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  1. Conditions were very good, decent seeing, mostly clear skies, a bit too warm... I took an image every 15sec during the entire eclipse with my FLT132 and QHY163M Enjoy https://astrob.in/full/iklzxq/E/?nc=wouterdhoye&real=
  2. Another sunny day, another solar image.. enjoy. https://astrob.in/full/lg0nsz/0/?real= Wouter.
  3. Title says it all. Really enjoying solar imaging. https://astrob.in/full/mozziv/0/
  4. impressive animation. A great effort too. The details are really astonishing!
  5. Seems like I'm getting better at this. Although solar imaging is similar to lunar I did find out it is not exactly the same. I was quite pleased with the amount of granulation I captured with my 132mm scope scope: WO FLT132 Mount: Vixen AXJ camera: full disc: QHY163M, detail shots: ZWO ASI174MM filters: Baader Herschel wedge, Baader Solar Continuum extra's: Baader FFC for longer focal length
  6. It seems I was able to solve the problem by reducing framerate.
  7. Yes, that’s with the Omegon (gso) 6” CC.
  8. Last night, despite heavy winds I did set out to image. having received my new Vixen AXJ mount I was very eager to test it. The winds were so strong I had to hold on to my laptop or it would be blown away. Nontheless the mount handled the situation brilliantly. Now during the worst gusts of wind the image moved off course. In the end the seeing was not too bad though and results, while not brilliant, were still more than acceptable. First image i'd like to present is the golden handle of Sinus Iridum. This handle is the brightly lit steep wall of sinus iridum, while the floor is still in
  9. Look pretty nice. modest telescopes can do very well.
  10. Hi, in preparation for a partial solar eclipse next month I gave solar imaging a try again. Nothing special and even shot through a closed window. FLT132 f/7 Baader Herschel wedge + ND3 + Solar continuum QHY 163M The lines at the bottom of the picture are errors during capturing and I have not found the cause yet. hopefully not a defective camera... Clear skies, Wouter.
  11. Hi, I experience below pictured issue on many frames. anyone here who suffered the same problem? the problem is not consistent tried different cables and different software... Thanks, Wouter.
  12. I used it only briefly just to do a quick test. Noise is really low. Not whisper silent. But nowhere near the coffee grinder noise some other mounts make. The tripod feels really solid. But I have not tested it in the field. For sure does not seem to visibly flex. The tripod feet sport both rubberized as well as spikes. So good contact on any surface is guaranteed. The trippd is rather short though. But that is made up for by the tallness of the mount itself.
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