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  1. @Cosmic Geoff - thanks for your insight on this. It looks like an HEQ5 is probably the minimum I should aim for to keep imaging as an option for the future - I've seen mention that an EQ6 would be better still, but I need to strike a sensible balance between cost, practicality and portability. Good point regarding a handle - there won't be much to grab onto once it's deforked!
  2. Thanks for your insight on this Michael - that should make life a little easier.. I wasn't keen on the idea of drilling the OTA! No problem at all Philip! In that context your comment makes perfect sense. To be honest this is a top tip which I'll bear in mind in case of the need for future cleaning. @Merlin66 Huge thanks for this! The write up covers most of the things they seem to skip over in the YouTube Videos - it's really going to be useful!
  3. Thanks for the reply @Philip R - that's an impressive looking set up! Makes me want to get an ETX to partner with the 8"! I've read that an HEQ5 may be the more stable option. The potential to get one with SyncScan - or retrofit later is a big draw. I used to have a C8 on a Vixen SP mount and I'm aware that the Skywatcher mounts are clones based on it. The GP is a really well engineered mount and I've read that SyncScan can be retrofitted onto those mounts - so a good second hand GP / GP-DX may also be an option. I'm not sure I fully understand your comment regarding making a mark o
  4. Hi all, I own a Meade LX-10. For those who aren't familiar with this type of scope, it's a '90s era 8 inch Schmidt Cassegrain mounted on a basic wedge and field tripod. Motors are fitted and functioning but sometimes need the odd 'nudge'. The OTA is a good starting point but if I'm being honest the rest could do with a bit of a make over!! I'm not a fan of the wedge (well, this type at least!) and so I'm looking to defork the OTA and purchase an equatorial mount. I'm keen to future proof and would like the option of GoTo, either immediately or later via an upgrade. From what I'm read
  5. Jimbo75


    @MarsG76 @JeremyS - it's comforting to know I'm in good company on here! I'm really looking forward to getting stuck back in..
  6. Jimbo75


    Thanks for the warm welcome folks! ? @upahill - you're not joking! It hasn't stopped here all day.. I hope the rain and clouds aren't an omen! ? @Greymouser - I remember seeing all the glossy adverts for wedge mounted SCTs in US mags like 'Astronomy' back in the '90s.. so when the chance of the LX-10 came up I didn't think twice. However, I haven't really taken to the wedge - plus the LX-10 electronics are getting on a bit now. My experience with the Vixen SP makes me want to revert back to an equatorial. On the plus side mounts appear to have come on leaps and bounds. It seems that
  7. Jimbo75


    Hi all! I'm slowly getting back into Astronomy after a stop/start 25 years or so.. University, work, house, marriage - although I've not got the excuse of kids (yet!! ?). The last time I was really into it was the early '90s when I was in my late teens and I had a Celestron C8 on a Vixen Super Polaris mount. The scope had gone by the time Uni happened in '96 and it was 2010 before I got the bug again - buying a used Meade LX10 8" SCT. However, despite my best efforts the rhythm of work meant I wasn't really able to kick start back into things properly. Fingers crossed things are a b
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