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  1. Thanks so much for the speedy response and the awesome little diagram. Oh yes so I can. I'm now wondering if this is how I had it set up. I must start taking photos of my set up so if I need to take time away I don't have so many brain farts when I pick it back up again. Just got to wait for a clear night (sat here listening to the rain pounding on the conservatory roof). I will post back and let you know how I get on. Many thanks Marc
  2. Apologies for the slow response. This is how I have the camera attached (see photo). I have a 1.25" adaptor which I mount via the eyepiece holder. This is what I did last time. Last time I did the majority of my viewing through backyard eos however when struggling with the focus issues I was just using the viewer and live view on the back of the camera. Hope this helps Marc
  3. Hi, yes I am attaching it straight to the focus tube with the adaptor. I see what you are saying about the position of the mirror up the threads. The threads don't allow a massive amount of travel, would that be enough to knock it out of focus? I can get focus when observing visually just not with the camera. When I took the mirror out to clean it I did shear one of the clip screws but this was when undoing it, not doing it back up. Could this have messed it up? Many thanks
  4. Hello all, It's been a while since I have posted on here and since I have imaged the sky. It's amazing how much you can forget when you don't do something regularly. The problem I'm having is when I attach my DSLR camera to my Skywatcher 250pds I am struggling to get it into focus. I know I have done it before because I have imaged with the same setup. I have taken the primary out to clean it but put it back and collimated. I have had to order a new eqdir lead as my old one is no longer compatible so am using the time to swat back up. Any thoughts you may have would be great. Many th
  5. Thanks guys. Yes interesting indeed. I will be questioning my children in the morning as chewing gum does not make its own way in. I was leaning towards warm water and trying to pick it off with cotton wool to protect the surface of the mirror. Would you leave it in the cell or remove it? Thanks again
  6. Good evening. I am after a bit of advice for cleaning my 10" primary mirror. It has been a while since i have used my scope so I took it out this afternoon to collimate it and noticed some items sitting on my mirror. I tipped it up and out dropped a couple of very small children's toys. I also noticed a couple of blue marks on the mirror so I popped it out and it turns out to be (or at least it smells like it) chewing gum. Each piece is about 3-4mm in size. I have read up on general cleaning of the mirror but not sure about the gum. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many th
  7. That is awesome. My best effort with my 1100d below. The detail you got is great. Thanks for posting.
  8. Good detail for not great seeing. Liking the wide angle.
  9. Thanks for clarifying. I am going down the finder guider route so will explore the use of rings instead of the bracket. Many thanks.
  10. Great idea. What are the advantages of using rings as opposed to the standard finder bracket?
  11. Evening all. I am in the process of building my own arduino dc focuser. I will be using it to drive my Skywatcher auto focuser which has a RJ11 connection. I am planning on connecting a RJ11 socket from my driver board but am not sure how to ascertain which of the RJ11 pins should be wired. If anyone could pass on any pearls of wisdom that would be great. Many thanks Marc
  12. Thanks for all the replies folks. That's enabled me to order nearly everything I need just a couple of bits left to order now. Kind regards Marc
  13. The Lizard is 40 mins south of me, maybe Ill give it a try one day Steve :-) If the rain and cloud ever goes away :-(
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