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  1. Hi all, well after several false starts due to tech problems ( some still not sorted as you can see in the image ) I went for M16, Inspired by the brill images of this target put on here by other folk I was hopping to do a HSO image but with the problems and weather all I have managed is 23 x240 Ha subs. M 16 has now passed so close to next doors house that the rest will have to wait till next year. As you can see I have tracking problems and I think the spacing for the FF is a little off. It all worked before the summer break and the quick test in the house seemed to show all systems go
  2. Saw that as I was packing up, was going to see if I could get a quick snap of them both but cloud stopped play.
  3. I think that is amazing! Need to get some time on this target myself but all we have is clouds!
  4. Nice, glad somebody is getting clear skies, just cloud and more cloud here!
  5. V nice, I can see why these lenes are so popular. Started saving for one myself but spent the cash on something else, will have to start the fund again!
  6. Stunning! I was thinking of doing this target as my season starter but need to be quick as it hides its self behind trees!
  7. V nice, looking like a storm brewing.
  8. Thanks for the pointer, i will check it out.
  9. Hi Nigella, Thank you. Im alredy using a tilt plate and have got it at such an angle that looks ridiculous. I think its the camera. Im hopeing to invest on a ASI 178mm to see if that helps. I have been using ImPPG but find it very fickel to use, sometimes I get what i think is a good result with it but I cant seem to get it to work everytime.
  10. V good. I tried to do that today but mine is not worth showing but I did learn a lot.
  11. Very warm again today but thought i would have a play, not to much for me to see but here they are. Taken with a daystar solar scout and a ASI 120mm Hints and tips welcome. Thanks for looking.
  12. Hi, thanks for the info, BTW great vid!
  13. Wow, that is fantastic. I dont know how you keep going during the summer! i havent played with deep sky stuff since mid May and will only start about mid Aug. Just been using the summer to start solar stuff.
  14. No sun here, v impressive images.
  15. Hi Dave, I have been looking into another reducer I have got one fitted that I found but Im not sure if its 0.5 or 0.75 lol. I have a tilt adapter fitted and have tried it at loads of tilt angles an it doesnt seem to make a lot of differance. Ill keep plugging at it though. H, saving a few pennys for a new camera at the moment ( need to sneak it in past the wife! lol ) Im look at either ASI 178mm or ASI 290mm. I have asked in another forum as to which would be better.
  16. Rushed home from work yesterday to set up as the sun was out. I only took a few vids as the heat was not good but when i started looking at the data i seem to have alot of verticl lines as well as the dreaded newton rings! Anyway here are the results taken with my Daystar Solar Scope and a ASI 120mm. Hint tips and pointers most welcome. thanks for looking.
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