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  1. Mount and eyepieces sold, so will re-advertise OTA and other bits in a separate listing. MODS - If I can't work out how to move this to the "Sold/Expired" sub-Folder, please can you do the honours? Thanks! Jon
  2. FZ1

    BBC2 programme later this evening.

    Thanks for the info A TV programme that me and the Mrs can both watch - Astro for me and critters for the Mrs! Cheers, Jon
  3. FZ1

    Televue 55mm Plossl

    Hi Stu, Not sure if you're still looking, but there's one been advertised on Astro Buy&Sell a couple of days ago. Jon
  4. FZ1

    Undecided but Hi.

    Welcome to the forum. I don't do photography (yet), but there's loads of good advice about imaging & photography in the "Beginners" section (and the "Grown Ups" sections!) Jon
  5. FZ1

    Hi from Bavaria

    Yup, sounds familiar to me!
  6. FZ1


    Welcome Dan. As a "returner" to the hobby, I find the forum really helpful and the members generous with their advice. Jon
  7. FZ1

    Astrokev's ROR - The Build

    Embaraasingly, I've done that! (although not on an Obsy). I now have a Second-hand Bosch cable-locator (I tried cheap ones, but this one really works).
  8. A unique bit of footage. Being "old", it also amazes me that the guy can post it on Twitter from space!
  9. FZ1

    Better late than never...

    Welcome! I ride a motorbike and don't have a car, so unlikely to get to gatherings (transporting kit is trick!), so the forum is a great place to make contact with other addicts! Jon
  10. Thanks for the answer and the link.
  11. And another thing .............! Although newbies can't create posts in the buy/sell forum (quite understandable to avoid scams and people just joining to sell something), its really useful to be able to view/buy as a newbie (or "returner" in my case). I've saved myself a fortune by buying a load of 2nd-hand kit from there, and got some excellent advice from the sellers in some cases. Jon
  12. Been here a couple of months now and found the Beginners forums an absolute goldmine of info! Its a great idea, because more experienced members who want to help can answer, but noobs (like me) don't clog-up the "grown Ups" forums with daft questions! Excellent forum all round, so thanks to all mods & admins for the work, and thanks to members for being generous with their time & knowledge. Jon
  13. Supplementary question!! What's an O111 filter used for? Is it primarily for imaging or visual? Thanks, Jon
  14. FZ1

    Hi from Bavaria

    Hi Bob, Noob questions a forum speciality in the Beginners areas!! Cheers, Jon
  15. FZ1

    "Hello, Universe!"

    Welcome from the Fens, John! As a complete beginner, the Beginners forums on here are really useful. I'm returning to the hobby after a very) long break, and the members are really helpful, esp in those beginners forums. Cheers, Jon

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