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  1. It's great following the build progress, thanks for posting such detail, it is really appreciated. Good luck with the project, I will following with interest.
  2. Great images Mike, and Welcome to the forum. Jim
  3. Welcome from the cloudy south east of England! I may be picking your brains in the future, just starting out with a view to Astrophotography. Jim
  4. Hi Scorpius, F H Brundle seem to be the place to go here in the UK (www.fhbrundle.co.uk). Most people use the rollers/wheels designed for use with a rolling gate. The raised 'V' groove track seems to be the most popular and maintenance free. I am not sure where you would gets these in the States though, but there must be similar suppliers. Good luck with the build, it will be worth it in the end. Jim
  5. Hi Koen, a warm welcome from the South East of England. Great images, keep them coming! Jim
  6. Hi Koen, a warm welcome from the South East of England. Great images, keep them coming! Jim
  7. Great images, can't wait to see more of Saturn. Jim
  8. If you haven't done so already, check out Stellarium. It is free to download and is easy to use, and will give you some great options to look for. Jim
  9. Welcome to the forum. There is a vast amount of expertise on here which should help you in your decision. I look forward to hearing how you get on. Jim
  10. Nice setup. Can`t wait to see your results. Jim
  11. Well, I have absorbed all of your feedback, thanks everyone who offered advice. Having decided I wanted a 6" Newtonian reflector and then carried out many weeks of research including reading ‘Making every Photon count’ twice ( I think I need to read it again!), and read many informative web pages, I have finally made my purchase. Yesterday, I took delivery of my new scope, a Celestron 8” SCT on the AVX goto mount – nothing like I originally planned! I have spent several hours today, putting all of the pieces together, and aligning the finder scope (focusing on a TV aerial some distance away – from my back garden, it was the best that I could do). I cannot believe it took me longer to align the finder than it did to build the scope, but I learnt a lot in the process. I have well and truly blown the budget, but I am initially impressed with scope and mount, and hope to have many years enjoyment from it. Whilst doing my research, I came across this site which has some good information for anyone starting out or looking to expand their horizons:- http://www.rasclondon.ca/joomla34/member-articless All I need now is some clear sky and I will be out there looking up :-) Let the adventure begin! Jim
  12. What a great start, well done! I am just starting out in astronomy/ astrophotography and if I get a image that is anywhere near as good as your image at my first attempt l all be a very happy man!
  13. Thanks everyone for such a great welcome, and for all the good advice. The book “Making every photon count” seems to be a very sensible start, so the book is on order from First light Optics, I can’t wait to get reading. I am not going to rush in to any purchase, I think it is good advice to speak with the members of my local Astronomy club first, and of course digest the book! So watch this space and I’ll keep you all updated on my progress. Thanks Jim
  14. I have been a member for a few days, and have been following many of the comments with interest. I have finally decided to post my first ever post (first post on any forum – ever, so pretty daunting!). I am new to Astronomy, and although I have always had a very keen interest, I have never had the time to pursue it – but now I have, so I have decided to buy my first Telescope. I am really interested in Astrophotography, and already have a Canon 100d DSLR and a decent Laptop which I intend to use with my new scope. So my question is which scope? All of the reference material I have read states “don’t by a scope until you have joined a club first” which is what I intend to do (Mid Kent Astronomical Society, http://www.midkentastro.org.uk ). The other thing I have also read, is that the mount is the most important piece of Kit (?). So far I have come up with two possibilities:- Sky-Watcher Explorer 150PDS EQ5 PRO GOTO Newtonian Reflector Telescope - £732.00 Celestron Advanced VX Series 6-inch Newtonian Telescope - £762.00 Do you think the VX is worth the extra £30? Cheers Jim
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