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  1. Glad is all ok One day i will ask you for an advice on Solar observing....really into it, buyt kind of got fed up with cheap filters and want to invest in OTA - Lunt 60 mabey.?.. but i am sure it will happen not earlier that next year...:) Clear sky my friend
  2. Also, whatever focuser cable you need you can get it direct from FLO approx £15.
  3. Hi, I have Lakeside and Moonlight and generic one - all made by Hitec Yes - signal/power connector It is only one cable going out to the focuser - in the menu: speed/ rotation/ mode.. etc..
  4. SOLD As new condition. Only few months old - didn't use much. Power cable, Temp. probe, couple power cables, mounting bracket, plus i will add power cable for motorized focuser. For all the spec please visit : FLO website. Thanks for looking.
  5. Withdrawn AD now updated: Separate: 1. SX Filter wheel - 7 x 1.25 carouse - 2 T adaptors, OAG adaptor/spacer - SX Case - USB cables - green cogs graphics - £150 2. Baader Narrowband filters (Ha 7nm, OIII & SII+ Baader Red, Green Blue, UV/IR + Orion SkyGlow filters - All set only - £320 SOLD. SX Off Axis Guider head - SOLD SOLD 1. SX Lodestar X2 - polished finish - works perfectly - SOLD Usb cables included. All working without any problems. Thank you
  6. DRILL, DRILL, DRILL... a bit chanting :)...... Drill it!!! ... use smaller fans from C14 kit... or something like silent /no vibration fan : 30x30 / 40/40 with mesh filter:
  7. Thank for that It sounds very promising I am sure that many people will follow
  8. HA!! just seen it.... - if i was buying - i would get caught :):
  9. In stock: https://www.altairastro.com/ioptron-cem70-goto-mount-6170-p.asp
  10. Where did you find this baby?????? used astro market is going crazy! - people selling their old stuff for the price of the new ones!!!! Ive seen TAK 106 - 1 decade old! for 4.5K!!!!! Anyways... enjoy
  11. ..hmmmmm... i did send him an email as well.. without a response... but i've found someone who actually got it.... ... looks quality:) I am wrong: Actually those pictures are not from the buyer but from the designer , ....
  12. ..hmmmmm... i did send him an email as well.. without a response... but i've found someone who actually got it.... ... looks quality:)
  13. i would post it in : Wanted
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