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  1. Thank for that It sounds very promising I am sure that many people will follow
  2. HA!! just seen it.... - if i was buying - i would get caught :):
  3. In stock: https://www.altairastro.com/ioptron-cem70-goto-mount-6170-p.asp
  4. Where did you find this baby?????? used astro market is going crazy! - people selling their old stuff for the price of the new ones!!!! Ive seen TAK 106 - 1 decade old! for 4.5K!!!!! Anyways... enjoy
  5. ..hmmmmm... i did send him an email as well.. without a response... but i've found someone who actually got it.... ... looks quality:) I am wrong: Actually those pictures are not from the buyer but from the designer , ....
  6. ..hmmmmm... i did send him an email as well.. without a response... but i've found someone who actually got it.... ... looks quality:)
  7. i would post it in : Wanted
  8. new ZWO CMOS for longer FL $3,699.00 ASI2400MC Pro uses Sony latest back-illuminated IMX410 full frame format 14-bit ADC sensor. It is a 24MP camera with a big pixel size of 5.94um that can accommodate a super large well depth of 100ke.
  9. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/ioptron-mount-accessories/ioptron-cem40-gem45-mini-pier.html
  10. my m8 is using tripier adapter for CEM40 - on his GEM45 and fits perfectly - i would say - base template is the same for IEQ30 / CEM40 and for yours GEM45
  11. ...Altair Wave? - call Ian at Altair - he would help you out.. and if you have to have special adaptor made: ( i've used them 3 times now )- TS-Optics or RVOis the place. Other thing - mesure up the tube OD, call one of the dealers (FLO?) and either: they will find an adaptor for you. - or directly form FT
  12. Amazing!! OpenAstro tracker - you can buy a kit from this guy: The price 120 Euro includes: Arduino Uno + 16×2 LCD shield 2x 28BYJ steppers + driver boards 7 bearings Screws and nuts bubble level timing belt Material cost for over 30 printed parts, with 50 hour print time packaging sales tax This is great step forward in Amateur Astro - home made 3d printing machine run on Arduino - and he built himself this:!!!? One day it will be so easy to print anything you like!! Friction mount? - no problem....few hr later MESU mk17 ....and ready to go
  13. ... i can only say - it was accidental picture as i was getting ready for the night so nothing was prep yet...camera was running approx +18C......all day kept in the box - (hot box) !...so you are absolutely right hot pixis in the background... the other picture shows the moon like as a complete blop :).....
  14. Ha! never thought of that.. great! Did they mentioned to you why PHD is doing it?
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