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  1. The EQ3 DSO Challenge

    Louise, I don't use eqmod, I use in camera guiding, the old way The guide cam is connected st4 to the handset and data cable to the PC then good old PHD2 does the hard work. I have not used mine unguided but other users here say 2 minutes seems a good keep rate. With the mount on the tripod and the tripod closed I would say its portable. I would say it needs re greasing twice a year to keep it smooth though in my opinion. Nige.
  2. The EQ3 DSO Challenge

    Thats a cracking double cluster, well done.
  3. The EQ3 DSO Challenge

    Hi Louise. I can easy carry the mount and tripod with 1 hand, also I have a small 17 ah battery pack which so far has lasted 6 or 7 hours ( not had it run out yet ) Interface is via the handset, I use ST4 to link to my guide cam to the PC. Hope this is helpful. Nige.
  4. EQ3 images

  5. The EQ3 DSO Challenge

    @rotatux Here's a 60-40 mix Quite a nice blend of colours. maybe needs a bit more red in the yellow. I still haven't done a red green trial yet. Nige.
  6. The EQ3 DSO Challenge

    Something a bit different. Here's a selection of Orions all from the same data. 2h 20m of 600s OIII filter, 1h 40m of 600s Ha filter. ISO 800. Modified 1200D, 80ED, EQ3. All processing in StarTools. 1 - Opened in LRGB - Ha Red 50%. OIII blue 50% 2 - Opened in LRGB. Ha Red 33%. OIII Blue 66%. 3 - Both fits stacked in DSS for a combined fits. 4 - Both opened as RGB then layered in ST. Cheers Nige.
  7. Orion. DSLR Narrow band.

    @steppenwolf I have downloaded the plug in, its great, feels like the end of a long battle Thanks for the advice. Nige.
  8. Orion. DSLR Narrow band.

    Nice and cheap, and it works with CS2 the version I have.
  9. Orion. DSLR Narrow band.

    Thanks for the link, I did take some short exposures for this reason now I know how to use them. That a vast improvement, thanks for the link, going there now
  10. First trials with Ha and OIII and my modified Canon 1200D. Canon banding is becoming a major issue with long exposures. 2h 20m of 600s OIII and 1h 40m of 600s Ha at 800ISO. There is an endless way of combining the data. I have 4 different attempts here. 1st, Stacking both fits files in DSS to get a combined fits. 2nd, Opening in StarTools LRGB, Ha red, OIII blue. 3rd, opening each file as RGB and then layering in StarTools. 4th, Opening in LRGB, Ha red, OIII blue, then upping the OIII percentage x2. A long way to go yet, any comments or advice welcome. Cheers Nige.
  11. Moon Halo

    Thanks Ian, post corrected now.
  12. Moon Halo

    A couple of nights ago 1st of December. Moon Halo thanks Ian. Thanks for looking. Nige.
  13. IC 63 Composite

    Thanks Ruud, To be honest I was just playing around with StarTools and opened Ha as red and my RGB data as blue, this was a pleasant surprise.
  14. The EQ3 DSO Challenge

    Excellent good luck Neil. I have an OIII filter waiting for me to pick up tomorrow morning at the post office, it arrived today but no one was here Nige.