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  1. nicoscy

    Nagler 7mm T6

    Hi PGM, I'll send you a PM later in the afternoon, so that I can take some photos of the diagonals. Cheers! Nicos
  2. nicoscy

    Meade 65mm 2" EP

    Fairly good quality - had the 56mm 2" plossl myself for a bit and donated it to a local observatory, where it sees action as the main eyepiece on a 14" Edge SCT. At such relatively small magnifications such an eyepiece offers, most aberrations become irrelevant. Such "largish" exit pupils are useful for faint stuff (for me bright and dark nebula) with or sans filters. If quality is of paramount concern, there's a 60mm Masuyama out there as well.
  3. nicoscy

    Meade 65mm 2" EP

    Having a largish exit pupil helps a lot though and while it may not be an eyepiece that you use extremely frequent, it does have its uses! I traded my 22 Nagler T4 for a Masuyama 45mm for this reason. While my Nagler 31mm yields the same true FOV, the Masu at a smaller Apparent FOV but same True FOV maxes out the exit pupil.
  4. nicoscy

    Meade 65mm 2" EP

    Oldie but still good I guess.
  5. nicoscy

    Meade 65mm 2" EP

    Stu, I recall reviews that state that it has a wee bit better performance than the 55mm TV Plossl. However, the Meade has no eye guard. Combined with the long eye relief, this would make it a bit harder to keep the exit pupil and avoid blackouts. Also, no eye guard = more ambient light affecting image contrast.
  6. nicoscy

    Meade 65mm 2" EP

    For long focal length eyepieces, you can also check Russel Optics in the US.
  7. nicoscy

    Nagler 7mm T6

    For sale: Nagler 7mm T6 with original box and caps, plus a bolt case. Eyepiece in immaculate condition with no marks or dings (always used in Clicklock diagonal). Priced new, this eyepiece is £304 + shipping. I reckon £204 including PayPal fees and shipping with tracking is a fair price. Lemme know if interested Also for sale to any interested party is a Baader T2 BBHS Mirror diagonal with Baader Clicklock and the same configuration but for a Baader T2 Zeiss Amici Prism diagonal. Will list them at some point separately later on, but doesn't hurt to toss em in this ad as well. Note: Other eyepieces in images have already been sold and are thus not available.
  8. Since only one eyepiece left, please close this one and I will start a new ad just for the remaining eyepiece
  9. nicoscy

    Binos on a Sumerian Alkaid 12"

    Agree on a travel dob with lightweight accessories, but that's a personal choice. Bill chooses to go the whole nine yards, so any help we can provide and all...
  10. Stu, Lovely shot and perhaps you should consider one of those smartphone to eyepieces adapters and an app that permits taking longer exposures!
  11. nicoscy

    Binos on a Sumerian Alkaid 12"

    Re eyepiece height, I definitely needed to use an observing chair as a 12" is not a very tall Dob. Travelling though makes taking such a chair challenging, but at least something like a Walk stool might come in handy. Scroll down the page - they come out in varying heights between 50 cm - 75cm.
  12. nicoscy

    Binos on a Sumerian Alkaid 12"

    Quick addition: F4 Vs F5: Means that the trusses are 300mm longer at f5, meaning greater torque on the bungee cords...
  13. nicoscy

    Binos on a Sumerian Alkaid 12"

    Hi Bill, I had a 12" f4 Sumerian but not the Alkaid (it was its slightly beefier cousin) in the past. Some feedback: 1. More bungee cords will definitely be required and the best thing is to actually email Michael of Sumerian with the weight measurement of your Binos with eyepieces and corrector so that he can inform you as to the best way to go about it. 2. There is no difference in where focusing will take place either in f4 or f5 in terms of using the scope, as depending on what you order, the trusses will be cut to the right length to facilitate focusing an eyepiece at either ratio. The decision you need to make is if you want to use the binoviewers natively or not. Using them without a corrector means that you need to let Michael know the lightpath of your binoviewers to shorten the trusses accordingly, be it f4 or f5. Binoviewers need significantly more in-travel than eyepieces due to the internal folding of light from the prisms inside. You need to keep in mind though, that using binoviewers in native configuration and regular eyepieces, means also getting a focuser extension tube as your eyepieces will focus further away as a result. Another option is to get in touch with Harry Siebert and get one of his binoviewer zero or 1.3x OCS units for your binos. 3. F4 Vs f5. Coma becomes an annoyance for most people at anything below f5, resulting in the purchase of a Paracorr. It is up to personal preference, but I for one, always used a Paracorr with my dobs to make sure I get the best image fidelity and quality. Since you will be travelling with the scope, a Paracorr is extra weight. However, going from f4 to f5 results in longer trusses by about 30cm - so something to consider. Hopes this helps a bit
  14. Panoptic 24 sold Remaining eyepiece - Nagler T6 7mm

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