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  1. Fantastic image! lovely detail you should be very proud
  2. Thanks for taking the time to give me some advise!! really appreciate it
  3. Thank you for the link i shall be watching that as soon as poss!
  4. Stunning pictures! As people have said above i do realise that getting out there and trying is the best thing to do, and i have tried every night this week but have been dodging clouds and the moon all week too! Love your star trail picture and that moon image is simply amazing! may i ask which lens you used for it?
  5. Thank you for taking the time for the explanation. I really didn't realise that at 300mm i would get such short shutter times because of trailing. I have a lot to think about here. It is my ambition to get a picture of Andromeda, and i think it is becoming more and more apparent that this is only going to be possible with tracking! Many thanks
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