enjoying the dark nights ahead... :-)
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