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  1. symmetal

    Just an idea Powerbank Counter Balance?

    Perfectly fine solution as long as your powerbank can supply 12V at sufficient current for you mount etc. The one you've shown is 5V USB only. The Tracer type batteries or similar would work well. The higher capacity ones are heavier but could possibly be accommodated with careful planning. Alan
  2. symmetal

    Stellarium 0.18.2

    That's odd Dave. That used to be a problem but was fixed several releases ago. Any objects behind the drop down oculars window are ignored. At least in the 'standard' operating mode. Are you using ANGLE or MESA mode? Maybe they react differently. Alan
  3. The LNB you've selected is normally used for satellite TV reception so the DC voltage you supply will determine what polarization signal you wish to receive. 12.5V to 14.5V for vertical polarization and 15V to 18V for horizontal polarization. Outside these voltages it won't function properly and above 20V will likely damage the LNB. Alan Ah! Tomato beat me to it.
  4. symmetal

    SGP Framing Mosaic Wizard not working

    If you haven't already got it the SGP update patch is now released for version 3. Alan
  5. Ah! I didn't twig the battery rotated with the dome but as the solar panels do it kind of has to. Alan
  6. Another idea is a low power float charger permanently connected to the battery which you can just switch on when the dome is in use. This model is a reasonable price (3 different models are available), and it says when it switches to maintain mode it's a float charge. Alan
  7. symmetal

    SGP Framing Mosaic Wizard not working

    Ken & Jared (developers) have responded apologising for the late reply but they've been away with limited web access. Ken has said he's fixed the problem and should release a patch later today. The problem was an upgrade made to the Skyview servers. Alan
  8. symmetal

    Lakeside focusing.. Help

    The HFR for your autofocus was done with an exposure of a few seconds. Your actual images had exposures that were a lot longer so tracking errors throughout the exposure of just an arcsecond or so will accumulate and make the final star image larger. Also the longer image exposure will make the stars 'bloat' more than an exposure of a few seconds. I assume SGP doesn't use excessively clipped stars in the HFR reading. After autofocusing I just check the images for reasonably tight round stars and don't look at the HFR value. If you wish take an imaging run with the same exposure as your autofocus and see if the HFR values are then very similar. Alan
  9. symmetal

    Lakeside focusing.. Help

    The mean focus point during autofocus will decrease as the temperature drops during the night. HFR getting worse could be caused by haze or thin high clouds. Also as the altitude of the target decreases 'the seeing' will get worse and make the HFR value increase. Did you notice the SNR of the guide star dropping during the last two images. This is normally a symptom of the sky quality decreasing. Alan
  10. symmetal

    SGP Framing Mosaic Wizard not working

    If the frame/mosaic images are in your cache from previous requests it works OK. Have you tried it from a new target? If it works for you, you could charge people 5p a go to get the cache images for them. Alan
  11. symmetal

    SGP Framing Mosaic Wizard not working

    Up until yesterday neither had I. Have you tried it in the last 24 hrs Steve? There's a lot of posts on the SGP forum reporting the same problem. Still no response from the developers. Alan
  12. The wizard returns a blank 'Error' when fetching the image. There are reports on the SGP forum of this and it seems SGP is not handling the image response from NASA properly. Pasting the failed image request listed in the error log into a web browser returns the image OK. It seems the format might have changed such that SGP doesn't accept it. No response from the developers yet. Alan
  13. symmetal

    Yet another battery box

    Lead-acids in parallel is fine as long as they are the same type and capacity. Just charge each separately before connecting in parallel to avoid one discharging into the other if they have different charge states. Also wire each battery direct to the junction box with the same size/length wire to give balanced charging. If you connect the batteries together and then run wires from one battery to the junction box, the wire resistance to the 'furthest' battery will be higher so when charging in parallel the battery 'closest' will get a higher charging current. Alan
  14. symmetal

    Yet another battery box

    Great idea and it all fits inside nicely. Others may think it's your solution for getting around the ban on laser pointers. Alan
  15. Yes, you got 20mW. I expect these only give their specified outputs in direct bright sunshine, but the readings you got don't look too promising. If you can't get at least 14V from them then they aren't going to do any charging. Try again in sunshine to see what you get, before you consign them to the bin. Alan

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