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  1. L Enhance in excellent condition and has original box/case. Sells new on Flo for £129. L Pro sells for £107. Alternatively will take £85 as straight purchase.
  2. Hi, Yesterday I collimated my SCT using a ZWO camera, SharpCap reticule to get the artificial star dead centre and 'Al's collimation tool' to make the adjustments and everything looked spot on. Unfortunately I then defocussed in the other direction and collimation looked out. Not massively but enough to be annoying! Is this likely to be mirror flop I'm experiencing or something else? I did have a reducer in the optical path so could that be a factor? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  3. Ok, fair enough. I had read that but as it involved different software and there was a suggestion it was something to do with J2000 v JNow rather than slew v guide commands I thought it worth mentioning. I’ll just keep testing (whenever there’s a break in the clouds ) and wait to see if there is an outcome to Colin’s research.
  4. Hi Colin (and anyone else who can help). I have just set up plate solving in SharpCap using AVNSR with my Meade LX90 audio star handset and the Meade Generic Driver. The plate solve is successful but the mount sync and re-centre isn’t. The mount moves to somewhere near but certainly not central. That said I have only had one evenings’ opportunity to test this. There is a post on the SharpCap forum from someone who had exactly the same issue which persisted despite various different tests including using a different driver. There didn’t seem to be a resolution to the issue (I have
  5. Thanks for your help everyone. The picture below is where I'm up to now with my collimation efforts. I added some nylon washers behind the collimation screws which really helped as the back of the secondary holding plate had become a bit dimpled. I can see from the photo that the secondary needs to go about 1mm or 2mm down the OTA. Question I have is, what difference will that make? I'm going to start EAA soon but definitely not full astrophotography.
  6. Thanks, I appreciate the response. I had pretty much followed the procedure described in the link apart from the first bit about checking the spider vanes were positioned centrally. I'll do that and follow the full procedure again and see where I get to.
  7. Hi all, I'm pretty new to the world of collimation and need some help. Tools I have to hand are a Cheshire, a Collimation Cap and a Laser. The scope is a Skywatcher 130 PDS. When I've convinced myself I've centred the secondary under the focuser tube usIng the Cheshire as a sight tube the laser misses the primary centre dot by a good inch or so and I get the same view with the Cheshire. If I try to correct it using the collimation screws the outcome is awful. After a couple of hours I gave up trying to centre under the focuser tube and the picture below shows where I am am up to now
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