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  1. what did the postman bring? does this include DPD, Got my nice QHY polemaster from First light optics .Arrived Tuesday, wanted to try it before posting this, and yes it is as good as the reviews suggest, thanks to FLO for quick dispatch and easy ordering, Much happy person in Essex,
  2. good luck, and happy birthday, I see your predicament, hope you find a bargain though,
  3. Lotinsh, just a suggestion, buy the best you can afford or you will be forever trying to buy better on a limited budget, if you have to put buying on hold for a few months you will be in the position to save up and buy when you find the "bargain" I have been there, I mow have an EQ6 R pro, having bought 2 cheaper mounts which were not upto the task, so, from experience I will say it will pay you back in the long run, good luck and clear skies,
  4. Jim Hardy. big thumbs up for the QHY pole Master, just fitted it on my EQ6R-pro and used it last night for the first time and had the best alignment I have ever achieved in about 6 minutes, , no more trying to get my aged back to bend so i could use the polar scope, and regards your camera, I use a Nikon D7200 with happy (to me) results, so , in my opinion, don't rush to buy a dedicated camera till you have spent a bit of time using your D7100 first, there will be plenty of other "must haves" as you go deeper into this hobby.
  5. Jasonb Have a look at the scopes on First Light Optics web page , you can see the details of all the Skywatcher models(and other makes) and while you are there start a "wish list" oops sorry !!!
  6. Dhinson919 thanks for the post Sunday 21:04 great but of advise, really appreciate you taking the time to post, got 2 handsets which would probably be in need of updates, but keep putting it off as I am a great believer in " if it ain't broke,........ " truth be told, wasn't sure how to do it, but with your post feel a lot more confident, thanks Lum.
  7. Maybe try the EQ6R Pro page, following as I am also in similar boat, here's hoping, lol
  8. yea. good luck with the clouds, had my ED6R pro for a month and havent been able to use it in anger yet, too cloudy and wet, lol
  9. remember in the 70'swhen my dad edited a camping magazine, being given a "[sounds like Nanny] pack" made by the rucksac manufacturer "camptrails" from America, And as an 11 year old rolling with laughter at the name, !!!!
  10. Great need Ron, and thanks Dave, seems my knees are known in my trade as "Gasmans knee" 40 years of crawling around working on gas boilers, wish I had listened to the "old fitters" who were always banging on about kneepads, but the knowledge and experience of youth knew better!! happy New year to you both,
  11. Asked the wife what the weather was doing as she was nearer the window, her reply(I kid not) "don't know it's too foggy and dark to see!!!!"
  12. Sod it, tell her you are being sent to work in Antactica and have a year away!!!!!
  13. Hi Ron, like you I am waiting on a knee op, so can understand were you are at this time,hope you can see light at the end of that tunnel and remember too, that we are all.here for each other, so you need a chat just ask, stay safe bud, all the best , Lum Essex
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