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  1. T2 to T2 female to female. I have been doing a search and think i have found one.
  2. Thanks, I have got one here but at the moment i cant get it fitted due to spacing issues, I need to get hold of a 10 to 15mm spacer.
  3. Hi all, well had my second outing with the scope. It is now fitted with a heath robinson motor focuser! makes life a little better. Here are 2 of my runs today, both suffer from newton rings which i will need to deal with in the future. I had to crop the first image as i was heavy handed in the stretch and had all kinds of white bits showing, still i am happy to get someting but need to learn more about the magic art of proccessing solar stuff! any hints, tips and pointer most welcome.
  4. Thank you for the pointers, I have got mine working with a SW motor and a few odd bits. Not as neat as yours above but it does the job, just need some sun to look at!
  5. Hi Rod, thank you. Im using a ASI120mm with a 1.25 reducer and a IR filter. I had to do a bit of a fiddle to get the camera in the right place and need to sort out some proper spacers. The other thing i need to sort is a way to motorise the focusser to make life a bit easier. As for the processing i ran the subs through AS3 and into reg6 and finally colour tweek in Affinity. I know its not the best pic but for my first run I am happy, I will do some more work on it tomorrow. once again thanks for the help and pointers.
  6. That looks so good, I have got imppg and have just watched a tutorial about it. I will give it ago tomorrow and see what i get. thanks for the pointers,
  7. I will have to look into that camera, thanks for the pointer.
  8. Hi Bryan, Thank you. I used an ASI 120 mm Its normally my guide scope camera. I think the pixal size is a little large for my set up so will iget a ASI 178mm when I can scrape some spare cash together. I have a little image shift but found it hard to get good focus with the helical focuser, im looking into getting it motor driven as I think that will help. The scope its self im impressed with although i need to sort out the mounting of the camera as i could only get focus with the tip of the nose piece just in the clamp. I think i need some more time learnig how to proccess solar images, Its
  9. Hi all, this is my first post on the light side, As it was getting to hard to do DSO stuff this time of the year i forced myself to buy a Daystar solar scout to dip my toe into the solar water! Here is my first image, not great by the standards set on the site but im happy that i managed to get the scope to work for me. Any hints and tips would be welcome,
  10. Well this is the first image of the sun i have done, not great but im happy with it. I think I will get to like this scope once I can get a handle on the focussing side.
  11. Thanks for the pointer, I got some images after much faffing. Will have to see what I can do with the focuser.
  12. Do you need a spacer for the camer to reach focus? or can it go straight onto the end of the scope?
  13. Ill be out in the aflernoon as at work in the morning but ill be giving it a go.
  14. Scope has finally arrived, just need some sun to do some test runs. Looks well made.
  15. Hi Rod thanks for the pointers. Scope isnt here yet, thought it would be here today but no sign yet. With the rain coming down outside it may be a good thing! lol. I will post pics at the first chance i get. I have been doing some reading and research, getting the free software for solar stuff and generally try to get my head around it. It seems v different to the deep sky stuff i normally do. onwards and upwards!
  16. A quick question, is the power lead for this scope a micro usb b or c plug?
  17. Just pressed the buy button on one of these after breading this and other reviews, I hope I can make it work with a ASI 120mm till I can save some more pennys for a better camera. Let the learning begin!
  18. Brilliant! that lens is so tempting,, Will have to wait now till we get dark skies again.
  19. Very nice, once we get the night back propper i will give this target ago again. Not done it for a few years.
  20. Hi . Im thinking about either getting a Daystar solar scoutor a lunt 50. Do you think the Scout is a good choise and also what size filter did you use? The image looks great to me.
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