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  1. There may be trouble questions ahead: Maxbright II bino from Aunt Flo
  2. Just suspend things on strings from the line
  3. If you have a washing line outside, thats perfect for hanging things from - was doing this earlier as a altair pier adaptor turned black It also saves carpets and doesn't stink the house out
  4. You want to use a cloth tape measure - metal wont take the shape so well and may not be so accurate. If your really lucky you have one that measures diameters - a pi rule as us winders used to call them I would not assume all 8inch SCT use the same size tubes but Orion Optics UK can make any size rings may need
  5. Thought it would be good, thank you Mike, now you can try it with the DZ too . I hope you enjoy that more than you did the DC
  6. Have any of you used a focal extender on the FC series Taks, how do they perform then?
  7. Both can oxidise, although its more likely to be a connection - open up the plug to have a look - you wont be using it again anyway - best not to use those at all. Oxidisation in a cable takes time as the wire is quite protected, tinned copper is more resistant, but have seen me replace 2 foot of copper cable as it had basically dissolved - this was on a motorbike where road salt is the aggravating factor.
  8. Satellites can be seen, but they move pretty quickly over the sky.
  9. A pier extension on the mount would take the FW away from the scope legs, other who have used them should be able to confirm if its up to AP
  10. to get an idea of what you may need, this should help, although its not for the skywatcher the GSO dob should be similar: https://www.astrodevices.com/resources/GSO/GSO-Encoder-Installation.pdf Have to confess, not really used the DSC on the AZ100 yet
  11. Well he does have Tank slippers............ The riser is a hybrid: Losmandy AZ8, with 3 additional 28mm diameter columns for extra support. It bolts onto the mount with 3 M8 studs through the Planets top plate
  12. Another Planet, AZ100 and 2 4" fracs, the APm is a 107 - FPL53's ok4 me
  13. The bearings will be greased at manufacture but providing you dont overpack them flipping out one seal and adding grease does increase the bearing lifetime, regularly do this with motorcycles after noticing that 3 new hondas i owned ran out the first bearing at 10k miles, i doubled this by adding extra grease. I can see why its not acceptable for something like aviation though with high rotational speeds possible. It was explained to me by someone that grease will expand due to heat and can pop a seal if there is too much in there. Should not be a problem with a mounts bearings.
  14. Is it not reinforced by the thread that it is locked into? Very interested as i have a couple of M10 ones, that i was thinking of using in an HEQ5pro, which would be a much larger load
  15. Thats a lovely looking scope. I can only dream Will the T2 diagonal go all the way into the focuser tube? i had to add a spacer on a different scope using clicklocks on diagonal and focuser tube as they touched.
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