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  1. I have a Skywatcher 9X50 Finderscope & Bracket for sale It is “As New” condition £30
  2. Hi Guys What are the tricks to make rotating the newtonian OTA within the tube rings during an observing session an easy operation? I seem to have so much difficulty rotating the OTA even with the tube clamps loosened. Is there any method to make this a less frictionless manouvere? Thanks Guys
  3. Hi guys would anyone know whether a Skywatcher EQ5 polar scope fits a Celestron CG5 Mount? Will
  4. Hi guys I am looking for a Skywatcher HEQ5 Pro Mount. If anyone has one that they wish to sell please message me thanks Will
  5. Hi guys If I wanted to skip all the initial setups on the handset that you are required to do when you first power up the mount and just use in non goto mode , what is the procedure to do that ? Will
  6. My EQ5 Pro Mount has both M8 and M10 altitude bolts. The M10 is at the polar scope end of the mount.
  7. I have found out what the problem has been. I assumed that the altitude scale on the eq5 Pro Mount May well have been roughly accurate. I set it to approx 52.5 degs. This evening I removed the polar scope and inserted my laser pointer into the aperture expecting the beam to be pretty close to Polaris. It was about 15 degs out!!! so much for skywatchers scale accuracy. I adjusted the altitude still with the laser pointer for guidance. went through the polar alignment procedure in Sharpcap Pro and without any problems I Platé solved and got a good polar alignment. looki
  8. Ah I can see it on your Sharpcap details. 1.56 degs x 1.17 degs. I believe with my setup it is 1.7 degs x 1.3 degs
  9. Thats a great bit of info,many thanks for that. Do you happen to know with your setup using the Skywatcher findersope and AR030C GPCAM what the FOV is at all ? Will
  10. Hi guys Can anyone help me work out the FOV I am getting when I use my guide scope with guide camera? The kit I have is: BST 50mm mini guide scope (f3.2) 162mm F.L With an Altair Astro GPCAMARO130C guide camera I am hoping the FOV is between 1deg and 2.5degs Thanks
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