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  1. Folks, Animation of the large prom from 11th September, seeing was variable hence a few fuzzy and unfocused frames. Didn't remove too many of the fuzzy frames as it made the animation quite discontinuous. Duration is 1hr 20mins with 30 sec interval between recordings. Taken with Lunt 60HaPT B1200, 2xBarlow and processed in ImPPG and colour applied in PS Animation with fuzzy/unfocused frames removed (False Colour) Animation with all frames (mono)
  2. Hi Ian, I use the similar/same kit, Lunt 60 (Single stack) and ASI174MM, I too have great difficulties with getting flats to work with Lunt recorded SER files. I've use flats before with AS!2 and Quark recorded SER files, there I would slew to the centre of the solar disc and de-focus and then record about 5-10sec of SER file and then generate a flat in AS!2, worked perfect with great results. Reason I think I could not get flats to work with Lunt is because I could not fill the entire camera sensor with solar disc which causes problems in the final images. I've given up on this method and have yet to try another method where you can put a translucent bag in front of the scope and create a flat in AS!2. I know this does not answer your questions but thought i'd share my experience with flats and Lunt.
  3. Nice set of images, weather was horrible. Excellent!
  4. Indeed, variable seeing causes problem. I generally keep histogram at 70% sometimes it either drops or increases due to seeing. Not sure if I should compensate for the changes.
  5. Excellent Images for first attempt, good stuff. Keep em coming.
  6. I strive to get crisp frames with sharp focus, but just can't. I have a spare stepper motor just need to get a bracket that will fit the Lunt, hopefully that upgrade might help a little with focus. I'll get there eventually @Stu Hi Stu, Total duration was 1.5hr with delay of 60sec between recording.
  7. Another day of bad seeing and poor animation (not oriented correctly) but processed and posted here.... anyways, Taken with Lunt60HaPT B1200 Single Stack, 2.5x TV PowerMate. Post Processed in ImPPG and Coloured in PS.
  8. "Seeing" was really bad and I had to dump about half the data recorded over 1.5 hr, some good frames helped get a half decent animation. Taken with Lunt60HaPT B1200 Single Stack and 2.5x TV PowerMate, Post processed in ImPPG and coloured in PS. Powermate creating havoc by creating the ghost image Animation (& Still Image below it): Still Image:
  9. This one from 31st Aug, I think the orientation is incorrect (apologies). Approximately 1hour duration captures @ 60 second intervals. Taken with Lun60HaPT Single Stack, 2x barlow and post processed in ImPPG and coloured in PS.
  10. Animation from 29th August Big prom (heavily cropped), this was first try with TV 2.5x PowerMate, not too happy as I get ghost image (can be seen in animation rising from bottom) of the sun. And I've had this in all my captures since 29th (just getting round to processing all data). I could'nt see it on laptop during recording but is evident after post processing. Plus "seeing" didn't help. Using Lunt 60Ha PT SS B1200, 2.x TV PowerMate, post processed in ImPGG and Colour applied in PS. Any advice on the PowerMate? Image showing appearance of Ghost Image, only appears when using TV 2.5x PowerMate (does not happen with 2x Barlow) Animation (below):
  11. @dazzaa1966 Hi Dazza, this is really nice, so much detail shows up against the white backgroung. Nice, I'll probably try inverted prom, next time round. @Iainp Iain, I have the same problem. Got an hours capture for this prom but AS!2 would complain that quality not good and rejects all frames (but will still stack them). However Registax seems to be a bit more forgiving (tried it with one video), will give it a shot with the rest...given the lovely weather.
  12. Amazing animation Charels, got some really good detail in there...
  13. Amazing animation Charles. How you get your frames so even, is there some special post processing steps or just a resultant of good seeing. I think the bottom cluster was 95% split before animation ended. In any case stunning animation.
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