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  1. al-alami

    Imaging with the 130pds

    Starting on a new target last night ... M5 .... I only got time to capture the luminance channel then it started to rain ..... and the forecast is calling for three days of heavy dust!!!!! I'm quite sure I didn't buy any new equipment!!!!! This is about 90 X 64s exposures.
  2. al-alami

    Cone in Ha and HaRGB

  3. Hi, Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately they are thicker, probably thicker than the Astronomik. I had a friend buy them for me from Germany, so they're not the expensive thin kind. They fit fine in a manual filter wheel, but am not so sure about the thinner motor driven ones. I'm sure my Baader 2 inch filters would fit, but not really in the mood to buy new LRGB filters.
  4. Hi, Quick question, for the Starlight Xpress, what's the maximum filter thickness it can take? My set of LRGB filters is 7mm thick (not counting the threads), would this fit in the filter wheel? Thank you.
  5. al-alami

    Imaging with the 130pds

    I am quite happy with this result for now. I guess the light pollution is messing with my colouring, but the Ha detail is coming out really nice.
  6. al-alami

    Imaging with the 130pds

    I'm sure every scope has it's own "personality".
  7. al-alami

    Imaging with the 130pds

    I sometimes go back through it to get some inspiration. Also to remind myself that any mistakes I'm making are because of my lack of experience, and not because of the scope.
  8. al-alami

    Rosette to Cone 6 panel mosaic (First Draft)

    It's gorgeous! Keep up the great work. Looking forward to seeing it with more data.
  9. al-alami

    Imaging with the 130pds

    Ohhhhhh thank you all. now I have to worry about my ego! The reason I think it's not perfect is because sometimes I'm not sure what I'm doing. Also I still have to get the coma corrector spacing right. (I wish I could do that while it's cloudy) But I'm getting there, slowly but surely. I'm sure this little scope is really helping me. Actually It's because of this specific thread that I purchased it.
  10. al-alami

    Imaging with the 130pds

    I lost my S II to dew, but I still like this version . It's not perfect, but I'm liking it :D. 15 X 512 sec Ha - Red channel 11 X 512 sec OIII - Green channel The Blue channel was synthesized from the other two Processed in PixInsight and PS Hope you like it
  11. al-alami

    Narrowband M42

    Thank you. Lets call it "original".
  12. al-alami

    Narrowband M42

    This is my first proper go at narrowband from a red zone with a mono camera. 6 1/2 hours of Ha, 6 1/2 hours of O III, and a synthesized green channel. I'm sure it still needs a lot more work, but I am very happy with the result ... so far.
  13. al-alami

    Imaging with the 130pds

    My latest attempt at M42 in narowband 6 1/2 hours of Ha, 6 1/2 hours of O III and a synthetic green channel processed in Pixinsight and PS
  14. al-alami

    Imaging with the 130pds

    Thank you I have lots of detail in the 32 sec exposure of the core, well at least in that single shot, I might have lightened it too much somewhere along the way. Am not too worried since I will be reprocessing it again from scratch when I add more detail to the outer areas (they're a bit too noisy compared to the rest). I must admit, Ha always looks amazing, specially when you start getting the hang of it. Goof luck with the Optolong, sho us how it goes.
  15. al-alami

    Imaging with the 130pds

    Decided to start again on M42, it's such an artistic target I might add a third exposure of the outer areas since I think I can get more out of them. Filter: Ha Exposure: 60 x 128 sec for the outer area and 200 x 32 sec for the core Processed in PI and PS

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