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  1. I know you said that you are looking at just doing visual first of all however when you do decide to go AP the following will apply: The 200P will blow around like a sail in the wind with the HEQ5, belt mod or not, even though it is 8.8kg. When you add on the tube rings, vixen, a camera, a guider and filter wheel you start to get very close to, if not exceed, the limit of the HEQ5 (for imaging). The 6 class mount is far better for that size of scope. For visual bear in mind that the eyepiece gets at all sorts of odd angles with a Newtonian on a equatorial mount. Sometimes you need a step ladder or become a contortionist. However you can rotate the OTA in the tube rings and you can always add something like a Wilcox Rotating Ring, which is cheap enough to make, to prevent the OTA slipping when you loosen off the clamp bolts. The article is here http://www.andysshotglass.com/wilcox_rotating_rings.html If using the SW200 for astrophotography make sure you get the 200P-DS version as the focuser and secondary mirror are positioned slightly differently to the P version and allows you to bring a camera into focus. The focuser is also a dual speed 10:1. You can also use it for visual too.
  2. Try to stretch to the HEQ5 Pro as you will not regret it.
  3. The alternating appearance is more pleasing to my eye. I know Stacy uses this configuration and it works very well for her. A little masonry paint and it will look great.
  4. Good work there Steve considering the lack of time.
  5. Wow! That takes my breath away.
  6. Can see noctilucent clouds in the northern sky here. Goes quite a way across from east to west but not stopping imaging. More Bubble (in 16 bit) again.
  7. Right that's me out of here. Good night all.
  8. You can make the graph flatter by clicking the Y button a few times but I tend to look at the tot number.
  9. It's Tot 1.35 Carole. That looks pretty good to me.
  10. He flew through mine too
  11. Had a hiccup with EKOS. It said "you are using the same camera for guiding as imaging, is this correct?" Noooo. Then I discovered I hadn't selected PHD2 for guiding in the EKOS profile for the rig. Soon put that right. Now plate solved ok on the bubble and PHD2 is now calibrating itself. Phew! I wonder if professionals get as much angst as us amateurs.
  12. I'm currently achieving -20C with outside temperature of 19.5C Geof. The power draw is 70% and that is only around another 1 amp added to the 0.5 amp drawn by the mount (when tracking) and 3 dewstraps according to the ammeter on the power supply. This ZWO camera is supposed to be able to get to at least -45C below ambient and I can believe that.
  13. Good call Mark. Focus - check Scope cover - check
  14. Target = Bubble - check 16bit - check -20C - check no clouds - check 16bit - double check
  15. Busy building a temporary "dome". Just got to put the canvas on. From now on I image from "The Jousting Tent Observatory". I've made some wheeled dollies so that I can move the jousting tent back when the skies clear and the tent serves double duty as keeping the sun off the outdoor dining space. The parasol at the far end retracts. It is fully automated (INDI and ASCOM drivers) and just requires me to push it about when required.
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