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  1. Afraid not. Thanks for the offer though. It's a great set up so if I don't sell I'm going to retain.
  2. Still available. Will go to £750 otherwise coming off the market.
  3. I used to have similar issues under the city sky. Switched to Narrowband pretty swiftly but obviously Galaxy hunting is not the best in Narrowband so you need to adjust your mindset towards nebulae too if you can.
  4. Looks like probably LP to me. There's some good tutorials on LightVortexAcademy that may help if you've not been there.
  5. Does anyone have any experience of these? https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p10904_TS-Optics-TSQ-80APO-80mm-f-6-8-Quadruplet-Apo-with-field-flatener.html
  6. Yes. All is still available. It's going on ABS tomorrow too.
  7. All bought new by me from Tring Astronomy, FLO or direct from manufacturer. Celestron C8 Starbright XLT OTA and accessories - £800 Accessories: Bobs knobs, Celestron 0.63 Focal Reducer, Dovetail Bar, Pegasus Astro Focus Cube (this thing is an amazing addition!), Celestron C8 Dew Shield, C8 Bahtinov Mask, Baadar ASTF Solar Filter for for C8.
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