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  1. Losmandy G11 Gemini go to Mount for sale. Complete, extras, One losmandy and 3 stainless steel counterweights. Comes with extras upgraded worm gear, spacer block for greater imaging time, polar scope, upgraded knobs for easier adjustment to DEC and RA. Dual saddle plate for either dovetail plate. A welded baseplate for fitting to a pier (From a gas pipe I used in obsy). A losmandy G11 "Puck" so can be fitted to a pier ect…..Mains powerpack included. Paperwork and manual for how to use ect…..Selling as im upgrading my mount for greater weight capacity. Collection only. Price £1500 ono.
  2. Good post was wondering that myself as Ive just done concrete pier in my obsy and had to extend it...……(haven't brought yet).
  3. Oh ok...………..nothing to do with losmandy then!! lol
  4. Hi Everyone, I have a losmandy G11 with gemini system, but its the older version, and doesn't have a USB on its panel. However I have this (see pics) im pretty sure it was from when I brought the mount second hand a few yrs ago from a fellow member (cant remember name...ect), in a nutshell, can someone tell me what its used for? Im guessing its to connect the mount to the computer, and maybe running software like Cartes du-ciel?? Also can it be used for updating the firmware...ect……….if someone can give me an idea of its uses it would be much appreciated.
  5. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adapters/2-inch-t-adapter.html
  6. You need a 2 inch adapter piece that screws into the body of your 450D, I will post a link to what I recon you need. The coma corrector goes into the 2 inch focuser on your scope then the 2 inch adapter goes into that. Hopefully you should be able to reach focus. Dependant on the scope you may not need a coma corrector, especially if you crop the pic post processing.
  7. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/ioptron-mounts/ioptron-cem120-ec2-center-balanced-equatorial-goto-mount-with-ra-and-dec-encoders.html or this one! For those with deep pockets...…...
  8. CGLX Is a very good price, but how does it compare to the rest, its payload is lower in comparision. Tempting but a worry it wont be enough, im gona guide off axis, and would alos need to add weight to the underside to compensate the balance in DEC as the orange dovetail will defo be right at the end of the saddle clamp...…..
  9. Whats best ioptron or skywatcher, I know theres a price difference, but im guessing the ioptron is better, any thoughts? Its to image throught a Celestron C11 Edge with focal reducer...…..
  10. Hi James...….yes mate just makes it easier to remove the end cap. Just a pin to grab onto...…..
  11. For sale, a skywatcher MN190, Mak-newt astrograph. Comes with a lakeside motor focuser , cables and hand controller, essential for imaging. This scope is perfect for imaging with, at f5.3, and nice round stars right up to the edge of the frame/image unlike normal Newtonians, coma free. Comes also with the tube rings, losmandy dovetail plate, and finder scope. Nice clean optics, however there are a few scratches on the optical tube (see pics), which is fairly typical due to its use. Ive included a few pics as well that ive taken through it. collection only please. Price £600
  12. Hi there, im after an EQ8, wasn't to sure about a second hand one, til I saw your advert. Do you still have this for sale? Im going to oogle where you are in relation to me (I live in kent). Im assuming all is fine......
  13. For sale, bearly used, (mainly due to narrowband imaging), an IDAS LPS-D1, 1.25 Inch filter, some consider it to the one of the best, selling for £75 price includes postage...….https://www.firstlightoptics.com/light-pollution-reduction-imaging/idas-d1-light-pollution-suppression-filter.html
  14. Canon 450D Modified for astrophotography, the IR cut filter has been removed for better response on red emission nebula in deep sky objects. Comes with battery, and charger. Shutter count is (atm) 5914, see picture 4. The camera is in great condition, throughout. No lens, just body. Will post special delivery. message me if you have any questions. Price is £150.
  15. Very interested, if still available, let me know...……..
  16. Yes definitely, interested in more info on your return Saturday...……….
  17. Yes, price please...……..
  18. So you recon the EQ8 is better??
  19. Its the whole length of the C11, and will be at the end of the tightener grips on the mount saddle...…...
  20. Hi Olly, not sure of its RMS, I also know someone that has some luck with the same set up. I image off axis anyway so that's ok. Ive recently upgraded to a moonlight focuser (more weight all at the eyepiece end) this includes a filter wheel, OAG, Lodestar x2, Atik 314 mono, ect…...another big issue is balance in DEC, im right at the end of the dovetail plate almost, that's without the focal reducer, meaning id have to add even more weight nearer the corrector plate area to balance it. I recon its pushing it somewhat...……….
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