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  1. Due to lack of use (hence mint condition), I am selling my Takahashi FOA-60, purchased new from the German Dealer, Intercon Spacetec. The scope comes with a host of extras and I am selling the below as a package, for £1,249 inclusive of PayPal fees and shipping with insurance. Price is not negotiable and any offers for a reduced price will not be answered. Prices below are easy to confirm with a quick google search. The entire package new is £2,461 and consists of: Scope OTA 1,249.00 Takahashi Clamshell 180.00 "Regular" Vixen Finderbase for Takahashi 25.00 Farpoint Losmandy Dovetail 62.00 Takahashi Erfle 28mm 215.00 William Optics 1/25” Diagonal 92.00 Geoptic Case 40.00 Baaader ND3.8 and ND5.0 Solar filters 68.00 Takahashi MEF-3 247.00 Vixen dovetail 25.00 Baader Clicklock and RAF Cameras adapter + T2 to 1.25" adapter and RAF Cameras adapter 89.00 68mm Rings from Kyoei Japan 100.00 Metal Red Dot Finder 69.00 2,461.00 Everything is in AAA+ condition. Scope and accessories will be shipped in original Takahashi shipping box and materials. Please refer to images for further details. CS Nicos P.S. I forgot the RDF initially when taking photos, but found it and it is now in the box.
  2. Thank you kind sir! From September, I shall try the double stack as well
  3. Great - means I'll have to think of another solution. I will try with the 50mm achro as it's there anyway and see what comes out!
  4. Can you please expand on that?
  5. Just remembered I have a Borg 50mm f5 achro in storage!!!! I could just toss in the mix a 2x barlow before the CaK module and I am there! Still at 500mm which allows me to enjoy a full disk with my ASI178MM
  6. Aperture mask time then! I think I'll just scoot over to a 3D print shop and have them make something simple!
  7. Nice images by the way! I think it will take me quite a lot of work to get there, but I am eager to try!
  8. Even with a Lunt CaK module? Instructions do not mention such re f`10, but I'll try it! I use a 76mm f6.5 achro, which means I have to stop it down to 50mm, but it's worth a shot! Thanks for the tips!
  9. Nah, I'll take it up again in autumn, unless there's a flurry of interesting sunspots of course !!! Cool setup!
  10. Probably going to dabble in CaK as well. Any hints and tips for acquisition and processing? Seems as if CaK is more difficult (shorter wavelength and all) to do... Thanks in advance! Nicos
  11. Certainly was no fun under the blistering heat and humidity of Cyprus. Solar imaging is postponed until autumn swings around. It's also the contrast-robbing heat plumes, not just the relentless heat! Not one of my best attempts, but still, can't be missing sunspots - a rarity during solar minimum. Lunt LS60SS, ZWO ASI178MM, Firecapture 1,500 frames, AS3! 20% of frames, a sprinkle of IMPPG and a dash of Photoshop! CS, Nicos
  12. Bit more fun with the Comet, I went by a dam in the mountains because I wanted to get the reflection on the water. Plus the views from a dark site beat city viewing every time!
  13. Problem is that the proposed scope is without diagonal, eyepiece, RDF and / or finderscope. The weight does add up eventually...
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