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  1. nice images. Well done. Wouter.
  2. Hi, Some lunar mosaics Palas, Triesnecker, Rima Hyginus. single panel. https://astrob.in/401558/0/ Plato, Alps, Archimedes, Eudoxus, Burg, 3 panels https://astrob.in/401557/0/ Tycho, Clavius, Moretus. 2 panels https://astrob.in/401556/0/ eastern border of Mare Nubium. With the cratertrio Ptolemaeus, Alphonsius Arzachel and Rupes recta. 4 panels And last but not least; The complete eastern border of Mare Imbrium from Plato to Erathostenes. 6 panels. https://astrob.in/401554/0/ Enjoy the images and feel free to comment. Wouter.
  3. Maybe share how you came to these results. Then we can point out where to adjust. Wouter.
  4. Hi, The size of the filter will be dictated by the camera you use. For the typical planetary imaging camera's you're just fint with the 1.25" version. For larger chip camera's you might be better off witht he 2" version to prevent vignetting. Also depends on the chip to sensor distance. If money is no limiting factor you're always safe with the 2" version. The filter is totally useless for deep sky imaging as it only passes IR past 742nm. Waaaay too little light to be useful for deep sky imaging. For light pollution there are specific filters. i'd stick with those. Wouter.
  5. Sweet image. Plenty of details visible. Well done. Wouter.
  6. not a bad start indeed. The middle picture is very nice. Crisp and detailed. The others are OK but have some weird blue areas. Wouter.
  7. Very nice image. Plenty of detail visible. Wouter.
  8. lovely picture.. A wee bit blue but nice anyway. Wouter.
  9. Lovely images. My favorite is schiller. Well done Wouter.
  10. Nice images. really like the one with Copernicus. Wouter.
  11. Sweet image, and very detailed. Well done! Wouter.
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