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  1. I shall look at that. Cheers.
  2. I'll check that out, although I haven't purposely changed any settings, but there is a chance I accidently changed a camera setting. Cheers Nige.
  3. Good for you Frustration, there was plenty of that last night in Essex. After aligning and start tracking, everything was working well, best guiding I have seen to date, no hitches. Start imaging 4 minute subs on NGC 7000 to top up my existing, then move on to Elephant trunk. 12.15 the first image downloaded, a cracking one. Then the problem started, every image took the exposure time to download. In other words a 4 minute sub would take 4 minutes to download and the next doesn't start exposing until the download is complete. I tried a reboot which took 30 minutes to restart , recalibrate phd etc. No luck, by 2.40 I was starting to pick up skyglow from the Sun on its way. I got 16 x NGC 7000 subs, just 1 hour 4 minutes exposure in 2h 40m because of this darn problem, never had it before, doing nothing different. I checked all cables and connections and found nothing wrong, I wonder if it's the capture software causing the problem. Canon EOS utility. Might try and reinstall. Question to all- what capture software are you using and do you get any problems with it, also is it free ☺ Cheers Nige.
  4. No work this week, the sky's looking good at the moment, N American rises over the roof at midnight, hopefully I'll be topping up NGC 7000 and grabbing some on the Elephant trunk too in the 3 hours available. I have probably cursed myself now Which ever objects you pick Ken, I look forward to seeing them. Hope you get the opportunity to do some imaging. Nige.
  5. From the album EQ3 images

    Equinox 80ED Pro, EQ3 Pro, Canon 1200D.
  6. Hi Ken, How about IC 1396, Elephant trunk, up around the same time as N America nebula. This is my next target hopefully. Nige.
  7. I have been observing for 18 months and imaging for a year, started with Alt-AZ then got an EQ3. Spent over 2k, at a guess 25% more for about 70 images so far. Around £35 per image plus loads of enjoyment and frustration No children or mortgage but a 10mtr yacht. I have plans for another 2.5k but need to save it first lol. To be honest though, spending money on things I love to do is money well spent and forgotten about with ease. ( no regrets ) My big 50 is coming up very soon so I can get others to spend some on my hobby for once My lovely wife wants to buy me a new scope. I wonder if she would go for a Zwo 1600mm cooled mono instead Nige.
  8. Thanks I have a comparison of all these images with modified and non modified, all are with the same camera. the difference being some are using Alt-Az First, NGC7000 non modified Alt-AZ & 150p, second EQ3, ED80 & modified. I don't think the rosette is particularly bright compared to NGC7000 or the Horsehead, both are more concentrated Ha I think. The moon can wash out nebula for sure, especially with a modified camera, also CLS filter is a must with local light pollution and modified DSLR's in my opinion. Both Alt-AZ & 150p second is modified cam. Rosette non modified and modified, both Alt-AZ with 210mm and 135mm lens Thanks Ian. I didn't check the forecast, no point I took a gamble looking at the coming sky patterns and decided to wait At 12am the sky was clear enough to start, a few gaps in the thin high cloud till mist started forming at 3am. Cheers. Nige.
  9. From the album EQ3 images

    16x240s @ 800 ISO with dark, flat & bias frames. Modified Canon 1200d with CLS filter. SW Equinox 80ED, EQ3 Pro. PHD2, DSS, ST. Intending to gather a few more hours of data.

    © Nigel Gilchrist

  10. An amazing thing happened last night, Essex had a clearish spell. That's 2 in 2 weeks, what a result. Snapping shots between thin cloud passing overhead and 1 or 2 PHD dropouts. Between 12am and 3am I managed to gather 16 x 240s subs on NGC7000 The North American nebula. The local street lights go out at 1 am so the sub's I got were good with a lot less light pollution. As usual I intend to take more sub's. But for only 1 hours exposure I'm very pleased with the result. Scope: SW 80ED pro with flattener. Camera: Modified Canon 1200D. Mount: EQ3 Pro. Guiding: Orion mini guidescope & Orion SSAIO cam. Software: PHD2, DSS, & ST 16x240s @ 800 ISO, darks, flats and bias. To be honest, the image was very easy to process to this point, I'm looking forward to adding more sub's to this image. Wishing you clear sky's. Nige.
  11. Thanks for your input guy's. Just a low cost idea but as you suggested, no regulation and heavy power draw. I think I'll go the DIY route and make the proper dedicated heaters Cheers. Nige.
  12. A question to find out if anyone has used these or similar as dew heaters and was it successful. As I have an 80mm refractor I thought they might do the job. Motorcycle handle heaters. Cheers Nige.
  13. Hello. I want to upgrade from my modified Canon 1200D, I don't have a clue about CCD's other than a mono and filter wheel is better for DSO's, and cooled is better. I have been looking around but really not sure what I'm looking for or at. I'm sure the more you pay the better you get, basically what sort of £'s am I looking at to get a decent mono CCD and RGB filter setup and what do I look for in cameras. My budget is below £ 1,000. at the moment. Can anyone suggest a good camera below my budget or should I continue saving ? Nige. PS. I would like to have one before the Essex annual clear night happens 14th May 2018 Blooming clouds.
  14. Mine has Velcro strips inside the outer focuser tube, PTFE is very slippery stuff, good idea Nige.
  15. Thank you for your kind comments, ☺