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  2. These superb quality, solid aluminium rings are now surplus. They are in as new condition with all the original packing. £65 posted
  3. Gina

    "GinaRep Giant Mk 2" 3D Printer

    Mostly printing fine and up to 75mm but a couple of blobs have appeared.
  4. xtreemchaos

    May 24, 2018: Sun in WL and Ca-K with three ARs (one brand new)

    great set Michael, clouded out today here. thanks for the View. clear skys, charl.
  5. As everyone says, this is a great image! Your Nikon af-s 85.f1.8 is apparently a great performer. Stars look good to me all the way to the corners - not many lenses in that price range can achieve this (Samyang/Rokinon being an exception). At 60° N this is of course not a target, but I should try it one day when traveling south. You clearly demonstrated that no heavy equipment is needed.
  6. Cosmic Geoff

    Webcam befuddlement

    There is no driver for Windows 10, according to this. https://community.logitech.com/s/feed/0D53100005CL9pBCAT There may be some way of making Win 10 emulate XP. If not, this may be a case of More Trouble Than It's Worth, unless you have an old PC lying around with XP installed.
  7. Davey-T

    May 24, 2018: Sun in WL and Ca-K with three ARs (one brand new)

    Blimey, looking quite busy in Ca-K, fingers crossed the Sun actually appears Dave
  8. Cornelius Varley

    Webcam befuddlement

    The Toucan Pro II is a Philips webcam, and is not made by Logitech.
  9. Ally8446

    Webcam befuddlement

    It's a QuickCam Pro3000.
  10. Cosmic Geoff

    Webcam befuddlement

    You need a driver for the Logitech that will work under Windows 10. Running Sharpcap under Windows 10 should not be a problem. I don't know why you want to use Mire de Collimation (never heard of it). Registax6 will work fine for processing video streams taken under Sharpcap. You may also need to de-bayer your video or stills to get colour. If it doesn't work, note that adapted webcams are less favored these days, as purpose-made USB planetary cameras with higher performance are available at attractive prices. With Mars, Jupiter and Saturn at unhelpful declinations this year, many people are also investing in an ADC (atmospheric dispersion corrector) costing over £100. Just looked up Mire de Collimation and see that it's for collimating Newtonians, not photographing planets, duh. If you can't make it work (is there a Windows 10 compatible version?), you can collimate by the usual methods.
  11. Hi guys, Had my first shot of using my new to me Skywatcher Skymax 127 Mak on a SynScan AZ GoTo mount. In the day light hours I alligned the finder scope but last night was the first clear night I could actually use it as intended. Being in North Scotland, the sky never really gets that dark so I do wonder if that was a hinderence. In daylight I got some nice views of the Moon using the 25mm eye piece but with the 10mm I couldn't get anything in focus. Later on, just after 10pm I lines up Jupiter and just saw a small dot of light but could just see the 4 moons but no details on Jupiter itself. I tried the 10mm but just saw a slightly larger dot of light but not the moons (too zoomed in/narrow Field of view?) I tried the Barlow with the 25mm eye piece and saw just a dot again so I went back to just the 25mm eye piece and it was nice seeing the moons but disappointing not to see any detail. I have a few questions; What is the limit of my 127mm F1500 Mak? Should I be able to see more? I struggled getting my eye lined up right in the 25mm eyepiece and very difficult with the 10mm. Is this common for a new person to experience? Maybe poor viewing due to it not been dark enough? Can anyone you guys and girls offer some tips and words of encouragement as I'm a little disheartened as I expected more, newbie mistake? What's a good mount for using my smartphone to capture images? Here is the best of the moon I got and Jupiter
  12. cjdawson

    Webcam befuddlement

    Which model webcam is it? I've got a logitech TuCam Pro II, which doesn't work with windows 10, but it can be flashed to pretent to be an SPC900, which does work with windows 10.
  13. Got some solar data early this morning, before going to work. I noticed a new AR with a lot of faculae, some pores, and a sunspot right on the edge of the disk. Difficult to spot, but it should get easier. One AR seems to be losing steam, however. It still shows brightly in Ca-K, but is clearly shrinking in WL. On the plus side, there are quite a few faint proms visible in the part inverted Ca-K image, so fingers crossed for more activity. WL, grey scale: WL, pseudo colour: Ca-K, grey scale: Ca-K, pseudo colour: Ca-K, part inverted: Ca-K, part inverted + pseudo colour: Best seen at full-res as usual.
  14. Gina

    "GinaRep Giant Mk 2" 3D Printer

    Now have ABS working on this printer and printing that flared cone thing in ABS. Up to 52mm and just over 30% filament used and alright so far.
  15. michael.h.f.wilkinson

    Sun Ha May 23rd 2018

    Very nice collection. Love the fine detail in the prom in particular
  16. Davey-T

    Sun Ha May 23rd 2018

    Super images John, nicely processed as mentioned, rain here but we've been promised another " heat wave " for the weekend so may get a look at the action before it disappears. Dave
  17. Captain Magenta

    Now I have a dilemma...

    If the LZOS triplets are coming to an end, it sounds as if they are not going to fall in value. Consider it as a financial asset on your personal balance sheet, available for sale at any time. If and when you need the cash, sure sell it, but in the meantime just because you haven't turned it into cash now doesn't mean you can't at any time you need. And of course you get the effectively "free" pleasure of using it and comparing it whenever you want. Cheers, Magnus [at least, this is the argument I use to justify my own ridiculous collection of binoculars!]
  18. Shibby

    Whale galaxy

    That's great, you've captured some impressively sharp detail!
  19. festoon

    Portable EAA Setup

    Thanks @Lockie. Absolutely love the C5 Best wishes to you!
  20. Shibby

    M 83 Zwo ASI 071 Pro

    Super detail and nice processing with natural looking colours - I like it a lot!
  21. This open star cluster in the constellation Cepheus can best be seen through the triangular shaped region of the Iris Nebula, which is located to the left of the very bright central star in the image below. The light from this central star is scattered by the surrounding dust giving it a distinctive blue colour. Although it is not designated as an emission nebula, you can also see reddish regions close to the central star which indicate the presence of ionized hydrogen. This LRGB image represents about 11 hours integration time and was taken with my Esprit 150 and Trius 814 camera. Alan
  22. Shibby

    M16 Modified Hubbell Palette

    That's brilliant. The pillars look great even at 100% You already don't seem to have too much noise so it's difficult to say if more data will make much difference. I think both version have their merits. Perhaps somewhere between the two in terms of contrast would be good, but that's all down to personal preference. And I'm sorry; I know it's not necessary to, and everyone else has avoided correcting you, but I couldn't keep reading it: it's Hubble Sorry!
  23. Today
  24. Stack of 400 images out of 2000, taken with my C8 and ASI178MM camera, using a Baader IR pass filter. Captured with FireCapture, stacked in AS!3, postprocessing in ImPPG Click for cull resolution
  25. Ally8446

    Webcam befuddlement

    Cheers @Davey-T I'll check when I finish work
  26. JohnSadlerAstro

    EQ5 And 130P-DS

    Images taken during 2017 using my new 130P-DS and EQ5.
  27. Obsession 30

    What did the postman bring?

    A pair of Tele Vue 11mm Plossis just arrived
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