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  1. A bargain, if I didn't already have these I would snap them up. A whole new world to modified DSLR imaging.
  2. The "No EQ" DSO Challenge!

    Very nice image, nice core. I think the reason for your camera taking the same time to process the shot is because you have long exposure noise reduction switched on, you need to locate this on your camera and turn it off. There will be instructions on the web how to find and deactivate it Nige.
  3. I was quite amazed when it come to processing my M81 - M82 data. At first I thought it was a dust bunny or something. I caught an object moving through the frames. I have also made a time-lapse of the event. I believe its Han Solo and Chewy going into hyper drive for the Bodes galaxy region. Never stop looking up because you'll never know what you might see. M81-82 & NGC 3077. 1h40m x 360s. 07/02/18 Equinox 80ED, Canon 1300d, EQ3 and a lot of editing. Thanks for looking. Nige.
  4. Space Selfies

    Cool idea Neil, Only $25 why not ☺ She can say she has been in space, ok it's a photo but it's closer than 99.9 % of us Nige.
  5. Rosette Nebula Ha OIII Bi colour

    Thanks for your kind comments. I have enjoyed the narrow band filters, getting to know what is needed, 6 minutes seems to be the right amount for OIII, much less banding too Nige.
  6. Rosette-Ha-OIII-layered_edited.jpg

    Thanks Olly.
  7. EQ3 images

  8. I had a lucky 3 hour clear slot last night again, almost ruined by my imaging PC not firing up, I twiddled and poked a few wires inside and got it started. I decided to take OIII on the Rosette to add to the Ha I have. Quite pleased I did now. I got 1h 42m of good subs. Processed both then layered in StarTools. So many different variety's can be made by shifting the amounts of Ha & OIII. This is my favourite so far. The OIII seems to give the image depth. Rosette Nebula.15x360s Ha & 17x360s OIII ISO800Canon 1200d modified with 12nm Ha & OIII filters.Equinox 80ED Pro. Guided EQ3 Pro. Stacked with darks, flats and bias in DSS Processed in StarTools. Nige.
  9. 30x60s ISO800. Modified Canon 1200D & CCD-CLS filter. Equinox 80ED Pro & field flattener. Guided EQ3 Pro. Stacked with darks, flats & bias frames in DSS. Processed in StarTools. Nige.
  10. 15x240s + 15x20s ISO800. Modified Canon 1200D & CCD-CLS filter. Equinox 80ED Pro & field flattener. Guided EQ3 Pro. Stacked with darks, flats & bias frames in DSS. Processed and layered in StarTools. Polished in photoshop express. Nige.
  11. Do 1 job at a time and check the focus on a distant object
  12. All correct have you got a bush of some description to fit the T ring to the focuser after the eyepiece clamp has been removed, you will need one. Its possible a low profile T ring will be enough but I am unsure. I would cut the the ring with a hacksaw, better control to get a square cut. Remove the focuser from the OTA to stop dust getting into the mirrors, careful not to drop the nuts inside. The draw tube is easy to do, remove the 2 screws and you will see nothing special in there, when putting back together, those 2 screws will be the focuser tension screws ( not too tight not too loose ) Any further questions, just ask Nige.
  13. DSS help

    Morning Peter. if the stack had finished and auto saved then that's fine, all completed. Ready to process ☺ If it was during the stacking then you will need to re stack. HTH Nige.
  14. M81 & 82 + NGC 3077 RGB. 1h 20m x 240s ISO800. Modified canon 1200D with CLS filter. Equinox 80 ED Pro. Guided EQ3 Pro. DSS & StarTools. Added darks, flats and bias. Nige.
  15. The EQ3 DSO Challenge

    A result from last nights amazingly normal guiding just 44 minutes. 11 x 240s ISO800. Modified 1200D and CLS filter. Clouds stopped play. Hopefully continue tonight. M81 - M82 & NGC 3077. Nige.