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  1. Hi @Jasonb sorry for the delayed response I have been using mine for a cppl of months now just in my back garden on an estate with a very close street light however have not noticed any major issues with stray light or dew I have created a simple light shroud from foam @Lockie has a great video on YouTube which I have followed to make one for under £15 and it works perfectly
  2. Thanks guys have just ordered the baader and am probably going to upgrade to the bst starguider EP’s in due course, out of interest anyone know what the stock EP’s FOV are with the heritage 150p?
  3. Hi all, am needing a Barlow for my new dob, skywatcher heritage 150p with stock ep’s (10mm and 25mm super wide) am stuck between the baader classic Q x2.25 or the bst starguider 2 x short Barlow. Does anyone have any experience with both and recommend which one is best?
  4. Hi, good choice I’m starting off with the easier to view objects such as moon (terminator line) crater detail and planets Saturn Jupiter Mars and Neptune are fairly easy to see and view at moment then start to look at some of the Messier objects that I’ve elsewhere through 7x50 bins so will see quite a bit more through this scope there’s some good posts on here regarding these objects and should keep you very busy for a while but anything like me just enjoy looking up! Download a good star app I use starwalk 2 but these plenty of good ones or if a books more your thing buy “turn left at Ori
  5. Thanks, looking forward to many conversations, advice and being apart of the sgl community all seem a very knowledgeable and friendly bunch so far
  6. Hi all my first scope has finally arrived after years of viewing through small bins! Thanks to FLO for great service can’t wait for some clear skies later this week but first of all a couple of mods to the scope
  7. Thanks for the advice, I am planning to give the stock EP’s a go first I’m assuming there just the budget skywatcher ones you see on ELO so think the plan will be to start off with a 2x or 2.5x Barlow then go for a 15mm EP then upgrade the stock ones over time and then have a play around with filters.
  8. Thanks for the advice I have to admit I know the basics behind eyepieces but not too much else I assumed the stock 10mm would be lacking a bit and have also been recommended the baader by someone else already. Yes understandably I’ll have to check the stock issues, luckily FLO should have my 150p out to me in a couple of weeks so not having to wait that long they have been good at letting me know lead times and stock levels so I’ll reach out to them. Thanks
  9. Hi all, have just taken the plunge and ordered my first telescope after years of viewing through bins! Have gone for the Skywatcher Heritage 150p dob it comes with a basic 10mm and 25mm eyepiece was wondering if anyone has any must have suggestions to get me started not looking to break the bank but some good all rounders first purchase will probably be a Barlow lens any suggestions appreciated!
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