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  1. Hi, Don't know if you ever had a answer or been successful, set the camera to manual and I believe there should be some indication of under or exposure after you've had a guess at the ISO and shutter speed.
  2. Hi, Thank you both for the quick reply. Yes my VX10 has focuser inbuilt tube, being about 50mm in length. I read this as the inbuilt tube must be fully extended, eyepiece fitted to that, then use the focuser to focus. Having spent 55 years in photography and many lenses later , things are different in this astronomy world!! Will try when the rain stops, but many thanks to you all. Nigel
  3. First time post; Taken delivery of a new VX10 Dobson Mount with Plossl 25mm eyepiece on Christmas Eve and over the last days have tried to checked collimation, living on Guernsey it was a road journey and a sea journey for delivery so anything could happen! What ever I do I am unable to bring anything into focus in the eye piece, near or far. What am I missing, does collimation mean nothing will be in fous or is another attachment required for the eyepiece. Nigel
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