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another Saturn from 21st March


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SPX350 F34.7, PGRFlea3, Astrodon filters.

This one turned out quite well from the vgood night of the 21st/22nd in Brisbane. It shows what look like eddies you'd see on Jupiter around the storm.

R RGB - 1406hrs UT.



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colourful contrasty, smooth detailed. Thats so nice. The only time my eye is going to be treated like this, is on jupiter. but to be getting that quality on Saturn, is just remarkable. out of interest what exposures and frame rates are you shooting again John. interested on the details of how a master piece comes together with the equipment being used

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Thanks for comments everyone,

I feel Neil my processing leaves a lot to be desired, I go for contrast and detail but it looses the natural look, I process quickly to get it onto the forums. I went over to my finished pic files and noticed they were distinctly pinkish and too smooth/colourful and redid them all. Perhaps I should leave them with a touch of noise like you and P Haese from IIS and lessen the contrast as quality should speak if its there. Its all a learning experiment!

I have much to learn still with imaging and processing but I have to be able to put it all together, I have all the vids on HD to fiddle with anyway. I appreciate praise and criticism equally, but like you say Neil - praise is great but criticism offers more.

red-24fps 85histo

green-20fps 75-80histo

blue-13fps 65histo - 70secs per channel

Weather still wet but next few days will improve but JetStream seems to be back in places.



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Hi John - I think we all like to process and reprocess to extract the most out of our images.....and the moment we stop learning is when our imaging begins to deteriorate..!:)

I often use the "edit>fade" after applying despeckle to keep a rein on how much I smooth the grain when I have to, and similarly with "dust & scratches" set to minimum value (this is a usefull tool to apply a litle smoothing without going to the greater effects despeckle generally applies.....often I use both in conjunction to rein in grain...)

As well, just as in DSO image processing (says he, who hasn't done any in ages!?!:D:) ) using curves et al can be improved by taking it in incremental steps imho: if you try and apply all/any curve adjustments in one hit you are definitely not going to get the same control - and the best utilisation thereof of the tool - as when you apply some curve adjustment and then go back and apply a little more...

Hue & saturation can also be usefull in enhancing contrast/definition when other tools might be a little too harsh.....and today Trevor made a valid point about me losing the Crepe Ring in my "quickie" processing (like you, I can often be faulted for trying to get the image out too quickly after capture...and taking time, as well as a lighter touch is allways a better way imho!;) )

All of the above is purely my own observations/take on planetary processing and isn't intended to tell anyone "how to suck eggs" :) but you might like to go back to my current thread and see whether you think my latest processing of "Saturn & Dione" has improved it in your own opinion - as you say, criticism is often far more beneficial than praise...and Trev's comment about the Crepe Ring was a point therein!

As a final aside, I notice that you have been getting similar colour renderings to my earlier Saturnian imagery (those "pinky-blue jobs, as in prior to my last couple) and whilst I think nothing amiss of that rendering (colour is very subjective!) I recently discovered that upping the gamma with the Flea3 from my prior maximum of around 880 to now using 992 gives me a much more satisfactory rendition (again imho!)

It also brings out the aforementioned Crepe Ring much more prominently, and this can be clearly seen in all the live feed channels during capture.....

ps: as in my thread, I spoke to John at Orion last night where I've ordered a VX16 which is the f4 16" newt (1/10pv) - the OTA is only 1580mm in length and weighs in at 29Kgms.....so I'm eagerly anticipating its arrival supposedly in 6 to 8 weeks.....if it does then Saturn will still be emminently imageable!:(

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Everything you say is true. and if im honest, i thought everything single thing you just said, then i thought but hold on its a different take, ive seen the one i think is how i would like it. and even, i bet id do one like this too, as its a process of trying the different parameters. Yes we can be picky, and you have all the data to play untill your hearts content. But at this level John. picky is for your own satisfaction. id give my right arm ( ok maybe id give my curry away ) for one just like this, yes its got more contrast, yes you have saturated more, and yes its smoother. but in its own way it compliments the other takes ( not instead of, should be your prioriety ) It gives a different perspective. so when one thinks that, at this level, hell its all good for me John, i just cant be picky with this kind of quality. For you i will if you want me too. But i just still like it too much. colours are great some will say overdone who cares. i love the virbrant colours. the red ring just looks so so fully formed and strong. Dont be so harsh. I know you have to because its you whos trying to perfect some of the best saturn shots ever by anyone. but enjoy it too plz. Perfection is hard, and a lot of people have a different idea of what perfection is. You want me to drive you nuts, ok i will the next one has more blue in it. is it too much, is it right on the line ? looks to me to be very slightly heavy, but its slight. Again can i have either of them plz

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Thanks again for suggestions, I am still really just learning and trying different methods but will go for a more natural look next time and ease up on the processing pace. I have been getting mixed results with the gamma but will experiment next time, also will have look at 'dust and scratches'.

I have got excellent data to play with and have improved greatly in 3 months and am in more control of things apart from seeing. You are certainly right about processing subtlety with a little here and there and doing it too quickly does not help. The VX16 sounds like a big move upwards in every aspect and I know I love my 350 and Neil loves his Europa, Hilux coatings are superb.


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