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  1. Any news or update on Zwo shipments, I’m waiting on camera and filter drawer... anticipation not bothering me, honest (acting all cool). Nihal.
  2. Hi vlaiv, This is brilliant, thanks for the step by step guide, this is very helpful. I'm sure will be helpful for lot of people here.
  3. Hi Ivor, Thank you for looking at M33, I'm must say all you guys are wonderful and very helpful. One generally gets to see end results and doesn't know what the initial data looks like...I was in despair before I started this topic but now I can't wait to get my hands on some of the softwares (at least Gimp is free) also can't wait to get out again. I did use the Bahtinov mask to focus before PA, guiding with this was not particularly the best and dithering was refusing to settle (I still need to find my way with the parameters in ASIAIR pro) and was a bit breezy too, I'm sure that would affect the subs. There are some circular artefacts, which don't appear on the unprocessed tif file (they are quite well defined circles), I reckon this could be eliminated using flats? Could it be dew? To get more detail in M33 = more subs? Still waiting for trial license for pixinsight, been more than 24hrs, got the initial email still waiting for verification. Looks like I'm going to do my bit during the lockdown by going through the tutorials
  4. Thanks Dave, Does the process change a lot between DSLR and OSC e.g. ZWO cameras?
  5. Hi Vlaiv, That would be very much appreciated, I still don't have PS or Pixinsight installed (trial). And I'm sure it would be helpful and beneficial to other beginners like me. I didn't take flats as I disturbed the focus on the first night while tearing down the equipment, then did the exact same thing on the second night. ps: like how to you the background rather dark, excellent.
  6. Hi Dave, That is rather impressive, I'm glad/pleased and reassured that I'm heading in the right direction. I reckon lots for me to learn in terms of image processing, do you have predefined scripts in pixinsight that run through the stacked image? I found this earlier https://www.lightvortexastronomy.com/tutorial-pre-processing-calibrating-and-stacking-images-in-pixinsight.html Do you think its a good tutorial for beginner? any recommendations? Thank you for the processing, trust me its very reassuring. Earlier I mentioned that Polar Alignment and Guiding needed some work.. PA - Total error as reported by ASIAIR app was 27", I read somewhere or saw in a video that about 10" for a set like mine (WO Red cat 51 f4.9) should suffice. Having said that, the tripod that comes with Explorer scientific iEXOS 100 is rubbish for many reasons, now I've got the mount on EQ5 triop and its rock solid, heavier to carry to the location (car to open space) from where I image but will pay dividends. Guiding Total RMS error was around 2.5", with dithering it was all over the place. I've read sub 1" is good M31 was with dithering M33 dithering switched off as it would complain about settle time. Lastly if you don't mind me asking, which bits are done in Pixinsight and PS
  7. Hi Paul, Thanks for the reply, its reassuring that nothing is wrong with the equipment at one point I thought that might be the case compounded by the skyglow. I'm in Bortle 5 skies according to Clear Outside but then add the street lights (LED) and ambient light from the houses etc...it gets worst. Tbh, after I set up the rig, first thing I went for was M31...and the moment I saw the smudgy image (which looked rather nice on ASIR Air pro app on iPad) I was eager to image...my excitement got the better of me.. I look forward to further feedback and will definitely look at the youtube video after work.
  8. Morning Everyone, So last week was my first ever proper imaging experience, got two lovely nights and managed to take image of M31 & M33. Idea was to get the setup of the gear correct and practise polar alignment and guiding...anything more would be added bonus. Took 30 subs @ 120s with bias and darks, didn't take any flats (for both M31 and M33) I recognise that I need to improve polar alignment and guiding, those are things to work on over time, though was pleased with data I gathered with promise of improvement. So equipment, WO Redcat 51 ASIAIR pro Nikon D3300 unmodded ES iexos 100 mount and stock tripod (going to swap the tripod for EQ5) IDAS LPS - D2 filter ASI174MM as guide camera, ASI mini guide scope However, I need Help! with the following: Pre processing the data. At this point I have only stacked the images in Deep Sky Stacker using the recommended settings as a start (FITs file saved by ASIAIR). DSS debayers the image (I've used generic RGGB for FITs), resulting image has greenish tint hardly any colour even though its a colour DSLR. is this normal? Moonlight Problem was lots of Moonlight, and to make matters worst I picked target close to moon glow . I've read that LP filter will not help with moonlight but can this be fixed in post processing? Processing Software Lastly any recommended tutorials for either Pixinsight or Photoshop, something for a dummy with detailed steps. I'll probably get trials for both for the moment and then decide. I've attached the stacked Tif file for M31, M33 also attached, this is much worst as it completely washed out by the Moon Any help advice would be welcome, obvious one would be don't choose targets close to the moon M31_27102020.tif M33_28102020.tif
  9. Its a good portable mount, have a look here on the PMC - Eight Forum before you buy it. I'd say the biggest hassle with this mount is Polar alignment. 1) There is no polar scope there is a tunnel thingi but I've never bothered looking through it, if you use Sharp cap or ASIAIR pro, then you have a chance at polar alignment 2) adjusting the Azimuth during polar alignment is difficult unless you invest in another £85 in one of these AZ adjuster I've got good results and can easily carry the mount (including tripod) and telescope etc outdoors, I use it as portable setup.
  10. I use this.. SMALLRIG Ballhead Clamp Magic Arm Adapter with Clamp and Standard 1/4 Screw - 2161 Learn more: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07F2WRHHF/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_zdxMFbSPRXQ3Z?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  11. I received my scope few weeks ago (4-5 week wait) beautiful scope and quality is maintained, just one brief outing. Only thing that was not wanted is the bad weather that came along with it...
  12. I have ES iXOS 100, so the counter weights are small 2 x 1kg. I tend to keep the WO Red cat and DSLR attached, Red Cat has its dew shield screwed on (extended) so takes more space.
  13. Hi, I would kindly suggest not to throw your backpack, but gently place it in your car I personally use this backpack, see below. Can get WO Redcat with DLSR in the bag, also have enough space for dew strap, finder scope and camera, ASIAIR pro, iPad, 2kg counter weights and few other bits and bobs. Beschoi DSLR Camera Backpack Waterproof Camera Bag for Sony Canon Nikon Olympus SLR/DSLR Camera, Lens and Accessories, Black (Large) Learn more: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01M4MDTNP/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_o4dJFbAH5FXVG There are other options that might be suited for your gear.
  14. Hello Everyone, I'm using ASIAIR pro with Nikon D3300 DLSR, everything seems fine no majors issues expect operator error at this point Only question is, why do I only see ISO 100, 200, 400, 800 available in ASIAIR pro (see screen shot)? Does the app limit the ISO because I shouldn't need more than ISO 800 or is there is glitch? Does the DSLR need to be set to a particular setting before connecting to ASIAIR pro? I've asked ZWO the question on their forum, all they said install Beta v1.5 and send log file...done the needful don't see any change in ISO selection and don't know who to transfer the log file. I wondered if anyone using ASIAIR pro and DLSR has come across something similar. ps: Nikon D3300 is one of their tested cameras with ASIAIR Pro (as listed on their website).
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