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  1. HI Thank you for your reply. last night I tried the following : 1. Disengaged the GPS on the scope and set time manually (even though the GPS when on was right) 2. Switched off time and date in Skysafari. It worked!! Good positioning and following through Skyfi/Skywire. Thank you once again
  2. I have a CPC800 with Starsense. It has not been used for 3 years but GPS still finds position/date after a while. Furthermore I check it on the HC prior to use. Problem: Starsense is working perfectly; all items are spot on in the centre of field using Autoalign. Finds whatever I ask it to on the HC. However, plugging in SkyFi or Skywire after alignment as suggested, the object it way off – 10º to 20º - in both Skysafari 5 or 6 Pro. I have no idea – SF/SW is used on an Ipad mini. The only difference between now and 3 years ago is that the IOS has been updated. 3 years ago all worked perfectly. Any ideas?
  3. Hmmm, nails? I tried 4 screws though the i-pad but found 2 problems: 1. i-pad now say 'no'. 2. screws went through hand so I can't now reach eyepiece
  4. Hi Probably a silly question but what would be the best way to fix my i-pod mini to tripod leg/scope? I'm using Sky Safari on the i-pad and Skywire.
  5. I tried out my Skywire/SkySafari/i-pad combination on my AVX mount. It was connected up after the scope was aligned. Using the system it found the object I wanted but interestingly the movement of the scope stopped and the object slid out of view. However, movement of the object on the iPad continued until it also slid out of view. Choosing the object again, the scope put it back in the middle of the field but it drifted out. Even when I disconnected the sky wire from the handset the mount failed to move and track the object. Movement was only restored when I switched off and re-aligned the scope. The scope was set to 'AVX' and 'Equatorial mount (German)' in SkySafari Any ideas?
  6. Any one have any information about these? For example, can you set up a 'profile' in the handset if, for example, the StarSense is 'calibrated' for 2 different scopes? There appears to be nothing in the handbook. Many thanks
  7. I suppose the answer to this one is the same as "how long is a piece of string". I have just taken the position of an SW 80 ED together with an AVX mount plus guide scope/camera. This combo is somewhat different from my CPC 800. I got the kit to start AP but need some broad guidance on exposure lengths for, say, nebulae plus number for stacks to start with. I'm using a Canon 1200 D (modified). If you could point me in the right direction I would be most grateful. One more point-could a 2x doubler be used to increase magnification on the camera - if reqquired? Many thanks
  8. Street and road lights go off in our village at 1 am, midnight in the winter. They come back on at around 5.30 am.
  9. Thank you for your replies. The camera + reducer is in place of the diagonal. It is the DEC that is out of balance; RA is fine with the counter-weight. My idea in the short term is to have a semi-circle of sheet lead covered neatly with plastic, and velcro this to the dew shield so it can be easily removed. Just waiting for my modified D1200 to arrive to get the right weight
  10. HI AS VERY new to Equatorial mounts, just 'practicing' setting up my AVX mount with SW 80. The scope is as far forward on the dovetail and the rings as it will go but with the camera and focal reducer attached its needs around 800 g set roughly on the rear of the dew shield to achieve balance. Any ideas please? Many thanks
  11. Double checked?? Yes. I even did remove the packing for the mount but saw nothing in the box. It was stuck in a pocket on the underside with a 'cover'. Not where I expected. Doh!!! I bought the gps unit with the AVX - that is working fine. Now just got to learn how to set up an equatorial unit. Many thanks
  12. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!. Found it - the handset. It was effectively embedded in the polystyrene on the UNDERSIDE of the packing for the mount head and neatly covered with the same material to make a pocket in which it was embedded . The 'Road to Damascus' moment hit me on the way to the supermarket to see if it was stuck in the layers Could not dig a hole big enough for me when I 'confessed' to FLO - but as ever they are terrific!! Now off to hang myself from my new mount with the power cord or tie the counter-weight around my neck and jump in the river!!
  13. Hi, Just heard from FLO - immensely helpful, as usual - and working on a Sunday too I have a StarSense - works brilliantly on my CPC800. I take it will work well on the AVX?
  14. Hi Steve, Thank you for your reply. Yes, I did check the tracking number with FedEx and it was evident that it had not been delivered on the Saturday morning at their Poole depot. With reference to the handset, I thought this was rather odd as the big box was completely sealed with the appropriate straps. The handset accessories were in a small box within that box and simply dropped into bubble wrap which again seemed rather odd; this box holding the bubble wrap was rather battered which again seemed odd; the other internal boxes were fine. It is just the handset itself which is missing and not the handset holders. I understand that the handset is bespoke for the AVX. This appears to be the case when looking at the menus on the handset that came with my CPC 800. I think it always happens, doesn't it, when one thing goes awry then S***'s Law comes into place and everything falls apart-that is my experience It's just one of those things but having sat by the window counting raindrops waiting for the delivery with bated breath and nothing turn up, it was just like Father Christmas not coming on Christmas day Will certainly be purchasing from FLO (just have for a PolarScope)-these things just happen. With kind regards to all at FLO
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