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  1. This is different to my banding, mine are horizontal bands. nothing to do with cables, just Canon banding. I removed the second filter to see if it helped, I got a much better full colour response but no change to the banding. There is a very tough bit of glass in front of the sensor after the 2 filters are removed. I doubt its damage to the front of the sensor. Its a delicate job modifying cameras, I made a small mistake connecting one of the ribbon wires the first time I modified mine. Blew the main pcb. £100 mistake. Not a straight forward pcb swap either. This has vertical and almost diagonal bands, got a feeling it is a sensor problem though.
  2. 08-12-18. 4 hour time-lapse. Scope Equinox 80ED Camera Canon 1300D Mount NEQ6. DSS, Digital photo pro, Star Tools. Cheers Nige. 10fps-ready.mp4
  3. Its a long process, I shortened it by batch crop and resize in digital photo pro, then each frame a quick wipe, develop & colour balance with Star tools, then back to DPP for batch noise reduction. Still took many hours A Star Tools batch process would be ultra helpful.
  4. This second time-lapse is 4 hours of 120s subs. Taken with my Equinox 80ED and 1300D, some light cloud drifted through during the session which has made processing a challenge. Software used... Canon digital photo pro, Star Tools & Timelapse tool. Thanks for looking. Nige.
  5. Thanks guys. Best part of 8 hours processing this Star Tools needs a batch process option. Good job I like processing. I need to suggest it to Ivo. Nige.
  6. 69x120s frames ISO800 @ 8fps. 200PDS Canon 1300D. 69 single frames processed in Star Tools & timelapse tool. Unfortunately the camera lost connection for a couple of minutes, so there's a small gap in the images. Cheers. Nige.
  7. Nigel G

    Imaging with a Star Adventurer

    @Ken Mitchell You have captured a beautiful image, and a great bonus capture of PGC 13696. 315 million LY's away.
  8. Nigel G

    Deep Sky images.

  9. Nigel G

    Orion & the running man

    This is about the 5th time I have imaged M42. The first time with my 200PDS and full spectrum modified 1200D. The colours I'm finding are unusual but very nice. Never seen such a green core or purple next to the core, also lots of purple in the running man. I'm quite happy with what StarTools has wangled out of the data. Got a bit of depth to it. 60x10s for the core, 60x60s & 80x120s all ISO800. Guided NEQ6. Think I over done the sharpening a tad. Thanks for looking. Nige.
  10. Eastern Veil nebula, SNR. Modified Canon 1200D & CLS filter. 200PDS & NEQ6. 1h 40m @ 240s with flats & bias frames. Stacked in DSS processed in Star Tools. Nige.
  11. Nigel G

    The EQ3 DSO Challenge

    Its a great thread, visual proof that the EQ3 is worthy of excellent images. And hopefully will continue to guide other EQ3 users. There will be others along. I have sold my EQ3 now so can't post new images, spent the money on a 200PDS So a few of my favourite EQ3 images for the thread too. Nige.
  12. Nigel G

    The "No EQ" DSO Challenge!

    With Star Tools, are you binning at least 50%. It will run very slow without binning unless you have a powerful computer. Just a thought.
  13. Nigel G

    The "No EQ" DSO Challenge!

    I have a standard Canon EOS 1300D, not a bad camera, not great when it comes to long exposures over 5 minutes quite noisy but that can be dealt with during stacking and processing. Can be fully controlled by tablet, phone or PC by usb or wifi. Find and disable long exposure noise reduction on Canon cameras if you get one Nige.
  14. Nigel G

    The "No EQ" DSO Challenge!

    Of the people I know and images they have produced, I'd say Nikon D5100 is a great choice, very low noise and quite sensitive to red light, compared to my Canons. Nige.
  15. Nigel G

    The EQ3 DSO Challenge

    Stunning !

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