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  1. That's the support leg fully assembled now.. I've added a rear foot for a bit of weight spread and extra stability.. That's fixed with 4no 6mm dowels and 2 no screws.. the rest of the leg is glued together, for the moment.. debating whether to screw also.. thoughts would be welcomed.. Ta Fozzie
  2. Good luck @Stu.. just had a look outside, irrespective of the cloud, the wind is blowing a gust, the F11 would be all over even on the skytee.. will just have to watch and wait for the images, and be annoyed for not replacing my little frac after I sold it!
  3. Totally cloudy in Leeds.. and I've not been tempted to bring a scope to work either.. Is there a live feed link anyone cares to share, so those of us under the perma cloud can at least watch? Good luck if your venturing out... Someone somewhere must be in with a chance! Ta Fozzie
  4. Sorted the 28mm hinge and support leg.. bit more tomorrow hopefully and we are almost done with the main part.. just seat and foot rest to go . Looks quite robust.. Ta Fozzie
  5. Had another play with the burnt finish, ordered a couple of flap wheels to even out the pressure on the stripping back, and stained with a medium oak varnish... I kind of like it, but I'm not sure I can do it to the entire chair.. that's a big leap! Hopefully get the support leg constructed this weekend.. Ta Fozzie
  6. A few samples.... Just brushed off with some wire wool... Hhhhmmmmmmm
  7. So I was just browsing online different finishes for pine furniture (outdoor), and came across this!! A legitimate reason to get the blow torch out! "Shou Sugi Ban" or "yakisugi-ita" I believe it's pronounced!!.. essentially scorched wood, the process involves burning the wood, cleaning the scorched wood with a wire brush that removes the softer part, leaving the harder grain, and finishing with something... Essentially, make it, burn it, clean it and finish it! This has got to be worth a try... hasn't it?!
  8. The longer range is not looking good for Leeds... From accu weather.. Windy by the looks of it with rain chances.... Nice Tuesday though... typical.. Still along way to go before the 11th, I'll stay optimistic! Ta Fozzie
  9. Hi all, After reading a few posts, and looking on line at different observing chairs over the last year or so, I decided that it is something I'd like to have a go at making myself. Ultimately the plan is for a hardwood chair, probably sapele or iroko again, next year, but after work gave me cash for a monthly prize I thought I'd trail the build in redwood pine first.. to check stability, adjustability and generally any pit falls during the "working" The general design is a typical catsperch, but I've added a few tweaks, and changed a bit based on discoveries as I've built.. Wood list is as follows, all 2400mm long x 20.5mm thick. All redwood pse available of the shelf.. 1No 144mm wide, 1No 119mm wide, 3No 94mm wide, 2No 69mm wide and 1No 28mm diameter dowel. Rough plans are as follows, apologies the paper got damp in the garage, but you get the general idea.. First issue was, the back board was to be 1200mm x 144 x 20.5.. now although I check it (not very well by all accounts!) there was no way I was getting a straight bit out of this bit of wood, it was badly warped (so I made a bird box from it instead for the youngster to paint over his holiday!) I ended up using the 119mm for the back board, 1200mm long, with a 619mm piece for the foot and, as the chair back is narrower than intended i added a shoulder brace, 419mm long. The backing supports are cut 1375mm long x 94mm x 20.5, these have 38mm diameter holes cut in, 20mm from one side , with areas left for the seat support and fixing the foot/shoulder brace. After this I cut out the saw tooth seat support halfway through the holes and shaped the end and support areas.. while doing this I had both bits of wood fixed together with clamps so this helped with alignment of the nooks and bits. I then proceeded to fit the 6mm x 30mm dowels 10No to each side From there I cut out the foot and shoulder brace.. From here I needed to align the two supports with the seat back, bit of measuring and using a 6.5mm bit instead of 6mm to give some tolerance I hand drilled the dowel holes to the back of the back board.. there is 20mm (of the 30mm dowel) in to the supports and 10mm in to the back board, I marked the 10mm depth (this was actually 12mm) with tape on the drill bit, otherwise id have drilled through no doubt.. And it all fits together, which totally surprised me! The final chair front looks like this, and is 1438mm high... I'll update the thread when I complete the back leg, later in the week.. Finishing wise, I've had a few ideas, other than simple stain and varnish, but I'll save that for later, and I'm open to suggestions. Any feed back greatly appreciated, or advise.. Ta Fozzie
  10. Yep.. sun dog... which reminds me I had a cracking "display" in August, never got round to posting an image.. A few feature in these.. Upper tangent arc, circumzenithal arc, upper suncave arc.. Nothing on show in Leeds at the moment though.. Ta Fozzie
  11. Many Thanks.. So assuming it is (we cant both have deduced incorrectly!) then the overall height is in the region of 120 - 130cm.. im guessing looking at the pictures and guesstimating that actually helps a fair bit.. Thanks Fozzie
  12. It would be nice to have a bit of WL activity/contrast for the 11th Nov transit... seems to have been ages with not a lot going on (in WL).. Haha this comment reminds me of the wife's reaction to a glass of good rioja.. she gets all giddy, and fidgety with a hot brain as she puts it, and that's after one glass, two and I have the evening to myself! not sure why I had to share that bit. Ta Fozzie
  13. Might just highjack a bit of this thread.. can I ask @JeremyS the height ranges you've mentioned above is that the (im assuming) the range at which the observing seat can be placed.. Think I'm going to have a go at making one.. it would be useful to know the height range.. Thanks Fozzie
  14. @Lurcher How's the chair going...? I'm thinking of making one shortly, any retrospective do's and dont's. I'll be making a proto type first our of Redwood Pine (won a Wicks voucher through work, so thought why not) then maybe going for a full hard wood version in the new year..? All the best Fozzie
  15. Bet he doesn't even fasten it up either.. I've done that a few times, although around the harvest you'd be amazed how late our farmers stay out till.. Last year I had one turning over his field at 1 in the morning, he was very interested in what I was doing and looking at whilst blocking the entrance to his field.
  16. That's true.. don't go flashing a bright torch around, it'll annoy the astrophotography types.... In all seriousness though, according to "go stargazing" location maps there are loads of Dark sky discovery sites and better all over, and I bet locally they are all known for other "extra curricular" persuits.. I've turned around on many a clear night for the fear of being unwelcomed (or worse overly welcomed when parking up!) It would be more helpful for the operators of these areas to give genuine advise other than stock flip chart answers..
  17. Just over a year in and the Iroko wood has darkened alot.. almost hoped it would stay lighter than this.. but hey ho.. the grain running through, gives a fantastic contrast! Amazing how it's aged, much better than me that's for sure!
  18. I've taken the day off for this, and my intention is to head over to the astronomy centre, good to know there's an event -event on... undoubtedly a daft question but I assume your happy for visitors to bring their own scopes etc, or should u leave it home!?
  19. Exactly the same, I do keep considering a SCT, but I feel im a refractor man.. My F11 has never disappointed me.. the seeing and transparency and good old weather, continue however to be an abject disappointment! Fair play on the Paramedic Science, a Worthy and Nobel undertaking.. wishing her all the best! Both fine scopes John, the 130 (triplet?) must be similar in weight. to the 8kg? Is this for handleing or size or just pleasure of use?
  20. might have a bit of a temperature yeah... Would just like to go a bit deeper than I can with the 100mm, I have been tempted to go for the star travel 150 or 152mm F6.9's (but there's always another Bill to pay..) and for some reason the thought of a newt or Dob isn't doing it for me.. although you could get a lot of mirror for the price of a 150ED the 8kg is interesting, the EDF125 is listed as 7.8kg.. not a lot of difference..
  21. This looks new... a 150ED doublet in the offering from Altair.. I liked the look of the 125EDF , but I like the look of this a tad better... has some interesting specs too.. From the Blurb.. The focal ratio of F8 and the FPL53 ED Glass element allows excellent colour correction for high resolution imaging, and visual use. Colour aberration is almost non-existent and the doublet lens acclimatises quicker to ambient temperatures, reaching optimum performance faster. Not only are the optics top quality - so is the CNC machined optical tube, 2.5" Rack and Pinion focuser, tube rings and sliding dewshield with super-durable powdercoated finish. Each Altair 150EDF refractor comes with an interferometer test report showing a Strehl ratio of 0.92 or more in green light. The test report is logged against the lens serial number, and as usual, always the pick of the best optics when assembling any lens. Weight is 8kg and length is about 1.2m assembled, allowing another 40cm for the dewshield extended. We recommend the iOptron CEM120 or SkyWatcher EQ8 for imaging and/or visual use, however the EQ6 mount will handle the scope for visual use, and/or solar system imaging. https://www.altairastro.com/Altair-150EDF-Refractor.html Thoughts!? Ta Fozzie Link Attached!
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