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  1. In my experience most 'imaging optimised' refractors should be able to binoview natively as they usually have a big focusing range to allow for cameras, filter wheels, OAGs etc. And you know you have plenty of in-focus range when you can add a Herschel wedge into the train and STILL reach focus with no gpc etc.
  2. +1 for a pier option. I'd probably have brought my own AZ100 by now if it was available.
  3. I used to use Maplins for flight cases, but as sadly they are no more have had to look further afield. Astroshop EU is a place i've ordered from who seem pretty good, but there are other options.... https://www.astroshop.eu/telescope-accessories/transport-storage/multi-purpose-cases/15_60_60
  4. A good flight case or musical instrument case. Usually they have removable 'cubed foam' pieces so you can customise the inside to your requirements. Heres a case i had a few years ago
  5. .....and there was me thinking it had 4 'blades' rather than 3. That might explain why i've not seen it
  6. I'm interested to know the focusing range. Does it have a scale on it. I find when binoviewing i need around a 70mm range to work with low power / high power with my Baader system. Its difficult and the tube ideally needs to be just the right length. But with the OCA i thought it would be easier. If you adjust it so you can get focus with the low power arm in, with the focuser almost fully raked in, are you then running out of out focus in high power mode ?
  7. Captain......the stars ? They've gone !! (Pavel Andreivech Checkov) Great image
  8. Lifting and manoeuvring a heavy Berlebach tripod can often be hazardous. The weight of it can make it close rather abruptly as you lift it upwards invariably resulting in crushed fingers underneath.
  9. A boat anchor.........love it There are a few of them around........
  10. It gives a 7mm + exit pupil. And out focus (lack of it) is the issue in my scope not in focus ! I have pretty small 54 yr old pupils. When i tried the 35 Pan the shadow from the secondary mirror was all too apparent, off putting in fact. I had exactly the same issue with an old retired scope, a 12" F4 using my 31 Nagler (now sold) as well. So i thought i'd need an eyepiece in the 20mm range to negate this. My 35 Pan was a recent second hand buy. I could try it in one of my refractors but i doubt i'd use it much longterm.
  11. Thanks to all for your input. @Louis D I'm not there in the astigmatism department just yet. My last eye test a year ago revealed 1/4 diopters in my weaker right eye and somewhere between 0 and 1/4 in my left. I don't use eye glasses to observe. @Rainmaker Probably my main concern is whether the N22 is as well corrected as the E21. As its a Type 4 i've read its not as good as the Type 6 and certainly not as good with 'fast' scopes below F5. My Orion Optics is F4.8 You also don't see so many N22s come up second hand. The E21 is in the used ads more often (around the £500 mark) and i wonder if thats because users have tried them and like you say, not found them so easy to use. I will do some more looking at the APM XWA 20mm as i've been very impressed with their 15mm/65º series, and possibly the ES 17/92 or 20/100 although i'm not a fan of their tapered barrels. Also i could indeed just stick with a Pan 24, but these are really my binoviewing eyepieces, and i'm really looking for a widefield 2 incher to fill the gap between my current 12.5mm and 35mm options. Also the 35Pan i have won't work with my Newtonian.
  12. Worth pointing out that the TEC oil spaced design only has a few drops of oil between the lens elements, not half a pint or anything like that. Theres nothing much really to leak and the lens cell is designed optimally for this optical design, which is tried and tested over 20 years. TEC made around 750 140mm units an i bet the fluorite versions are over 100 strong now.
  13. Hi folks, I'm looking at sourcing a second hand low power, rich field eyepiece for my 10" OO Newtonian 1200mm F4.8 shorttube. Has anyone used either the 21mm Ethos, or 22mm Type 4 Nagler or both ?? I'm interested to know your thoughts, pros and cons. The 22 Nagler has the better eye relief , but the 21E has the wider field of view. Or should i simply stick with 1.25" eypeieces and just use my 24 Panoptic ?? Thanks in advance for your thoughts and opinions
  14. "Mey" musicians stool is what i use. They are German, Flo used to stock them but you can still order them direct from Thomann. I find them ideal : solid build, adjust up and down in a second and will tilt left and right. https://www.thomann.de/gb/mey_chair_systems_af6_kl_bk.htm
  15. I'd always recommend the BB Planet over a lighter tripod if your mounting a 5" + refractor or a heavy SCT etc, certainly if its in the 10 - 15kg weight category. Its certainly heavy at 11 kg, but the stability it gives you is worth it in terms of cost and weight. I've even been experimenting using a 10" Newtonian on my own alt-az mount + Planet. It was a definite no-go with my lighter Uni-18, but with the Planet its a viable option (as long as its not too windy )
  16. I've been watching it a bit from Derby. With my 105mm refractor. Seeing is pretty grim here as well (surprise surprise) It seemed a bit better earlier on before Io reached the limb, and i could make out the GRS pretty well. I've been half blinded by the moon a few times as well....
  17. @Lee_P Nice review, thanks for posting
  18. Just had a look at a couple of mine, and the answer to your question is not often enough. Not something i worry too much about in all honesty unless there's something obviously amiss. I always use a rocket blower bulb first and if theres need the trusty Baader optical wonder fluid is there in reserve. The BOW fluid is the stuff to use. Highly recommended. I remember at a society public viewing event a good few years ago i had a queue of people waiting to look at Lunar. I had the binoviewer set up (not the best of ideas) but everything seemed well with lots of oohs and arrs. One lady though had a ton of make up on and after she's gone i found both my trusty 24 Panoptics nicely covered in mascara. No problem for the wonder fluid though ; once home they had a good clean and both came up perfect. Its good stuff. And this : The micro fibre cloth that comes with it is big. I tend to use an 'unused bit' each time. And once its pretty much all used up i ditch the cloth. I don't wash it. A replacement from Baader (either a cloth or a whole new wonder fluid set) isn't too expensive and a lot cheaper than having to replace a scratched eyepiece etc
  19. I think here lies the problem. In my location, the atmosphere NEVER supports it. And in my case the mirror was rarely equilibrated. Not 100% anyway. Maybe 90% on occasion.
  20. The DM-4 is not 'motorizable' . Neither is it a dual scope mount.
  21. I looked at a TOA130 as well, and read the same. The 3 elements are pretty widely spaced apart.
  22. Yes, 13 month wait for my 140 (delivered Sept 2019) I did a bit better with the 105 : Rupert supplied that in a couple of months. Timed it right i guess.
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