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  1. Hi all, Seems like an age since I last posted with weather and tech problems both of wich are still causing problems! Anyway this is a bit of a rough and ready go at the cave nebula between mist, cloud , rain and snow! Taken over a few nights with my first go at dithering. ( only used on Oiii ). 57 Ha 240s and 33 Oiii taken with my ASI 1600 through my SW 72 ED. Its very noisey but at least I managed to get something, Just hope we get some good clear sky soon. Hints and tips welcome.
  2. Hi, for those of you like me who had thought dithering was a black art it aint! did my first go with it last night and it worked like a dream, Thanks Tooth dr for the pointers.
  3. Thanks for the reply, I will try ( Weather permitting ) every other one first as i dont want to eat into my time on target to much.
  4. I have been using both PHD and APT for a few years and have got good guiding, As im waiting for some good clear sky to go outside and play I got around to thinking about dithering as my last Ha run had a lot of walking noise ( more than usual ) so i thought i would give dithering a go on my next session. My main question is. I usually take 240s subs for most targets do i need to dither between each one or is there some magic ratio? Thanks in advance.
  5. like the second one best, much better.
  6. Im still waiting for my winter project target to come into view so as a quick filler I had a go at the Cocoon neb. I havent done this one for a few years and that was with my old Canon 600d. Here is my quick and dirty go with my ASI 1600 in HOO taken through my little SW 72 ED. Ha data seemed good but the Oiii was very messey! 47 x 240s for Ha and 38 x 240 for the Oiii. Im not sure if its worth addinf Si to the image on my next session. Hints and tips most welcome. Thanks for looking in.
  7. V nice, thought seeing was bad but good to have it confirmed.
  8. Thank you, I think you are right.
  9. Not sure if this oned is better.
  10. Thank you, not sure that i got Olympus Mons but ill take it.
  11. Hi all, not sure if it was me or seeing was not good but this is the best of a bad lot. I couldnt seem to get a good focus point and the image was jumping all over the place! Taken with my old SW 127 mak and ASI120mc also used a 1.2 barlow ( that may have been part of the problem as it was thick of dust after sitting at the bottom of things I dont use anymore! lol ) so here it is best 75% 0f 1000 frames. Hints and tips most wecome. thanks for looking. 0
  12. hi, Im planning to to get Mars as soon as i get chance. I have to wait till it clears the garage but its the weather thats also holding me up here.
  13. Thank you, you are being kind. I need to relearn a lot and need some good seeing.
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