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  1. I also wear specs and can use them with no issues (they have folding rubber cups on the eyepieces).
  2. I would second what mark81 posted yesterday. The Olympus DPSi 10x50 are ideal for viewing and passing the time while my telescope and DSLR are tied up imaging. At 10x they have pretty good magnification and a decent field of view but are also light enough to hold steady. If this is still not possible for some, you can fit a ‘L’ bracket and set up onto a tripod or monopod. I bought mine for £60 from Amazon about a month ago.
  3. Hi Louis Not quite at 5:46 this morning (taken at 07:25 to be exact), but I think my photo of Venus and Jupiter paints the picture of your poem quite well. Photo was taken using a Canon 70D, with a 55-250mm lens at 55mm, F5.6 for a 1 second exposure. I had my tripod set up in my garden looking South. There is always plenty of early morning aircraft traffic, with the overnight transatlantic flights heading towards the south of England, hence the vapour trails in the photograph. Regards Binzauk
  4. That’s just as bad Ian. Looks like we’re both out of luck tonight! Stephen
  5. I’ve just noticed this Social Group on the Forum and was wondering if there were many other Cumbrians members. It would be great if we could get this social group going, with the possibility of the occasional ‘meet ups’. Although we live in a great county for dark skies, there does not seem too many Astonomy clubs and organisations to share ideas, learning, etc. I’m very new to the hobby, so meeting, chatting and occasionally meeting with like-minded locals would, I feel help me enjoy this hobby even more. Is there anyone out there?
  6. Well, after a lovely clear day here on the Cumbrian coast and the forecast of a clear night sky, it has clouded over!!! I had my Telescope and all it’s bits and pieces ready to set up, camera batteries charged, power bank charged, all my warm clothing ready to put on, but.... Ah well, I suppose that’s the downside of the hobby. Never mind the forecast for Sunday night looks promising - fingers crossed.
  7. Yep, it's just the aligning bit as I'm pretty competent with editing in PS . I can manually align in PS and I have done so for a couple of frames, but the time this would take over a large number of frames would not be enjoyable. Auto-align in PS does not work for what are mainly detail-less frames, with an error message reporting of at least a 40% overlap being required to auto-align (tried all sorts to get around this message - any ideas anyone?). I do not run a Windows emulator on my Mac and I am reluctant to do so to be honest, as I would rather just buy software for my operating system.
  8. Hi All Being new to Astrophotography I wonder if anyone could give me their recommendations on which imaging software to buy? This is the software to do the Astrophotography actions such as calibration and integration. With an interest in 'normal' photography, I already have Lightroom and Photoshop, both on subscription and the latest versions, to do the final editing (if need be), but they are not good for Astrophotography. I have had a good look around to see what software is out there and for myself, and with being a Mac user and unless anyone can suggest others, it seems t
  9. The exact question that I asked my wife Dave. I’m also telling her that it will get used all year round as well. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome and I look forward to chatting with you. Thanks also for the book recommendation DP, I’ll no doubt be ordering soon. Stephen (aka Binzauk)
  10. Hello everyone. I am new to the hobby but keen to learn and to get the best from it. That's why I have decided to join Stargazers Lounge. When I was trying to decide on what equipment to buy and learn the basics, I regularly looked at the various Forums on this site and read the postings. The knowledge that the members have on this site is immense and invaluable to a newbie like me. Thank you for what I have learnt in the past few weeks and thanks in advance for what I will learn. As a bit of an introduction, I am coming up to 56 years old and I live in Whitehaven
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