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    r/c helicopter's. fishing, caravan breaks, beer and I enjoy sitting in the dark watching clouds!!!!!
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  1. New Star Gazer in Essex

    Mognet, thanks for the heads up on this evening, will try to visit , sorry to gatecrash your post Olisuds, another Essex boy!!! ,
  2. 35mm Nikon die-hard upgrading

    dont know if this will muddy the view, I bought the Nikon D7200 last year, and while I havent used it much for astro photography, the odd time I attempted it I haven't been disappointed, yes there are regular updates for Nikon camera's, however, in the last 15 months I have only updated mine once, and it was very easy,free download, plug in camera via supplied usb lead and it does it for you, Must say though, after 35 mm it was /is a huge learning curve, but so much cheaper and quicker than film. good luck, Lum, Also if you are happy with 2nd hand, have you looked at MPB.com, D5500 with shutter counts from 10157 @ £409, just a thought,
  3. Just How Much Have YOU Spent?

    my biggest concern is that if i snuff it , the wife will probably give my cameras scope etc away cos she believes it was only a "few quid" lol
  4. Waning Gibbous Moon 88% illumination

    yes, like this, gives me something to aspire to, similar lens, same camera. thanks bud, keep em coming, Lum
  5. Took some pictures with a new lens tonight, not too sure what I am doing yet, but at least they are whole, when I use my skywatcher 127 mac I can never get the whole moon in, managed it tonight, will try with a tripod next time, didn't realise just how weighty this lens was till I was outside with no tripod !! but seems the image stabilization works !
  6. I have the set up you are thinking of, and first, I found the mount was ok for visual,but there was a lot of wobble when trying to take even short exposures, so much that I upgraded to an "EQ5 goto," which is now looking to be uprated to the EQ6, wife and finances allowing, I also found that with the Skywatcher 127 mak I was struggling to get the whole moon in the frame, I use an Olympus dslr, and a Nikon D 7200 dslr, not too sure if its me or just not the correct set up, I would be inclined, if doing it all again, to wait til I can afford the higher level equipment and buy it once, hope this doesn't put you off, and hope you can save a few bob from my experiences, good luck, Lum
  7. just to throw a bit more confusion at you, I started with a "Skywatcher Skymax 127 synscan AZ goto. and have gone for a Skywatcher EQ5 pro go to as the first tripod suffered terrible shakes when trying to view any thing especially if it was windy. hope this helps you Lum Essex
  8. dont know if its good or bad, however I used a silicone grease, I use this at work for gas taps and it sems to work Ok, not sure who makes it but if you know a heating/gas engineer they usually have a tube lying around in their vans,
  9. Rattle in my Mak 150

    could save an inquisitive from making the same mistake, thanks ,
  10. Rattle in my Mak 150

    As its all back up and working, can we ask what was the "embarrassing operator error ?" or is it best not to ask? lol
  11. Nikon D7200 clip-in filters

    just been reading up about lpf's and it seems with the high density of pixels on the D7200 this filter would be surplus to requirement, I have copied a link for google "nikon clip-in LPF" and am quoting from " www.techradar.com/...video.../non-low-pass-filters " hope this might clarify your concern and maybe save you a few quid, I also have the D7200 and bought it for astrophotography, havent had it very long so i am not up to speed with it yet, big learning curve after my old Olympus's, good luck and maybe someone else can offer you more helpful advise, Lum Essex UK
  12. I have a new job

    good luck JNB, hope it is as good as it sounds, Lum UK
  13. AC to DC power

    just a thought. if you are using 240 volt supply outside. it would ere on the safety side to plug your supply lead into a rcd plug, at least if there is a short you will be safe and the electric will stop, you can pick one up in Argos for about £10. or google it. Lum
  14. try baby wipes, gentle cleaning and as they are safe for baby bums would think they should be safe on plastics, however might pay to try on an older or less visible part, just in case they do react with your tube/tripod.
  15. Sinking Moon

    now I know I should have been out last night, especially if you had clear sky in Billericay, and what have we got tonight?? lol, Lum, Southminster,