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  1. From the album EQ3 images

    3h 12m of 4 & 6 minute subs at 800 ISO. Darks, flats and bias. 80ED Pro and guided EQ3 Pro
  2. I added a couple of hours to the California neb last night with 33x240s. This is just the 4 minute subs, next I will add the 10 x 360s subs. This is also my first process with Pixinsight. There's a lot of modules in PI, if it wasn't for @Filroden and PI tutorials I would be totally lost 33 x 240s ISO 800 - 10 dark - 30 flat - 50 bias. 80ED Pro - EQ3 Pro - guided. DSS & PI with a tweak in PS. A ton better than the first. I think 6 minutes at 800iso is over exposing from my location. The 4 minute subs looked much better. Cheers Nige. Edit----- 240s & 360s 3h 12m image processed with ST added at bottom. Horizontal bars still there, I'm struggling with them, it doesn't appear to be over exposed stars.
  3. Excellent first guided image. Good detail and depth. Well done Nige.
  4. Great image, I must try a Milky way image, Thanks for sharing.
  5. That's interesting, I will try extending my dew shields first then, I'll add a further 6" to the imaging scope and make one for the guide scope Cheers Nige.
  6. Only the scopes extendable dew shield which is around 6 inches long. I'm looking into making a couple of dew heaters, one for the imaging scope and one for the guide scope.
  7. I can't believe how few clear nights we are getting this year. Wednesday evening was clear but I didn't get home until 8pm so only got an hour of subs on my selected target before it dipped into Basildon & London's light pollution in the Western sky. So 10 x 360s with 5 dark 20 flat and 50 bias. I intend to get around 15 hours total and a bunch of darks on this to reduce noise and boost the S-N but time is running out. California nebula with 1 hour exposure. 80ED Pro with flattener & modded 1200d. EQ3 Pro, guided with PHD2, stacked and processed with DSS & Startools. I keep getting horizontal lines in my images, not sure if is the start of dew forming on the lens. It started when I started using the refractor. Nige.
  8. Good efforts, keep at, the stacking bit will come. Try taking about 40 x 20s at ISO 1600 on M42 to start. Take these in raw files. Then download Deep sky stacker ready for the next step. Load the light frames into DSS and stack. The final stack will then need processing as it will look very dark and featureless. Adding bias and flat frames will be a step in the right direction but for now just try light frames. Offset frames are easy to take and make a big difference to the processing. Nige.
  9. I finally got a chance to image Venus this afternoon through a hazy sky, I was beginning to think I wouldn't get the chance. 150p Orion star shoot and ×2 barlow 800 of 1200 frames Registax and photoshop. Also January and February's images Nige
  10. From the album Planets & Moon

  11. As I set up Polaris was in the right place so polar alignment was good. PHD2 was peaking at 6" maximum normal adjustments 2-3" main adjustment was on the dec, ra was good with very few inputs from PDH. I thought I should mention that my EQ3 has had an Astrotec service before I got it which apparently improves the mount a fair bit. If you get a good result from PDH drift aligning you shouldn't have any trouble. Make sure you manual drift to let PDH know whats North and West, then calibrate. I use the ST4 cable and on camera mount connection so I still use the Synscan handset to choose stars and objects, not EQmod. Nige.
  12. If you follow the blank space it stays white but if you stare at one of the pink dots it turns green when the blank passes, and all the pink dots get a green outer haze. Its amazing how our brain and eyes can deceive us.
  13. I could not find a focuser that would do the job.. For a guide the front edge of the t ring needs to be 50mm from the ota. See photo. Also personally I would go for the 130PDS, purely a weight thing. Nige.
  14. Will do Mikey as soon as I get home 😊