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  1. Pretty much given up lately too - not been out since I went over to the farm back in ooh whenever it was, March? Looking forward to the autumn I think!!
  2. I cut pieces to size from a cardboard box and covered it over with gaffer tape, cheap cheerful and effective!
  3. Just had the same dilemma myself for my 250px dob!! I was inclined towards a nice orange/gold one, till I had a good look at the scope and imagined it - all white with black trimmings, finder etc. So I thought it really should be black. The girlfriend originally thought pretty colours too, but came down on the side of black as well, and she's the style secretary
  4. I agree, you do get those awe inspiring realisations sometimes, this is such a great hobby despite the difficulties! I do just have to be a bit pedantic however so forgive me - photons have no mass
  5. FLO don't carry stock in their store, they dispatch from a separate warehouse.
  6. It sounds like an ideal place I'd thought of this idea as well - if I ever get round to proposing to my girlfriend, it'll be a toss up between Rome and a field in Shropshire - one is considerably cheaper Good luck!
  7. "Search this forum" button, top right of each section
  8. Just setting up last night and uncapped the 10mm Ethos. As I held the bottom part, the 1.25" extension came away in my hand. It had somehow become unscrewed from the main body of the eyepiece. I just had visions of the fact that it could have happened just after I'd put it in the focuser - potentially a shattered secondary, primary and Ethos! Broke out into a sweat!
  9. As Kit-Fox says, be careful - the Chase is renowned for rather less wholesome night time activities!
  10. Not exactly my first sessions with this kind of scope, but a rediscovery. I "upgraded" from a 250px dob to a goto version 18 months ago, and guess what, hardly used it as didn't enjoy the faff of setting up and electrics, and missed the fun of star hopping. So, the goto was ebay'd, and I took delivery of a shiny new 250px from FLO, and managed a couple of sessions so far. First one was at the local dark sky site last week. Unfortunately, anything faint was washed out by haze, which intermittently thickened to proper cloud, but we still took advantage of the huge skies there to catch some brigh
  11. A red dot finder is attached to the scope in the same way as your existing finder. You look through it, and it projects a red dot, or a circle, onto the sky. So you can very easily line up the scope with objects which are visible to the naked eye. Telrad is one popular finder; I use the Rigel Quickfinder which is also very good.
  12. I've used different scopes, and for me the dob is the easiest and most satisfying. Setting up is a matter of plonking the base down, putting the tube on top and securing with two screw in handles. Yes you have to find things yourself, but I find that's half the fun! Wixeys can help as suggested, but I just use a red dot finder to line up on a visible star and then star hop. There's enough friction such that a tap won't move the tube, and it becomes second nature to nudge and keep objects in view. We dob owners are enthusiastic because they're great
  13. Thanks for the replies, very helpful. I have sent a couple of email enquiries off, but thought I'd see what people's actual experiences have been too
  14. After selling my goto dob and buying a 10" manual, I'm in the lucky position of having made a bit of a profit, which obviously I intend to invest in toys for the scope I'm currently thinking of a nice Moonlite focuser; having looked at that I just have a couple of queries, so wondered if any owners out there might be able to help. Do both the single and dual speed Moonlites fit 1.25" and 2" eyepieces? The standard SW focuser I've got allows me to get my eyepieces to focus easily, so would the standard 50mm travel be appropriate? I'd only be using it for visual. And does the installation kit f
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