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  1. Sound like it was a challenge to get a picture well done
  2. I allways try to start setting up an hour befor dusk makes things easier with cables balancing polar aligning which you can see in polar scope long befor its dark and youre set up to have a look at early eavening object venus mercury other planets sometimes even a slender moon befor it dissapeers below horrizon Clear skies and best of luck steve
  3. Doesent look like it needed any more data thats a really good picture
  4. I have been (attempting) imaging for must be 25 years now slowly upgrading to my present set up losmandy gm8 flt 110 scope guide scope good spec ccd cameras and dslr and sill struggle to get round stars over 3 mins and can only use half of them if I,m lucky this is using a small scope on a 2.5k mount you start getting bigger I think every thing gets bigger incuding problems Just my thoughts on subject steve
  5. If its problems with astrophotography your having it might be a case of upgrading the ra worm which causes a lot of problems on the gm8
  6. Comet lovjoy is looking really good through a pair of bins even in my light polluted skies not seeing a tail but am going to try to get some pics next clear evening
  7. Mirror making still being done then I thought that art died out years ago
  8. marsmuncher

    hi all

    My name is steve I have joined site as it lookes like I can get some usefull tips from members and maybee mightbbe able to give some thanks
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