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  1. Thank you all for your help and advice. Will seek and give it a try. Thank you once again. G
  2. I'm a bit embarrassed posting this but I can't get anywhere with Startools. From DSS it won't open the file (autosave.tif); I need to resave the file in PS (uncompressed). No problem with Sequator. Follow the tutorial, etc, but i still finish up with a grainy psychedelic image when starting with both DSS and Sequator. I have no problem with PS processing. I must be missing something. Any thoughts that are printable? Thanks you G
  3. Hi Thanks for the replies. Yes, I just go to the first target as well. It's just that I saw a youtube video showing going back to the Home position before going to the target. Thank you once again G
  4. Hi Once polar aligned via ASIair pro the scope finishes up at 60 deg as part of the PA process. I have then gone straight from this position to the object I want - seems to work. Question?: Should I go back to home position from the 60 deg after the PA then go to the object? Thank you G
  5. Anyone tried ASI DeepStack? It provides the output as a FITS file and jpg. Does anyone process jpgs'? Thank you
  6. Hi I've just updated to v1.6. It seems to be OK but not tried the video mode. Silly question - where is the video mode in the app? Cheers Graham
  7. On my ASIair Pro using an Android tablet I get the following: Switch to internet settings on Android tablet. Once booted the ASI Pro comes up on the internet of the tablet as "ASIair Saved, encrypted (no internet access)I Press it to connect then open the ASIair app on the tablet Notice at top says "ASIair service is running" whilst app is booting App opens but shortly after I get message "Current wifi network cannot access the internet. Switch to another network?" "CANCEL SWITCH." Just press "CANCEL" and it all works: carry on G
  8. Anyone tried ASI DeepStack in ASI Studio v 1.4?
  9. Hi Dave, I prefer Android. Never had a problem but I have with iPad G
  10. Forgot to add I believe the v1.6 does not work or fully work on ASIair v1, only the Pro
  11. Hi Thank you for your replies - I will wait until v1.6 becomes 'official', not beta. The ASIair is good! Mine works perfectly on v1.5 but there is a slight hiccup - not too much of a problem. Connected to the SW6-R-Pro it does not do a Meridian flip. It says it is going to but doesn't. Apparently it is a known 'bug' for some in v1.5. I've also seen that changing the USB cable to the scope fixed the problem in one case. However I would recommend it. I've just received the Vonets WiFi extender - works great with distinct improvement in the WiFi range; can readily use it
  12. Hi Has anyone tried the update to version 1.6 which is currently in beta? Cheers
  13. I'm using a 120mm guide scope with the main scopes of 700 -920 mm. Would I be better, ie, get more precise guiding to use, say, a 200mm guide scope? Thank you.
  14. Tonight using ASIair Pro and started - all is fine, PA, guiding, etc, until I noticed the scope was out of focus. Stopped photographing and refocused. Set off again. When started (viewing M81) I got a message something like 'Meridian flip in 400 (or so ) seconds.' Waited until the time was up then got he message too far from the equator. Started again and all was fine - until the clouds came in. What am I missing? Thank you G
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