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  1. Thank you for all your replies and advice. As stated earlier, I am using an ASIair Pro, which for me is very easy, especially as I am WELL past my sell-buy date . I've had some good stuff via the ASI but I still need to tweak a few settings on guiding. So, with reference to the new camera I'll go back to polar aligning with polar scope, then 3 star align using my red spot finders - I've always got good results with the EQ6-R this way. Then use the ASIair purely for guiding - saves all the cabling, etc. Hopefully ZWO will bring in new firmware for the camera soon. Thank you all once
  2. Thank you for your reply. I've just got into guiding and have been using an ASIair Pro with no problems. Unfortunately it does not support my current camera so I'm having to turn to my laptop which does (APT). I didn't really fancy putting laptop/power cables outside. Someone did tell me that they used a powered hub and powered cable but as I had a shorter run I thought that unpowered versions might work. Thank you G
  3. Hi I've not used the above yet so my question may be somewhat naïve. Can I connect my mount, guide camera and dslr to my laptop using a 10m (unpowered) cable to a 4 port hub (unpowered) fixed to the tripod and run PHD2 and APT? This will allow me to place the laptop in the garage and the scope outside. Am I right in assuming that the single usb from the laptop will control the 3 function of camera, guide camera and mount via the 4 port usb hub? Thank you G
  4. The camera apparently isn't supported yet but fixed a simple workaround at least suits me. Cheers G
  5. Hi Just got a Canon Ra but it doesn't seem to want to connect to the ASIair Pro. I've got a couple of USB to USB C but nothing connects. My Canon 600D connects fine. Is there anything specific in the menu? Cheers G
  6. Hi I have to possibly make a choice between the Zenithstar 73 and an Explore Triplet Apo 80, both with appropriate flatteners Any thoughts would be most appreciated Thank you G
  7. Hi Thank you for your replies. Just taken some flats with the filters I have recently acquired. I've used an LED panel (daylight)- I've found this to be successful in the past. So I'll see what happens. Thank you once again G
  8. Can flats be taken with a filter fitted or must there be a clear optical train? Thank you G
  9. Hi MattG Not to worry. It is very rural here. Even saw a very rare sight today - a snowflake
  10. Hi MattG Yes, just off the A303.
  11. Skywatcher 200pds as new Includes finder scope, 28mm eyepiece - all effectively new and unused £210 Due to size unfortunately, buyer collects
  12. Baader UHC-S filter 1,25" Opened but unused £40 + postage
  13. Hi Thank you for your reply. I now think I'll start a basic 'bank' of darks at different time settings Thank you G
  14. Hi Exactly how does temperature affect darks? If I took my darks at the end of a session, say it was 3°C then what is likely to be the difference in a session when it is 6 to 8°C. (All exposure times at temperatures being the same) Reason for my question: I could make a 'bank 'of darks at different temperatures and exposures rather than at the end of each session. Thank you. G.
  15. Thank you all for your input to my question . Interesting
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