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  1. For a second it looked like your fireplace was mounted on it...that would just be showing off! Very nice mount!
  2. Really want to do some Lunar imaging tonight but the wind is howling! I think I'll stick to bins tonight - I don't want to over-stress my mount.

  3. Hi there, Firstly, I can not comment on the Altair Astro GPCAMV2 IMX224 but I do own a Canon 550D. I use it for all my 'bright target astronomy' (Solar, Lunar and planetary) and I am very happy with it. I don't doubt that a dedicated mono ccd camera with filters may provide a better result but the Canon was cheap, self contained (no need for laptops and cables) and acts as a backup to my DSO camera (an astro-modded 600D). The 640X480 movie crop mode is an excellent feature on the 550D it gives 60fps 1:1 pixel ratio which has provided excellent results for Lunar and Solar imaging. As has been mentioned already, the planets are not best placed at the moment so imaging them may not give equally good results. Here are some images taken using the 550D with a 6 inch Mak: HTH Dan!
  4. I don't know if this will sway you but I use a 550D and it has a very useful 640x480 movie crop mode. This mode is not available on most other Canon cameras, which is strange. In this mode the camera films a small section of the camera's sensor at 60fps which is great for planets, lunar and solar imaging. The field of view is smaller than the live view mode but you benefit from the faster frame rate. I.e. you get lots of frames to process for lucky imaging. I also like it because I can do my imaging without a laptop: all the movies files are stored directly on the memory card. Dan
  5. It may be worth uploading an LZW compressed tiff as an attachment. The forum doesn't try to load it as an image and you should see the correct resolution. Great shot btw! Dan
  6. Very nice shots! I think you also have the Lunar north pole in the bottom left of the first two images. Dan
  7. I set you up for that!
  8. If it's clear ill be out with my Mak!
  9. Thanks, I'll add a tiff attachment straight away next time.
  10. Oh right. Lets have a go! I have attached a tiff (LWZ compressed). Mosaic_1.tiff
  11. Thanks furrysocks! Your right about the resolution...The image was down-sampled when I uploaded it. Each panel is about 1280x980 and the mosaic itself is about 4400x8800 pixels. I'm not sure how to upload a large image without the compression happening. The original is much sharper as you can imagine! Dan
  12. Luckily I think this type of crime is rare and news spreads fast in the astro community so selling it on may be difficult. I noticed there was no detailed description of the stolen scope on ab & b other than a 12 inch Newtonian. Are there any photos or better descriptions? Dan
  13. If only I stayed out longer. The scope had fully cooled down after 1 hour and the atmosphere was clear and still.
  14. I actually set up on densely packed gravel. The tripod legs rest on three bricks to stop them sinking. The setup is remarkably stable and the gravel absorbs the vibrations when I walk near the telescope.
  15. Hi Ash, I just wanted to say that I have a 550D in fact a got it specifically because it is great for lunar/planetary/solar imaging. I attach it to my scope and set it to 640 movie crop mode and take a video at 60 fps for about 3-5 minutes. It will catch loads of frames for you to process and the result should be excellent. I also use the eq5 mount and I find that a well made and reliable piece of kit. HTH Dan