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  1. I am pretty sure a 130 or 150 pds, second hand, would fall way below budget and could be set on a basic alt-az tripod giving a decent set up for the budget. That is, if you are not against second hand.
  2. Gutted, just ordered a 130pds , you put this post on less than an hour after I placed the order... and I am in Bournemouth. GUT.TED.
  3. I confirm, I use this one and it is absolutely perfect - and dirt cheap.
  4. I bought one second hand with a C8N. For visual, best value for money ever - but for AP, C8N + DSLR + Guiding 60mm = weight at/beyond the limit (11kg for the OTA alone) and tube giving too much sail effect. I bought a SW130PDS seconds ago - litterally! (FLO, if you read this...) to put on the CG5 which I know for a fact will be an overkill for this OTA. In my experience, the CG5 can carry efficiently up to 8kg for AP, probably up to 12-15 for visual. With just the C8N+50mm finder (=12kg) , the tracking is performing above and beyond duty (routinely 60s unguided) Here is a 1x 90s taken with this setup (yesterday night!) and ok, there is not a lot of data but that shows you the tracking obtained at 90s : the stars are not perfectly round, but still, pretty damn close, without guiding. So, the mount definitely carries the weight.
  5. Yes. I have a very small garden in the middle of a suburb, so very little line of sight (and nothing below 25°alt) and it's submitted to city light and neighbour's windows lights 24/7.
  6. Yes, I am considering CST's too, but at the moment tbh 1) I am not clear with the perfs (2000mm+ of focal length? I am scratching my head. F10? For AP... Not sure about that) and 2) the 9.25 would be a financial stretch which I am "uncomfortable" with now. Having looked at the question under every possible angle, it seems that in any case, whatever the ota, the mount will always be the weak link at the end of the day. 15kg or 40kg, it actually changes nothing : I am not walking with it to my usual spot, it will have to be by car, so it makes sense to go oversized (as much as my finances allow). Once I have a real "feel" of what those xxl mount really give, then I will be much more in the clear to what I really need for a bit of hobbyist AP. It might be the case that a 130pds is just fine, or I turn to refractors or to CSTs... I am open minded. I'll first spend some time playing with the 114+dslr+neq6 and then... then, in a few months, I'll consider the rest ;-) If I really think a massive ota investment is useful, I'll do it. I'll stay with my 6" max in the meantime. I've waited 40years to be able to get into the hobby, I can wait 2/3 months for the next upgrade ;-)
  7. Well, the hunt was short It seems that, thx to a member of the forum, I'll have a neq6 within a couple of weeks.
  8. Considering your answers, and the fact that I already have a 114-f9 and a 150-f5, I came to the conclusion that first and foremost, what I really need is the max-payload mount I can find. So the hunt for neq6 begins then, after a few months, I'll figure if a 10" f4 is of interest for me and would be confortable atop the mount. I will in any case try to find a modern 100 or 130mm with a DS focuser.
  9. I was unable to locate this ota+coating options, do you have a link by any chance?
  10. After a few extra nights punching holes in what grey matter I have left, I decided it's not gonna be dob, it's gonna be heq5pro (or eq6 if good 2nd hand deal). We'll change the car for a big estate anyways. I am still uncertain though as for the OTA, i am really considering the sw explorer 200pds (or maybe 250), but is there something obviously "better" in the same kind of aperture+price?
  11. The VX mount is a lead to explore, I need to figure out how it compares to the heq5 pro (similar price) A dobsonian non goto...I din't know, I haven't really thought of it. My first reaction is, it would have to be a "foldable" one if we really are to load two of those beasts in the car...
  12. The paradox we encountered is the following : - the 114 alt/az goto is pretty good at tracking but does not have the pure light power for AP. Magnification is great but resolution is low. AP is possible but rotation occurs even at 20s expositions... - the 150 has much more light gathering power but its mirror is beyond [censored]. (Big boss seben) And the eq3/ra is too flimsy for any AP other than planetary. (Allowing ultra short exposures) So we want something that would solve those issues and give the better of both : aperture, stability, resolution, Goto. Now, I understand why you both say "dobsonian" but it still is fundamentally an altaz (field rotation)... And in any case, I don't think I can gather the budget (or the space in the car) for a 10/12dob goto + a 8/10 eq5. If anything, I'd rather limit the aperture to 8/10 on the same budget but have a rock solid goto eq mount and a first class set of mirrors. I was watching the skywatcher 250 pds + heq5 pro (£1500 new), but I am not clear on the quality of its primary ?
  13. Hi all, After quite some time using a alt/az goto 114mm and a 150mm on eq3+RA motor, the GF and I have decided to break the piggy bank and step things up. Like, step things UP, WAY UP. Specifically, we are thinking 250 or 300 mm on HEQ5 PRO or even 6. We also would like a 2" focuser. The main is visual (we have a thing for M objects + Jupiter and Saturn... Don't ask) but beginning some decent AP is also on the table. (We have all it takes for that... Except OTA+mount!) Budget is £1500, stretchable but not too much ! Of course we have a few ideas already, but if you have in mind "the" combination ota+mount for us, i'd be happy to hear about it... ;-)
  14. Well, thanks for your answers, I think the case is judged without appeal. I have found a SPC900. On both my celestron 114lcm and the 150-750 it can't get exactly in focus even with a barlow2x and I am not ready to modify those. The idea was to modify this tube (moving the focal point outwards) to do mainly planetary video/stacking and maybe try with the dslr for big easy DSOs (M31 and so on) - that, was the plan. As for mounts, it the LCM and the EQ3 (modified for more stability). I guess I will have to search another cheap OTA "spares or repair"
  15. Hi all, I received a second hand (tbh honest, probably a 37th hand) meade 4504. First surprise, it's a 2" focuser ??? Anyway, the plan was to modify it for astrophoto (moving the primary upwards). So I dismantled it to the last screw in order to clean it thoroughly and have the tube naked. Bad news, both mirrors are clearly whitened, it looks like the silver coating has somehow oxidized. Difficult to explain, and I was unable to take a proper picture of the phenomenon, but it is really evident with the naked eye. It's a bit like there is a deposit of calcium underneath the coating, or as if the metal had just got dull rather than shiny over the years. Of course I could just discard it, (we are speaking a £17 investment.... I'll survive) or send it back to the seller, but I thought, maybe there is someone here with a genius idea ?
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