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  1. CG3 RA stiff

    Quick question: How do I remove the RA axis on the CG3 mount? I need to re-grease it desperately. Already done the DEC axis. Cheers. Dan.
  2. M42 au chocolat...

    Wow! Nicely done. I like the running man. It really looks like someone's cut into the side of the nebula. That's going in my desktop background folder...if that's OK with you? Dan.
  3. Photos from Bury

    This folder contains photos taken from my house. The view is quite obscured to the west and south so I must wait for things to come to me.
  4. Anyone around Stalybridge

    Welcome Chris, I live not too far away in Bury. I sometimes visit StalyVagas to see a friend of mine. If the weather is ever clear and I find myself heading to your neck of the woods then I'll let you know. Dan.
  5. Crater Janssen (inc Vallis Rheita)

    Nicely done, very sharp.
  6. Planetary work

    This album contains my newer images of Solar System objects taken using my 150mm Skymax Mak-Cass.
  7. Skywatcher Mak 150 tips

    Well SGL is hard to beat! The Skymax 150 is honestly a great scope that is portable, rugged, and powerful. Lots of possible additions as well. I do agree with @Stu not to try and force wide a FoV out of it. You will just get vignetting. Also if you do add an extra focuser onto the scope that this will increase the distance from the secondary to the eyepiece and increase the power of the scope (reducing the FoV), not by a huge amount but it is noticeable. Personally, I have chosen not to add a focuser to the scope as I find the stock focuser pretty smooth and easy to achieve a good focus. You should also get a focus mask (such as a Bahtanov mask) for the scope. It is very useful when imaging and I imagine the same is true for visual work.
  8. First time autoguiding

    I actually started autoguiding using an eq5 pro mount. I was also really pushing the mounts weight limits but I did get some good results. The key things to remember if you try this are... - Get a very good balance so the mount's motors are under the least amount of stress. - Be prepared to lose quite a lot of frames because the mount is overweight, don't get mad about this. I used the EQ5 as a learning tool before upgrading to a bigger mount, quite useful in that respect.
  9. Skywatcher Mak 150 tips

    Don't underestimate cool down time. I thought people were just moaning about it at first but then I started using the scope for imaging and it only starts delivering best results after ~1 hour (depending on weather), and that's after it has cooled down in the garage! On the plus side, once it has cooled and you have nailed the focus, it gives stunning views.
  10. Lunar iPhone pictures

    Your shot of Plato is my favourite. Excellent quality especially for a single photo. The shadows from the rim are brilliant.
  11. Petavius - moving terminator

    Here's a version with better colour balance and tweaked contrast.
  12. Skywatcher Synguider Autoguider

    I have a similar point of view, I wanted a stand-alone set up that needs a power source and that's it! I have a synguider and like @Mered I had trouble getting it working at first. It is now attached to my ST80 guide scope and finding a guide star is very easy. I get good results with the synguider provided that I tweak the aggressiveness settings (reduce by 20-40%) after auto-calibration. I also find the best results when it is set to 256ms exposure. I never found the small screen is a hindrance but then again I have never done guiding with any other equipment. Dan.
  13. Lunar work

    This album contains all my Lunar shots, mainly at home in Bury.
  14. Lunar Terminator 05/11/2017

    Here is a non-compressed image for those who are interested. Mosaic_05_11_2017_B.tiff
  15. Lunar terminator mosaic 05/11/2017

    Here's an uncompressed version. Mosaic_05_11_2017_A.tiff