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  1. A local machine shop would be able to drill and tap your existing saddles, you would get the dimensions from the handle bracket when you recieve it, save a bit of $, or @Dek Rowan Astro may be able to provide those on a drawing to you?
  2. For sale my Altair Astro Sabre V2 alt az mount with counterweight bar as it's a bit redundant now. Has some deep scratches on one of the ends due to some silly sod (me) dropping the counterweight bar when unpackaging it on day one, this does not affect its operation in any way and as you can see from the pictures i have sanded out the sharp edges. The mount fits to Skywatcher's HEQ5, EQ5 and EQ3-2 tripods, using the standard skywatcher M10 bolt. The black spacer in some of the pictures is not included in the sale, as it may be handy at some point in the future. Total weight of the mount and counterweight bar is approximately 4kg, Altair suggest this can take upto 20Kg each side. The counterweight bar has a 20mm diameter and a safety end stop. These are currently out of stock with Altair. Looking for £170 including delivery, Paypal friends and family or buyer pays the fees. No offers please.
  3. The continued evolution of the mount is a very good thing, looking forward to seeing the completed motor assemblies It's not a problem at the moment for me, thank you Derek for the offer to have the plate tapped out should i need to
  4. Seems there is another add on bit - a pan and tilt handle: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/alt-azimuth/rowan-az100-pantilt-handle-mounting-bracket.html So it appears there are two versions of the Losmandy clamp as the Mk1 i have certainly has no holes to secure the handle, best make sure yours does if you plan on adding this to the mount
  5. I was thinking about what @Don Pensack was saying about the 8mm Ethos putting the focal plane much closer to the barlow glass so lengthen the barlow to get nearer to the 1.6x. The connection between the nosepiece and twistlock is T2
  6. If i am understanding this correctly, with the Antares having a T2 fitting it would be quite easy to add a T2 spacer to extend its length and get nearer the full magnification with the Ethos in 2 inch mode
  7. @Ships and Stars have you considered a conventional bino viewer on the 500p for more relaxed viewing, would be a lot of effort transporting and setting up 2 of them at your dark sky's sites. Or is that impractical as it would exclude using the 100degree eyepieces?
  8. Thank you @John and @dweller25 for your kind thoughts. Once i can find a 6 x 30 Raci in stock somewhere i will be adding one and probably a fancy finder bracket to swap it out easily. A new soft case and foam block have been ordered so i can keep it safe when not in use, similar to what i do with my Vixen
  9. Collecting refractors seems to be almost as addictive as eyepieces, but for me this is one I had not intended on getting for a couple of years yet. However my father passed away 3 weeks ago and it seems i have been a very good boy in the meantime - during a discussion with my mum i was asked what scope i would likely get next. Like everyone i like to dream and a Tak 100 or an LZOS 130 have often been drooled over however in time i doubt i would be able to handle the 130's weight so a FC100DZ seemed the honest answer. What i did not expect was to be handed the money to buy it there and then. So once that was banked the order was placed with Aunt Flo for the package and a Tak dovetail. This duly arrived yesterday. A detailed un-boxing of one of these was done superbly by @dweller25 recently so no point in repeating that Once i got it out of the triple boxes all i could say was wow, its exquisite, i was surprised by the weight of the clamshell, impressed by the m8 bolts for attaching to the dovetail - very secure then there is the lustrous paintwork of the OTA itself. The focuser action is so smooth it makes both my APM and Vixen almost feel rough. The dinky little finder bracket with grub screws instead of a o-ring not to mention the adjustment bolts and lock nuts is wonderful, if only it was right angled but i know this is not the Japanese way of observing. From reading here its also binoviewer friendly which i will take advantage of. The only negative point i can find is the profile of the Tak dovetails is slightly different from the vixen type and i cant get it to tighten up in either a Primaluce of ADM dual clamp, temporaily sorted by using a spare dovetail i had. A new ADM losmandy bar has been ordered from FLO along with a cllicklock as i prefer to use the 2" fitting. Although the twistlock clamp as standard and alloy end cap are very sweet. So i set it up tonight in the eternal hope i might get a bit of clear sky - there was no may contain clouds sticker on the box - never made any difference the perennial clouds rolled in, still gave me an opportunity to take a couple of pictures: Seems i can answer a question i asked a day or two ago as well now as there is no dust apparent in the lens assembly, honestly never expected there to be due to the typical quality of Japanese engineering. I am extremely happy with the scope it will not be going anywhere other than with me ever. Now can i just get a chance to use it please
  10. Good you are sending it back, I wonder what owners of other high end scopes reckon to "never get a refractor telescope that is completely free of dust particles" ?
  11. I have one of these, and fitted a baader click lock i had lying around to it. According to Agena Astro's info you can also push the magnification by fitting it in front of a 2" diagonal giving approx 2.4x
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