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  1. Well, in addition to the sandbags, I ordered this funcky sand bag.
  2. Apparently the night we were hit with winds gusting at around 45 or 50km per hour. I tried rebuilding but the focuser is too messed up, and the metal under the focuser got really bent. So, collimation of the focuser is next to impossible. ?
  3. Ohhhh I definitely would have been .... well .. not in a good state. I'm trying to decide if I want to get another 130 or move on. Lets just say that it's quite a difficult decision. And from now on, no matter what the weather is like, I will have sand bags on the tripod legs!!!
  4. I am sad to say that my 130pds has seen the last of it's imaging days. I very strong gust of wind blew it and my mount (HEQ5 Pro) over. The tube has got good selections of bends in it, and the focuser is a mess. ? I took everything apart and rebuilt it, but it seems the metal under the focuser is so bent out of shape that the focuser doesn't sit right anymore. I won't even talk about the focuser needing a helping hand to focus properly, so focusing is a 2 handed process. So basically it's easier and cheaper to buy a new one than to fix it. ? Unless someone has a used one they
  5. Hi, Was wondering if the scope was still up for sale. Also, would there be a problem shipping it to Jordan (of course I would pay the shipping costs). Thanks, Fakhri
  6. Thank you Adam. It all began with this thread, and help and advice from people like you.
  7. I guess I was in a rush to share it
  8. okay, I seem to have a mistake .... ops, actually, major ops I copy pasted the time from my Facebook and it seems I got them from the wrong picture. Am sooooo embarrassed.
  9. Don't say that .... we're coming up on the "I can't image because there is too much sand in the air"
  10. I guess you can blame an f/5 scope and a very sensitive CMOS camera for that :p
  11. Hi, Would you be willing to ship to Jordan? Of course I would cover the extra cost for shipping.
  12. I believe this is my absolute favourite image I have taken so far! I never thought I would enjoy HaRGB this much! NOTE: My apologies, I had to correct the exposure times. They original ones were taken from a test I did on the image before I started working on it. OPS ? Telescope: Skywatcher 130PDS Mount: Skywatcher HEQ5 Pro Camera: QHY 163M Filters: Ha + R + G + B Total integration time: 14 hours 15 minutes Exposure: Ha: 32 X 512 sec Red: 91 X 128 sec Green: 91 X 128 sec Blue 91 X 128 sec
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