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  1. Ken, its great keeping every sub and no trails, it does show that I need a field flatner though. before it was not so obvious. I found processing pretty much the same except for the cropping, same noise levels so still bin 50% To be honest I didn't try processing without binning. I shall now though to see if it makes a difference. Nige.
  2. Jellyfish.

    From the album EQ3 images

    1 hour of 240s with dark flat and bias frames. Guided EQ3 pro, 80ED pro.

    © Nigel Gilchrist

  3. Cone & Christmas tree

    From the album EQ3 images

    30 x 240s ISO 800. Darks, flats and bias. Modded Canon 1200D. Guided EQ3 pro, 80ED pro. PHD2, DSS & StarTools.

    © Nigel Gilchrist

  4. A good improvement Bob. The modded cameras make quite a difference Seb, I love the wide field images more data should clean it up a little. WD guys
  5. I finally got guiding last night. What a difference, keeping every sub at 4 minutes. Well worth the effort. I think now the camera is the main limiting factor ? I can't get rid of the grainy look to the image without spoiling it. The Cone Nebula and Christmas tree cluster. 30 x 240s @ 800 ISO with 10 dark, 30 flat and 50 bias. Modded Canon 1200d & CLS filter. 80ED pro, EQ3 pro. PHD2 guiding 50mm guide scope, OSSAIO guide cam. DSS & StarTools. And 1 hour on the Jellyfish for a bonus image. Cheers Nige.
  6. Thanks for the tips. Guiding well at the moment.
  7. I have it set low as possible , I'm guiding it atm on the Cone nebula, Great stuff, I'm not use to keeping all my sub's I will replace the tripod at some point. Cheers Nige.
  8. Thanks Peter. Nige.
  9. Hi all. I have an EQ3 pro with an Orion star shoot all in one camera. I have downloaded the camera drivers and Ascom platform. The camera connects fine but I'm not sure about connecting the mount and aux mount. I connect the camera to the mount via ST4 cable. 1. do I need to download a driver for the mount. 2. which option do I select in the mount and aux mount dropdowns. and anything else I need to know. Any advise will be a great help. Edit: using a PC and windows 7 with no internet connection for guiding. Cheers Nige.
  10. Here's my new setup Been a reflector and Alt-Az man until recently. Now an EQ 3 guided Equinox 80 ed pro with an Orion star shoot and Orion 50mm mini guide scope. Only trouble is the blooming clouds. Nige.
  11. Venus Feb 2017

    From the album Planets & Moon

  12. NGC 2244, The Rosette nebula.

    From the album EQ3 images

    90 minutes of mixed 60s - 90s - 120s with darks, flats, and bias. 80ED Pro & modified Canon 1200D. DSS & Startools.
  13. M31 and co.

    From the album EQ3 images

    20 x 120s, with flats and bias. 80ED Pro & modified Canon 1200D. DSS & Startools.
  14. Last night we had an unexpected clear spell so. My first try at Rosette NGC 2244 with the new rig. ( Great field of view with this scope ) 70 minutes of mixed 60s-90s-120s ISO800, with darks, flats & bias. Modified canon 1200D with CLS filter, EQ3 . DSS & Startools. A quick process before going to work. I'll have another in depth go later. Cheers Nige
  15. I have been waiting for a chance but its been cloudy the whole time P45 Honda comet. Mag 7 atm in Canes Venatici