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  1. Stunning aurora photos, love the reflections!
  2. Hello from Edinburgh

    Hey Davy Harperrig is indeed a popular spot especially those from the Central Scotland Observers Group, they are friendly bunch so its worth dropping them line as they organise meet ups when the clouds are away. Its a good opportunaty to meet like minded folk for help and advice and to check out some astro gear . I more of an imager so my not-so-portable gear is planted in my garden in Duddingston
  3. Hello from Edinburgh

    Hi Davy wishing you a warm welcome to SGL from someone else in Edinburgh!
  4. Feb 2nd Moon

    Not done any lunar imaging for a while so felt a bit rusty... at least in the processing side of things Stack of 600 frames from Canon 80D attached to ED120
  5. 02_02_17 Tempted by the Moon

    Incredible at 600mm x2 handheld!
  6. M1 Bi-Colour

    Stunning detail you managed to capture there!
  7. Hi from Edinburgh

    Hi and welcome to SGL (also from Edinburgh)
  8. Collimating a William Optics Star 71

    Do those two screws (behind that single finder screw) come in contact with the draw tube at all? I had a finder / guidescope attached using those two screws as well because the spacing was perfect
  9. fantastic shots of the aurora, looking forward to seeing the timelapse
  10. NGC2359 - Thors Helmet

    Loving the 2nd version too, has a more natural look to me but amazing work as always Sara
  11. Bi-colour ngc2244 Rosette Nebula

    Thats a great Rosette, clean, detailed and really well processed
  12. WO STAR 71.

    The silver thumbscrew locks the rotator in place while the three brass screw hold the rotator so you'll need to loosen all four screws before it pops out. There's a teflon ring in there too so make a note where that goes as it could pop out. I agree with Mike about the lack of documentation, even the drawing on the FLO page doesn't indicate a spot for the 2"
  13. WO STAR 71.

    Originally I was thinking of getting a 1.25" IDAS to use in place of my LUM filter for LP duties but since I had a 2" version from my previous setup I didn't want to spent more money on another IDAS. I toyed with the idea of mounting it onto the M48 before the camera as that seemed like the only spot but didn't think the filter would take the weight of the camera. As a last resort I unscrewed the camera rotator (held by those 3 brass screws) and to my surprise there's a spot inside the rotator where you can screw in a 2" filter !!
  14. WO STAR 71.

    I have my AA guide scope mounted on top of the WO S71 and works a treat. Originally it was attached to a finder shoe with those 2 silver screws but decided to go for a stronger solution even though it was guiding ok
  15. NGC 7000 first attempt

    I managed couple of hours here and there in between the clouds and storms to gather some HA and OIII with the WO S71 Its been tricky processing bi-colour and each time I try I end up with something different but am happy with this