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  1. The EQ3 DSO Challenge

    Silly question time. First snag, how do I use a layer from one image to place on another. I can only seem to layer the image opened in PS, if I open the second image and select new layer it stays with that image if you know what I mean. I think its research time I have managed to blend them in photo merge but have no control over blending amount or type. PS. I have Photoshop CS2 free version. Nige.
  2. The EQ3 DSO Challenge

    I'll have a go, this will be a PS job, not to much experience with it but got to learn some how.
  3. The EQ3 DSO Challenge

    A result from last nights imaging. Very windy but mostly protected by a big shed up wind. A negative result I would say. I took 14x8min subs with my modified camera on M31. I stacked both batches with flats and bias as 2 groups, total 5 hours 40 mins. The out come was about the same as my first stack of 2h 40m. much more noise to deal with and detail loss, although the colour was much better to control. The best and easiest to process so far being 4 hours with the non modified camera, to be honest I have never had much success at galaxys with my modified camera. DSS scores were higher for the modified camera at 4500 average, non modified scores average 3500. So I will finish the image with a couple of hours with my non modified cam and leave out the modded subs next chance. The first image is 2h40m 2nd 4h non mod. 3rd 5h40m both cameras mixed. I prefer the middle one, with the colours of the 3rd, maybe by adding 1 1200d sub it will help the colours ? Click on image to see full size. They look so good as thumbnails Cheers Nige.
  4. The EQ3 DSO Challenge

    Great image Mikey, you captured a lot of nebulosity especially with an unmodified camera, well done. bit gusty here to. Watching TV Nige
  5. The EQ3 DSO Challenge

    These galaxy's are hard to capture and process to get detail, I guess it's the enormous distance the photons have to travel, you certainly done a good job with M33 another one I have struggled with, lovely image, hope you get the clear sky's to continue. Nige.
  6. The EQ3 DSO Challenge

    I hope Mikey and Pete had there opportunity to do some imaging, Mikey I hope they catch the [removed word]. I got some more data on M31, 1 hour of 10 minutes and a few other odd exposures totalling 4hours all told. Still don't like the colours although I think its an improvement, a few aqua blobs to remove but picking up detail, the outer spiral arms are showing better, I can't decide either to add some data from the modified camera or continue with my 1300d next opportunity, any suggestions? Nige.
  7. The EQ3 DSO Challenge

    Last night started very clear then started to slowly mist around 1.30 am. Very misty at 2.30 so packed up, by 3am gin clear, but already packed up. After the strip service the mount performed great, very smooth, the best yet, 8 minute subs no problem, all keepers. A DSO I have always struggled with is M31, never get the detail I want, the colours are a nightmare. I have imaged this many times and never been totally happy. I took 1 hour of 4mins 1 hour of 6mins and 40minutes of 8mins. Total 2H 40m ISO800 non modified 1300d with CLS filter, 80ED, dithered, flats and bias. Still struggling with colour but the detail is coming, going to try for more tonight, maybe without the CLS filter if its clear. Took some more on m45 but still has bloated stars, got to process it yet. 2 attempts at processing, just can't get the colours right, although it is my best effort yet. The first image was stacked as long exposures, expected good S-N ratio, a setting in DSS, it seems to have made a difference for the better, showing a little more detail. Nige.
  8. The EQ3 DSO Challenge

    Here is a great forecast for tonight, even the dew point will not be reached, hmm well its still total cloud cover atm. Best thing is not to get your hopes up and end up with great disappointment. I knew I shouldn't of stripped and serviced the mount. There's always a positive side to everything, I didn't raise the shutter count on my camera
  9. Next step up from Star discovery?

    I upgraded to an EQ3 pro from my star discovery, It has the same payload limit at 5KG . With the aluminum tripod set at minimum hight quite stable, with extended legs quite a bit less stable. fine for visual but will need to be set at lowest hight for AP. Still I'm very happy with it and it guides well enough for 6 minute exposures most of the time. The stainless steel EQ5 tripod will fit the EQ3 mount but then I would go with an EQ5 for a bigger payload. Nige.
  10. The EQ3 DSO Challenge

    First night of a long cloudless weekend, went to bed at 1.45am still waiting for the clouds to pass, got up at 4am still cloudy, Sun came out at 8am then quickly hid behind clouds.
  11. Next step up from Star discovery?

    A fellow SGL member was selling one in perfect condition if your looking for a good second hand option. mount and tripod, no ota. Very reasonable price. I have found the link but not sure how to copy using my tablet. I'm sure it's still up for sale but it's in expired forum. Celestron Evolution mount and tripod (not the OTA) By Filroden, April 17 in Sold / Expired Classified Ads
  12. The EQ3 DSO Challenge

    I planned to use 2 wrapped in a lightweight tea towel an held on the scope by an elastic band.
  13. The EQ3 DSO Challenge

    The weatherman has promised uninterupted clear sky's from 4pm today until 7 am Monday morning, I have stripped and serviced the EQ3 and blown the dust from the scope lens, checked everything over and over, all batterys fully charged and chargers ready. Everything is ready to go and the clouds are clearing the sun is out. New bottle of Jura Superstition ready to open. Its going to be a long weekend I hope. I hope you have a similar forecast. Edit, I'm going to try a few of these wrapped in a tea towel and wrapped around the scope for a temporary dew heater. Any reason why not before I try it ?? Nige.
  14. The EQ3 DSO Challenge

    I have had another try at processing M45, seem to have reduced the mottling, Its the noise reduction in StarTools that starts it. Still not 100% happy because of the bloated stars, hopefully over the weekend will be clear and good seeing, I need to start new data really. As I reduced the background, a clear transition from black to blue started showing, this was not masked. I may have over done it with the contrast. Nige.
  15. The EQ3 DSO Challenge

    I have missed something What is Olly's way of fixing mottling ?