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  1. @HollyHound Yes the APM 20 was my first foray into 100 degrees, but the 13 kind of seduced my eyeball and the 8 followed
  2. @Space Hopper i little bit of diy: Losmandy AZ8 riser reinforced and a HEQ5 Rowan adaptor
  3. Trying to dodge that bullet, have the 8 and 13, keep trying to convince myself the 20HDC is good enough
  4. Could be worse you may eventually want an eyepiece that costs twice the price of the scope and a focuser that costs as much
  5. You have to be careful with ethernet cables too - cheap rubbish is often an aluminium core with a outer copper coating, would not be surprised if the same is done with USB
  6. For me its not the tripod that needs to settle - its the paving slabs it sits on - careful positioning required so i don't stand on them
  7. Mine is on a Planet as i bought the tripod a couple of years before the AZ was available. I wanted a spreader and not the chains, adding the spreader to the UNI took the cost too close to the planet to ignore doubling the load - they say you can never be over mounted.
  8. I thought enrolment was automatic upon ownership I hope you enjoy your AZ once it arrives
  9. Will be very interesting to hear the answers to this - its a great question
  10. Seems to me that until now Skywatchers prices have been pretty much the same over the past 6 years i have been indulging in the hobby barring the implications of currency fluctuations, production costs will have certainly risen during that time and recently shipping costs have went through the roof affecting many different businesses and or product types being imported. There has to be a Return on Investment for those in the manufacturing and supply chain to survive otherwise there will be no end product for the consumer. If you don't like it there is always the used market to fall
  11. Now that the price difference is negligible, you could buy a lovely British mount and get some motors for tracking later
  12. After a slight delay due to snow, a extension for my 8mm Ethos along with 2 Baader Zooms for the bino and a fringe benefit due to the parts included with Baaders modular philosophy Have to wonder how FLO got the zooms though as they are still not showing as instock on Baader's website, as ever exemplary service from the FLO Team Not needing the 2 inch safety kerf nosepieces, i fitted 1 to the 2" BBHS diagonal - undercut no more. The televue extension did not come with a dustcap i can use a spare one from the Mk4 zooms though
  13. When the fluid in your eyeballs thickens due to the cold and you cant see properly its game over. Never had it observing but have on the bike. If your using 12v power for things you could add heated clothing to the kit list
  14. From a few pages ago, for those cutting foam blocks the best thing i have found so far for a clean cut is a electric bread knife
  15. Mine sits in a flight case from Musicstore with additional foam around it but i would not like to be carrying it about, large not to mention heavy. But something llike a soft case for drums or possibly lighting would work if you can find something of a suitable size.
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