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  1. Adey21

    New to sgl

    Thank you Mark for such an informative and clearly knowledgable response. I’ll try to take it all onboard in segments and use all the information you’ve given me as a reference point to get myself set up. thank you again
  2. Hi all. I’m very new to viewing the cosmos through telescopes. Always had a big interest though. I’ve just bought a used skywatcher skyhawk 1145 on a goto mount and I’m looking for any advice as to how to get the best out of the scope. It came with the 2x Barlow and 2 eyepieces it was originally packaged with but I was hoping(weather permitting) to get some good views of the planets and maybe some galaxies, nebula, clusters etc. Any advice will be very much appreciated
  3. Adey21

    New to sgl

    Hi, I’m new to SGL. Found it whilst searching for a scope. I’ve always been interested in the sky and space above us all and finally got my first scope yesterday. I was really wanting to buy a 8” dobsonian but i couldn’t find any in stock anywhere until late October. So I settled(for now!) for a second hand skywatcher skyhawk 1145p on a AZ goto mount. I’m basically looking for any help/ info anyone can give me to get the most from the skywatcher while I save for the next scope
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