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  1. My OOUK is F6.3 and the APM 30mm UFF is mind blowing in it. It really does feel like I've got my head in a glass bubble looking into the cosmos. They're not cheap but omg they're worth every penny. p.s. I caught the Veil in it last winter amazing
  2. Would this be suitable.....? http://apm-telescopes-englisch.shopgate.com/item/333631373637 I have one and it is simply magnificent.
  3. Ally8446

    Good afternoon

    How do Sam, welcome
  4. Your 'Norn Iron' header made me chuckle. I have friends from your neck of the woods. Welcome to the forum
  5. In all probability the 92 show was the one I witnessed. I was based at Lossiemouth, 8 lads off out for a few libations, stopped us dead in our tracks. Didn't get to the pub for at least another hour. It was incredible, the sky was on fire.
  6. You won't go far wrong with BST Starguiders https://www.firstlightoptics.com/bst-starguider-eyepieces.html For the money, they're great.
  7. I have the VX10L also and I can assure you that your focus troubles are now over. The in built extender is definitely required to bring any eyepiece to focus. Marvellous telescopes, I love mine.
  8. Yep, another vote for APM UFF 30mm. In my OOUK F6.3 10" dob the views are incredible. It makes you feel like you are actually in space. Brilliant eyepiece.
  9. Great first scope. Welcome
  10. That's great news, thanks. Is that a Berlebach tripod ?
  11. Marvellous. I shall be searching the second hand market in the near future. Thanks for your assistance all. Al
  12. I was hoping someone was going to suggest the AZ4 as it's a little cheaper than the AZ5. Would I need a pier extension at all ? Also, will the ED80 fit straight onto the AZ4 or will I need an adapter etc. Last one, aluminium or steel leg tripod ? I really appreciate everyone's help, thank you. Al
  13. Right guys, I think, possibly, this might be the one. Sky-Watcher Evostar 72ED or the 80. With budget in mind what tripod and AZ manual mount (from a weight pov) would be required. I'm factoring in the obligatory diagonal, not sure what di-electric means though . Are there any other must haves that I'd need ? Really appreciate all your help/input. Cheers Al
  14. Still deliberating guys, I'm not ignoring your replies.
  15. Back in the late 80s my dad lived in WK. We used to take our kayaks down to Portencross and paddle over to Millport. It's a place I've often thought, I wonder what it's like for LP with astronomy in mind. Do you live nearby ?
  16. Like I said, I'm open to any other suggestions. Mainly it'll be planets and lunar, maybe some double splitting. The lack of aperture limits the DSOs but then that's what the OO dob is for. Can you get diagonals for binos ? I would imagine targets anywhere near zenith would be very awkward. Thoughts ?
  17. I'm considering the possibility of getting a grab and go set-up. Something I can throw over my shoulder and nip out the back garden (rather than planning a trip to my dark site with my OOUK 10" F6.3). I really have no idea other than I don't think binos are the answer. My budget should be around £400 preferred - £600 at an absolute push. This has caught my eye - Bresser Messier AR-127S / 635 Refractor OTA I know nothing of refractors/mak cas/cats so I'm open to any suggestions or advice. I'm purely visual btw so that should help. TIA Al
  18. I would agree that there are wires crossed Imo you should be able to use an 8mm very regularly. On the occasion, 5mm. I'd doubt you'd ever get to use 2.5mm (5mm barlowed)
  19. Your maximum magnification would be around x225. It's generally accepted that the maximum mag is 50x the scope aperture. That said, 5mm ep barlowed would give you 200x mag, usable but only in exceptionally good conditions. The target would move across your very narrow fov so quickly. I lived in Wolves for 8 years but have lived in Wales for the last 16.
  20. I'd say go with the BSTs, they're a cracking eyepiece for the money. One thing I would point out. I don't see the point in you getting a Barlow with the EP focal lengths you have stated. The 18mm barlowed would give you the equivalent of 9mm, you would already have an 8mm. Also, 8mm and 5mm barlowed would give you 4mm & 2.5mm respectively. Those kind of powers would very rarely be usable in UK skies. 2.5mm would probably be unusable as the magnification would be too great. My advice would be to go for 18, 12 & 8mm, forget about the Barlow for now. Just my opinion of course.
  21. Unfortunately hip flasks and driving don't mix in my experience . The drive is only 15 minutes..... but I make up for it when I get home with my 'mate' Jameson Slàinte mhòr
  22. GOLF ? FISHING ? Far too strenuous Dave. Like I said, I very very rarely get the chance to go up to my dark site. I took the chance tonight and had a very reasonable 2 hours checking in with some 'old friends'. It was marvelous but I seriously underestimated the wind chill. Fortunately that coincided with the clouds rolling in. All in all I'm happy with the outcome.
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