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  1. No one Ste, Buzzing it worked out for you mate.. We'll have to sort another night sometime to.. Anyway Thanks for share mate.. Gazza
  2. A Warm Welcome to you mate, Enjoy & Clear Skies
  3. Hi there Laura A warm Welcome to SGL, I'm sure you'll find anything & everything you need here. Somewhat new myself here, but its been great & they people are welcoming & helpful. Until next time Gary
  4. @Eteny A warm Welcome to SGL, I'm kind of new myself, but in the short time i've been here, I've come to find the people here are a real great bunch of Guys, and Girls. Enjoy your stay here & here's wishing you clear skies for the Future Gary
  5. Thank you so much for this link Pal This is something i'll be needing & for sure reading.. New to this Imaging topic myself so I could do with as much Data as i can get lol Thanks again
  6. Nice Pictures you have there. Love the Andromeda Image very much and it's imaging like these that make me want to get out there & do this myself. Thank you for sharing
  7. Not sure what happened to your tut's, Has the link take's us to a dead page. Did you take the tut's down ? If you do happen to still have these, I would be grateful to watch & learn from them, I know nothing when it comes to LR or PS and find the UI so overwhelming. If you manage to find these would you please send me a PM. Thank You Kindly P.S Love the set-up you built there, it's something i could see or find myself doing lol.
  8. Same here, there's no .Rar to unpack mate.. I got two file's one Setup.exe for the 32 Bits systems & the MSI for 64bit systems, for me this was easy, & i had to install this on a Mac machine. not to sure what was in your packages when you downloaded them.. anyway hope you sorted it Pal.
  9. Ok so being new n all to Astro Imaging I'm not up to date with the lingo So can you please give me a short explanation what your meaning when you mention SUB TIMES please ? or if there's a list some place with the lingo used, I realise i may be setting myself up here & i'm somewhat already embarrased but what you don't know, you ask right Thanks Guys
  10. I've found a work around for using DSS on a mac by running it with Wine App, so it's time i got to grips with it
  11. Thank You Kindly for that, it's nice to finally see I'm on the map. lol
  12. Thanks for the info, However is there a Mac version or some other app i can use with Mac ? I noticed this is .exe being a windows installer. I'm not doing imaging at the moment, though I'm real keen to get into once i have got my scope. But i've noticed not many apps for the Macs.. I don't really like to install windows on Bootcamp, but if i have to, i guess i'll have to lol
  13. That's a real nice deep shot you got there, Thanks for sharing Pal. It seems i've yet a lot to lear on this topic. Thanks again Gary
  14. This is the first time I've heard of a bahtinov mask, well with me being new n all, so had to google it see learning new tricks of the trade everyday.. So Thanks for that info mate..
  15. Some Great advice i think for myself here also, I've yet to get my scope & it's going to be a few more weeks yet. So taking some of these comments on board for sure. Thanks guys.
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