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  1. £100 Used postage included, second class tracked within UK only Paypal (add 3% if not using friends and family) Or Bank transfer I've used this with stepper motor to control the focuser of Lunt 60mm. Below is a description taken direclty from the vendors website. The Seletek Armadillo is Lunatico’s astronomical peripheral controller. Controls all types of motors (VSI, Feather Touch, Robofocus, Moonlite, Lakeside …)fully compatible with previous models It allows controlling two devices simultaneously: focuser rotator filter wheel (with step
  2. Hi Andrew and all who have contributed to this thread. This has been a great read especially when I have been mulling over a dedicated DSO camera and to be honest I'm more or less inclined towards getting a mono camera (been DSLR imaging over last few months). The one question I'm mulling over is, do I need light pollution filter? Narrowband will happily cut through light pollution. I've been quite happy with L-Extreme and for broadband IDAS light pollution filter (2") has worked well with DSLR. I was wondering, what do folks do for LRGB and light pollution especially for L
  3. Great, Thanks Waldemar. I can save a few pennies by getting 1.25" filter.
  4. Might seem obvious but I rather ask the stupid questions... If use 2 filters Session 1) 2" IDAS LP filter for broadband Session 2) 1.25" L-enhance filter or L-extreme filter And decide to combine both session, would that work i.e. using different filter sizes? or Would both filters need to be 2" or 1.25"? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi, I use Lynx Astro FTDI EQDIR USB Adapter for Sky-Watcher Mount to connect EQ5 pro mount to ASIAIR pro. Simply connect the mount (hand controller connector) and ASIAIR (USB 2) with the EQDIR cable. Power up ASIAIR pro and select “EQ Mod Mount”, once selected make sure the switch next to the mount name is toggled on (green) to connect the mount. Use the manual buttons to slew test if mount is responding to ASIAIR. I don’t use the hand controller.
  6. I got my camera delivered earlier this week and had sticker... “may contain snow”... forecast was for snow made me smile
  7. Any news or update on Zwo shipments, I’m waiting on camera and filter drawer... anticipation not bothering me, honest (acting all cool). Nihal.
  8. Hi vlaiv, This is brilliant, thanks for the step by step guide, this is very helpful. I'm sure will be helpful for lot of people here.
  9. Hi Ivor, Thank you for looking at M33, I'm must say all you guys are wonderful and very helpful. One generally gets to see end results and doesn't know what the initial data looks like...I was in despair before I started this topic but now I can't wait to get my hands on some of the softwares (at least Gimp is free) also can't wait to get out again. I did use the Bahtinov mask to focus before PA, guiding with this was not particularly the best and dithering was refusing to settle (I still need to find my way with the parameters in ASIAIR pro) and was a bit breezy too, I'm sure
  10. Thanks Dave, Does the process change a lot between DSLR and OSC e.g. ZWO cameras?
  11. Hi Vlaiv, That would be very much appreciated, I still don't have PS or Pixinsight installed (trial). And I'm sure it would be helpful and beneficial to other beginners like me. I didn't take flats as I disturbed the focus on the first night while tearing down the equipment, then did the exact same thing on the second night. ps: like how to you the background rather dark, excellent.
  12. Hi Dave, That is rather impressive, I'm glad/pleased and reassured that I'm heading in the right direction. I reckon lots for me to learn in terms of image processing, do you have predefined scripts in pixinsight that run through the stacked image? I found this earlier https://www.lightvortexastronomy.com/tutorial-pre-processing-calibrating-and-stacking-images-in-pixinsight.html Do you think its a good tutorial for beginner? any recommendations? Thank you for the processing, trust me its very reassuring. Earlier I mentioned that Polar Alignment and Guiding need
  13. Hi Paul, Thanks for the reply, its reassuring that nothing is wrong with the equipment at one point I thought that might be the case compounded by the skyglow. I'm in Bortle 5 skies according to Clear Outside but then add the street lights (LED) and ambient light from the houses etc...it gets worst. Tbh, after I set up the rig, first thing I went for was M31...and the moment I saw the smudgy image (which looked rather nice on ASIR Air pro app on iPad) I was eager to image...my excitement got the better of me.. I look forward to further feedback and will definitely look at
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