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  1. Welcome Peter. You will find nice helpful people here. Thats a nice little rig. Please post info of how it goes as I am interested in the ioptron myself. I see on the news that Rotterdam has riots? hopefully not in your little lane........
  2. hi, is this still for Sale and if so where about are you? i am in Leigh on sea. Was it originally sold as a dob and had the tube rings and dove tail mod to mount it? all the 200p's seem to be dob in white and newt reflectors are black. I have heq5 pro mount to fit it to. thanks Dave
  3. Thanks all for the replies. I did find the illumination control in the handset menus and got a lower level of illumination about number 3 and yes Polaris was very dim but managed to align ok. I have purchased the sky watcher 90 degree polar scope eye piece and now don't have to lay underneath the telescope to look through the polar scope. I used the alt az bolts to set correctly and the pre set altitude degrees was a fair bit wrong so got that set and locked down too. I was pointed true North, this was some trouble as soon as you put a compass any where near the electronics it goes h
  4. Hi everybody and hoping that you and yours remain well. I decided that I had some poor quality eye pieces to go with my 925CPC. So after some reading and of course reviews on here I purchased a set of Baader Hyperion eye pieces. The attraction, apart from the quality for a good price was the threaded end. Baader do a 43mm to T2 adaptor ring that I have purchased also and I can now attach my camera directly onto the eye piece. Tried last night to image Andromeda Galaxy but could not replicate what my eye was seeing in the eye piece to a view on the screen of the camera.
  5. sorry everybody only just logged back in. Thanks to scousespacecat for providing the link. They are certainly unusual and well worth a tenner.
  6. Hi everybody. I saw these in Sky at Night Magazine. £10 in Argos and a lovely little set. A string of 10 battery powered lights (includes Pluto, yes it is a planet!) Great gifts or just a treat for yourself. Mine are going out in my observatory.
  7. sorry everybody. I forgot to close the advert, all sold but i am after some more. will repost when I have them
  8. Hi, I have a number of quality aluminium sighting compasses. All folds up nice and neat and protected when folded. If front and rear are folded to vertical the sight line can be used in conjunction with the pointer arrow. Elevation is marked up the side in Metres. I bought several compasses when trying to align my telescope to North and was surprised how difficult it was to find a compass that actually points North with any reliability! I will post these to anywhere in UK for £6 including the postage. Paypal friends and family please. PS. the sighting wire is not bent,
  9. Hi, although I have no specific use for this, My CPC is currently observatory mounted on home made pier and mounting and my HEQ5PRO is free standing, I am thinking that when I move I may switch that around so its a future project. My problem is I am Leigh on sea. If you could get a quote for shipping maybe we can come to some arrangement? My postcode is SS9 5AZ Thanks Dave
  10. Can somebody tell me what a 4/3 sensor is and what the pros and cons of that would be? Thanks
  11. Further details The TEC-cooled Hypercam 269C Colour camera has a Thermoelectric cooling system for extremely low noise imaging. The 21mp Sony IMX269 is a 12bit colour 4/3rds sensor with 3.30 µm Pixels. The IMX269 Colour sensor is a better replacement for the now discontinued colour Panasonic MN34230 Series for long exposure astrophotography for thos wanting similar image scale and pixel size. The Hypercam features TEC-cooling with 4GB DDR3 RAM, and amp glow reduction for easier image capture and processing. A sealed chamber, and dessicant system with heated optical window make
  12. yes the 269c has a new chip. It was that I found interested and also time proofing me a bit. Look for Astro Stace on youtube she does some very good reviews and has just been forwarded for the RAS.
  13. Hi all, so I have figured out my HEQ5PRO and polar alignment. Amazed by the mount's accuracy. So now I may be ready to move onto some imaging. I have decided for a number of reasons to opt for a one shot colour camera. I realise that I am looking at around £1000 for anything decent and cooled. I have seen the Altair Hypercam 269C PRO TEC, having seen the review by ASTROSTACE she says it doesn't need dark frames. So hoping to keep imaging hassle free but still with some success am leaning towards dumping my dollars onto this camera. My hobby will mainly be a retirement
  14. yes to park position weights down scope up. After you set go to home check that this is the position it has parked to. Mine was off and i adjusted that by selecting park then turn off and adjust as in the how to set videos with the spirit level. Also "point the leg marked N to north" This is crucial if the scope is not set dead north nothing works. I had a tip to measure the distance between the centres of the front and rear legs. Mark a spot on the ground and call this N. Mark a line at distance to rear leg centres mine was 76.8cm This line must be true East to West. set i
  15. The east / west line for the rear legs is a great idea I think we have a winner thank you. I was trying to mark out 120 degree quadrants but your idea is much more accurate and a whole lot faster.
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