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  1. Hi, Quick question that I can't seem to find the answer for. Is the field flattener supplied with the SW Esprit 100 also a reducer? If so, by what factor? Cheers Rene
  2. Hi all, I have an issue with the install of a Sesto Senso focuser on my SW Esprit 100. I have successfully removed the fine and coarse focus knobs, selected the correct bush (the red one), tightened all grub screws and ensured the collar was tightened. Now, when I move the focus with the remaining coarse focus knob, the whole Sesto Senso unit moves! The other issue I have, is that it feels like to focuser is not aligned properly. When I turn it, the whole unit wobbles. Is there anyone who has experience mounting a Sesto Senso to an esprit 100? Have you encountered any issues? Are there any tips or tricks that I should know about. Regards. Rene
  3. Hi, Recently bought a SW AZ GTI mount and wanted to see if the WO wedge was a better option than the SW wedge from the Star Adventurer. Like most people, I found the dovetail nob gets in the way of the mount. Has anyone had any experience with this wedge on the AZ GTI? Rene
  4. Personally I wouldn't (and don't) use a LP filter. I fix it in post using Carboni's Astronomy Tools in Photoshop. Remember what every filter you use will remove data from your final image. Better to capture everything and remove it in post. https://www.prodigitalsoftware.com/AstronomyToolsActions.html Rene
  5. Hi, I'm struggling with calculating the back-focus for my set-up. I've got he following: Sky-Watcher Evostar ED80 (f=600mm) + ASI294-MC Pro. No filters, reducers or filter wheel (yet). What spacing so I need to achieve proper focus? Rene
  6. Does anyone know if Affinity is compatible with Carboni's action set? I've read that you can use other PS plugins but not sure if an Action set is a plugin or not.
  7. Hi all, Just wondering if Affinity is compatible with Carboni's Action Set for Astrophotography post-processing. I've read that you can use PS plugins but not sure if action sets are classed as a plugin. Cheers Rene
  8. I would be extremely happy with this. I think you're being too hard on yourself.
  9. Amazingly I have a very similar set-up. The only difference is my mount, which is a SW AZEQ6, and a Sesto Senso focusser. With regards Sunshine's post about taking a hour to setup. No. Maybe 20 mins once you get used to how things all fit together. I have mine permanently setup in the spare room (yes I have a very understanding wife), with all wires connected. When I want to image I simply take the OTA off (to save weight as I'm lifting it). Polar alignment takes maybe another 20 mins thanks to an app on my phone and the alignment procedure in Ekos.
  10. I have Stellarmate. It's a RPI loaded with a free, very powerful piece of software called KStars & an astrophotography program called Ekos.
  11. It might be but doesn't look quite right. I'll check it out when I get home. Any other suggestions? Rene
  12. Hi all, Hope someone here can help. I recently came a across a piece of software that helps the astrophotographer plan an imaging session. Of course I can't remember what it's called so was hoping the astro-community could help. The software has the following functionality; Based on location, equipment & target selected, the software would suggest the best time of night to shoot the target and a suggested exposure time. It would also show you how long you could image for & the times between which you could image. I know this vague but was hoping this would trigger something. Rene
  13. Yeah looks like SM 1.4.0 didn't want to play nicely with my cameras. Once I installed 1.4.1 everything worked perfectly.
  14. Hi,latest issue that I hope someone can help with.Whenever I try to take an image with the capture module in Ekos, it times out. I am using the nightly build and KSTARS 3.2.3. My camera is a ZWO ASI290MC. It connects properly but won't capture an image. After 3 mins I get a timeout error message. I have tried with other capture software and there's no issues.I am wirelessly connecting with my Stellarmate (which is on the same network). Have used EKOS on my laptop and directly through Stellarmate (via VNC).If I connect the camera directly to my PCs USB port, I can capture an image. The issue only appears when the camera is connected to the Stellarmate. Could this be a comms issue with the onboard USB port?Thanks in advance.Rene
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