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  1. Well if it’s truly japenese of origin the reward might out weigh the risk 3” classic looking refractor for £162 or there abouts
  2. Well if it’s japenese may be onto a winner there from intiall impressions might be worth taking a punt on is it in dollars or Euros?
  3. Personally I have,nt heard of the brand name However first impressions look very inviting regarding build quality looks very 80,s perhaps similer to a TAL 100mm refractor has a very slight Russian look a bout it
  4. Skywatcher do a WiFi wand star pointer wIth laser..then your scope will goto desired object great outreach device I can imagine however like to see it perform on deep sky small objects.in practice definitely sounds like a gadget gizmo get frustrated with and bored with quickly.then go back to the conventional way besides I don,t remember Harry Potter useing one at hogwarts.
  5. Ps I don,t what to get to deep into eyepieces here however another important factor to consider is people’s eyesight and vision may differ at times for an exsample if you was wearing glasses.also an age of a 30 year old man could be different to let’s say an 60 year old man.its comparing in some ways a 1080p HD led screen to a 4K native led screen for some may not notice a difference in resolution,contrast as an overall performance so that would,nt be fair to judge?and even if the technology changed for an instance in premium eyepieces like Televue,badder Morpheus,Pentax thease are just some e
  6. Do you think tho there is maximum highest usefull magnification tho as on my last topic as can only go to 300x sorry
  7. Most probably Brian may purchased them I own two pairs yeah right £250000 or there abouts
  8. Divorce the wife buy more Astro gear
  9. On a more serious note tho meade did do the LX200 16” fork mounted sct cassagrain in a white OTA and the 8” LX range were also in white on the Meade equatorial mountings.however most Meade telescopes from the Meade LX3 LX5 LX6 LX50 LX90 LX200 LX600 to my knowledge has always been in the Meade blue with there fork mounted telescopes if you post a picture on your topic I might be able to find out the specific Age ?
  10. Just cut it in half and count the rings
  11. An eyepiece can be like buying that tailored suit it’s made to measure to your needs and preferences.and certain price point thay share similar DNA to achieve the best possible image at a cost tho and once you owned the best in Televue will not have to change your eyepiece collection again .
  12. The OIII filter is definitely a string to your bow regarding the accessories in your camera case. It can make or break on certain objects visually, and in the scheme of things it comes down to seeing conditions as we would all love sky bortle rating 1,2 skies. However, if I can do without using the Olll filter I will, as on most planetary nebula contrast and detail are lacking, even though image brightness is improved and is a must to actually see on certain objects. Initially I will use the filter to distinguish the object in the field of view, first putting a blanket over my head however cra
  13. Astronomy has never been so varied to the beginner as there is vast range of scopes to choose from the refractor would be a good starting point and are very easy to use and mostly maintenance free.At the higher end of your budget consider the skywatcher Evostar 90mm AZ3 refractor telescope this consists of a simple Azimuth mount basically up,down left to right kind of motion.for an extra £10 this will give you an additional 20mm of aperture very user friendly aslo great for the moon and planets and larger enough aperture for more detailed views of deep sky ie star clusters,nebula etc.you also
  14. moon pics skywatcher 150mm maksutov (iPad mini 5 megapixel camera with panorama eyepiece ) first ever attempt
  15. thank you mark that would definitely be time efficient Meade once produced the RCX400 collomation was controllable throught the goto hand set apparently considered the best sct cassagrain ever made to the Amateur Astronomer
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