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  1. nice capture over Edinburgh! is that from the Pentlands?
  2. thanks for the heads up Stu, just checked Stellarium and the moon will be sitting in between Venus and Jupiter!
  3. I use a 1.4x extender with my Canon 80D and ED120 for lunar shots and it works great
  4. Incredible! I could watch this all day
  5. There's another mod for the SW stock focuser that's a bit more involved.
  6. great thread for recommendations, I'm thinking about a trip next year too so this is very useful thanks. Thats a great image Dave, looking forward to seeing more from your trip
  7. Due to a change in my imaging rig I no longer need this filter as I've downsized to the 1.25" version. Comes in this foam box and will be well padded during postage. It's in immaculate condition, £120 inc postage (RM tracked delivery, will post to UK only) Paypal accepted.
  8. It was a nice cold clear night so setup the ED120 and took about 800 frames with my Canon 80D + 1.4x teleconverter (ISO 200 @ 1/60th sec) Processed in Registax 5 using the best 200 frames
  9. thanks, the teleconverter is a Kenko Pro 300 which gives a little extra reach and is cheaper than the official Canon ones.
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