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  1. Fantastic image! lovely detail you should be very proud
  2. Thanks for taking the time to give me some advise!! really appreciate it
  3. Thank you for the link i shall be watching that as soon as poss!
  4. Stunning pictures! As people have said above i do realise that getting out there and trying is the best thing to do, and i have tried every night this week but have been dodging clouds and the moon all week too! Love your star trail picture and that moon image is simply amazing! may i ask which lens you used for it?
  5. Thank you for taking the time for the explanation. I really didn't realise that at 300mm i would get such short shutter times because of trailing. I have a lot to think about here. It is my ambition to get a picture of Andromeda, and i think it is becoming more and more apparent that this is only going to be possible with tracking! Many thanks
  6. TimBarber

    Moon - 28 - 6 - 2012

    this is outstanding! the detail is amazing! i could look at this for hours ( and i will )
  7. Brilliant thanks Martin! Love the picture and it has only Increased my hunger to get some good pictures!! I'm literally going to explode if i don't get out there and get some pics like yours!
  8. I also meant to ask if anybody had examples of Andromeda and Orion with just a zoom lens and no tracking?
  9. tremendous picture!! may i ask how it was processed?
  10. I was wondering if anybody could post some example images showing what is possible to achieve with no Tracking mount and no Telescope. I have a Canon 60D Manfrotto fixed Tripod 18-55mm I'm looking to invest in a zoom lens, probably a 70-300mm and a wide angle lens, probably a 10-22mm and just really want to know what i might expect to achieve. Over the last few weeks i have studied every website, every article, and every forum so i know that my set-up is far from the best for this type of Hobby. But not having any money and an insatiable thirst for astrophotography i just REALLY NEED TO GET GOING!!!! Many thanks and i look forward to seeing your images.
  11. Thank you both for your help I really appreciate it.
  12. I went out tonight and took 6 x 30 sec exposures of the milky way stacked them in dss and this is the result.......its cropped out the milky way and left this weird long thing.......any ideas anyone?
  13. Thanks everybody for all your help and input, very much appreciate it. im just struggling with all this to be honest.... i can't work out to do 1 x 30 sec or 10 x 3 sec or 6 x 15 sec and so on... many thanks
  14. I was wondering if anybody had any thoughts or experience using HDR for Astrophotography? I'm looking at getting a decent image of the Milky Way and the moon and i was wondering if anybody thought this technique may help and also if anybody had tried it and could show an example? I have used the HDR technique many times to photograph my passion for Urban Exploration. In this field i combine 3-9 exposures in photomatix to capture the complete tonal range of the scene. My Urban Exploration is here if anybody is interested https://www.flickr.com/photos/123958148@N05/ Any comments for the use of this technique for astrophotography would be very much appreciated.
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