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  1. Possible combo: Wedge: https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p9409_TS-Optics-1-25--Solar-Prism-with-Polarizing-and-Narrowband-Filter.html EUR 139 Mount: https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p9334_TS-Optics-Tilting-Head-and-Altazimuth-Mount-for-photo-tripods.html EUR 135 Tripod: https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p10076_Skywatcher-Tripod-for-Star-Adventurer--AZ5--Pronto-and-AZ-GTI-mount.html EUR 69 Extension: https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p10005_Skywatcher-Tripod-Extension-Tube-for-AZ5-mount.html EUR 27 So far EUR 370 of max EUR 1,100 or GBP 1,000, with EUR 730 to go for scope The telescope I would recommend is based on a possibility that you may want to get into binoviewing and this one has a removable section to allow for native viewing: Telescope: https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p9249_TS-Optics-Photoline-72-mm-f-5-5-FPL53-Apo---2--R-P-Focuser.html EUR 599 Other accessories needed: Solar Finder: https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p10239_TS-Optics-safe-Solar-Finder-for-the-finder-shoe-of-your-telescope.html EUR 33 RDF: https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p303_Baader-SkySurfer-III---LED-Red-Dot-Finder-and-Solar-Finder.html EUR 39 Remaining funds: EUR 59 which will be applied against shipping cost. This keeps you in reasonable weight / size limit and within the budget. Also note that the scope I recommended can be split into 3 parts, focuser, OTA and extension tube. There you go, just under a thousand quid with money left for a few pints EDIT: Needs a dovetail as well: https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p237_TS-Optics-Dovetail-Mounting-Bar-Vixen-style---100-mm-slotted-hole-and-1-4--screw.html EUR 24.89 Remaining funds barely cover shipping and a pint or two, if you ask for the lot to be sent with standard DHL packet (cheap option) which runs at EUR 20 or so
  2. nicoscy

    What did the postman bring?

    A nice Zeiss Bino viewer unit, supercharged by Denis Levatić - comes with a complementary 30 day cloudy nights voucher directly applied by the seller...
  3. nicoscy

    What did the postman bring?

    Nice! Got the TS version myself. You will need some extensions to reach focus!
  4. nicoscy

    What did the postman bring?

    It is indeed, but cry once as they say Postman is delivering on Monday all necessary adapters for imaging
  5. nicoscy

    What did the postman bring?

    I’ll do first light tonight and start a thread. Speaking in terms of the product (not the quality of views) mostly impressed, but with a couple of things that I feel could be done differently. Above all, I am a visual observer, so my needs regarding some aspects are different to an imager’s needs. More in a separate thread. For the time being, wishes for a Merry Christmas to everybody and keep the posts coming - this is a very enjoyable thread!
  6. nicoscy

    What did the postman bring?

    Well, postman didn’t drop it off exactly - I picked it up from DHL offices
  7. Did a quick analysis of each image. The tilt changes between 10% (best) and 14% (worse) between images, which to my simple mind means something is not tight enough. Yes, there is also a collimation issue, because the direction of the tilt is consistent, but I think the focuser is not playing a fair game as tilt would be constant if there was no play. So, it seems to me both an optical and mechanical issue.
  8. There may be some lateral pressure inside the focuser due to screws etc which may produce the same result even if scope is pointed up. Same object, say one hour before and one hour after meridian flip should provide a very clear indication
  9. I used the software on one of the images in Google Drive provided by Syed and it shows the same thing as CCD Inspector. However, what CCD Inspector calls curvature, I would call tilt as it is more pronounced to one side significantly. I have read many reports of FSQ85 owners just giving up and replacing the stock focuser for a FeatherTouch focuser. However, this may be premature since first the imaging train must be examined component by component for tilt and then possibly using a shim to correct. @SyedT given the orientation of your scope when taking the images and the position of the curvature / tilt, can you try imaging again the same object well before and well after a meridian flip? An inspection of the two images should provide a clear indication if there is flexure / focuser sag / other component sag in the imaging train. Quite possibly, the optics are just fine and it is a mechanical issue.
  10. For those who do not want to go to the expense of paying for CCD Inspector, a free tool is ASTAP: http://www.hnsky.org/astap.htm It has many functions but I just use it for tilt and curvature
  11. Sending you Remi's email via PM
  12. I asked re Herr. Rohr in the past and got a quotation of EUR 120 + shipping costs for adjusting a scope. Posted on CN about that. However, this is something that Remi in France (authorized service center for Takahashi) can do for you and probably at no charge as the scope is under guarantee?
  13. nicoscy

    What did the postman bring?

    As is usually the case, he bought something related to the hobby
  14. nicoscy

    What did the postman bring?

    Congratulations on the ED120. I know who sold it to you and lemme tell you that this scope got minimal use, was always stored properly and you got the bargain of the century!
  15. nicoscy

    Favourite eea camera?

    Still better than no sky! I like your sig: "My living room is my Obsy !"

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