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  1. Getting ready to go on my first trip with my new QHY 163M.  I know the spacing is still off, but I'm still hopeful.  I also get to discover how my 130PDS will hold up to some off roading as well.  Wadi Rum Jordan, here I come.

    1. mikeyj1


      dont forget your collimator :)

  2. The moon two nights ago.
  3. Thanks Adam. I guess that makes sense, since in theory all the detail will be in the L layer.
  4. That is a beautiful shot, loving the detail.
  5. That is an amazing shot, love the details and the depth. Its so 3D it isn't funny. Keep up the great work
  6. Looks great so far
  7. Hi All, Hopefully I will be taking my QHY 163M on its first major trip to a dark site on the night of the 26/27th of June. I plan on photographing M16. I know that I will be able to shoot the target from 9pm to 4am. Given that this will be my first time shooting LRGB, how do I divide the time between the different filters? Should they all be equal exposures (so about 100 minutes per filter) or are the some filters that require more data ? Another side question, I live in a red light zone, is it worth shooting using LRGB? or is it not worth my time? Thank you for your time and effort. Fakhri
  8. Gorgeous.
  9. Very nice for such a short exposure.
  10. Looks amazing. Keep up the great work
  11. half way through the year and still getting it wrong
  12. Last night's moon with my QHY 163M and 130 PDS
  13. Thanks Dave. It truly is a learning curve! Frustrating at times, but worth it. (well so far at least) Fakhri
  14. It had to be the most important of the filters!
  15. Taken last November, but got lost while I was learning how to process. This is a single 10 sec image @ISO 3200.